How Do I Keep My Nail Polish From Bubbling?

Many things in this world are better with bubbles. Champagne, soda, and baths are best enjoyed at their effervescent peak! One place you really don’t want to see bubbles, however, is in your nail polish. So how do you prevent them from forming and marring your mani? We’ve got a few tips.

How do I keep my nail polish from bubbling?

The Ever-Important Base Coat

To prevent bubbles from rising up in your polish, start at the bottom with your base coat. Locking nails down with a solid foundation is just as important as using a primer in your makeup routine.

Base coat keeps the finish even and provides a solid grip for your polish to hold on to. It can be tricky to prevent bubbling altogether, but Kester Black Nail Care Top and Base Coat will protect your nails from imperfections.

When Using Your Polish …

Minimise shaking the bottle. Shaking is often instinctual and seems helpful for mixing the formula, but shaking can actually contribute to oxidation and bubbling. Try rolling the bottle between your hands instead of shaking it to mix the pigment and the base together.

Apply as few coats as possible. Perhaps surprisingly, bubbles are more likely to rise through thicker polish. Try to choose heavily pigmented polishes, such as Butter London and CND VINYLUX, to reduce the number of coats required to get an even finish.

When you’ve finished painting your nails, screw the top of whatever bottle you're using back on immediately to prevent further oxidation of the formula.


How do I keep my nail polish from bubbling?

Proper Care of Your Polish

The main culprit of bubbles in your polish comes from how the polish is stored. Bubbles are the result of excess oxygen being pushed into the formula. Keeping your bottles twisted closed and airtight will ensure your polish stays in good shape.

Over time, all polish begins to thicken and oxidise, so try to minimise exposing your polish to extreme temperatures or bright lights to ensure they remain stable in their bottles. Keeping nail colours and coats stored in a dark, cool place is ideal.

Invest in Some New Polish

If you’re seeing consistent bubbling in almost all your polishes, you may have polish that’s past its best days. While it may hurt to put some of those shades to pasture, don’t be too bummed. We’ve got tons of options for restocking your polish collection in our nail care selection!

From bright neons to muted mulberries, you’ll find bubble-free new choices to replenish your collection. And now that you know how to care for them, bubbles will be a thing of the past!


How do I keep my nail polish from bubbling?

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