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There’s nothing like a good mani or pedi to make you feel polished, strong, and ready for anything. So why restrict yourself to the inconvenience of salon care? We’ve got all the products you need in our Luxe nail polish selection to give yourself gorgeous, salon-grade nail colour without an appointment. Our beautiful collection of luxe nail enamels brings you all the shade variety and high quality of a pro experience, right in the comfort of your own home. So kick back, pop on your favourite programme, and take some time for yourself with a lovely luxe polish!

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Weleda Skin Food 30mlWeleda Skin Food 30ml
Weleda Skin Food 30ml

Thick and moisturising

This product is THICK but so deeply moisturising. I use it on my face overnight when I'm feeling like I need deep moisturising or on my elbows and knees when they're feeling particularly dry.
Weleda Skin Food 75mlWeleda Skin Food 75ml
Weleda Skin Food 75ml

Ride or Die

I found out about this cream through the @theroject on Instagram and my naturopath friend also confirmed that Skin Food is the bomb! I initially have used it on my face, when it was especially dry towards the end of a cycle of Roaccutane but now it's my go-to for everything!

Dry elbows? Skin Food.
Scaly legs/post-shave rash? Skin Food.
Skin looking dry & meh!? Skin Food...
Weleda Skin Food 75mlWeleda Skin Food 75ml
Weleda Skin Food 75ml


Wow is all I can say... i received this is a sample and with all the crazy hand-washing that i'm doing given the current situation this completely restores my skin, so soft. Love the natural smell too!!

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