What Is Clear Mascara Used For?

Are you in love with multitasking beauty products? Here's why clear mascara is a makeup-bag essential.

Are you in love with multitasking beauty products? Here's why clear mascara is a makeup-bag essential.

What Is Clear Mascara Used For?

Colourless Mascara Tames Your Brows

Clear mascara is great for keeping your brows under control. If you have naturally dark, thick brows, there’s no need to add colour. Keep your beauty routine simple by just doing a quick grooming with clear mascara. One light layer and you’ll be ready to walk out the door.

Use a light hand though. Too heavy of an application will make your brows feel crispy.

PRO TIP: Got light brows? Go for a tinted product. Benefit Gimme Brow is an awesome fibre gel that locks onto your skin and even the finest hairs to create fuller-looking brows in a snap.

Surprise! Make Your Hair Flawless With Clear Mascara

Want a sleek hairstyle? You need clear mascara. If you're trying to create the perfect updo, just a dab of clear mascara goes a long way. Rather than making your hair hard or heavy with extra-hold styling products, you can use a quick swipe of clear mascara to keep every stray strand in place.

What Is Clear Mascara Used For?

Get a Makeup-Free Look With Colourless Mascara

Natural beauties love clear mascara. Use it in conjunction with a BB cream and tinted lip balm for a totally believable no-makeup look. Just a quick two minutes in front of the mirror and everyone will think you woke up like that.

Our favourite power trio is:

PRO TIP: If you have blonde eyelashes, you might want to opt for a tinted mascara. To add definition whilst keeping a natural look, opt for a lightweight product like Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara in Espresso.

Clear Mascara for Bottom Lashes

It’s good to have at least two different mascaras on hand. While it’s great to go jet black and ultra-voluminous on top, it's better to keep your bottom lashes simple and neat. For a natural look, use a clear mascara on the lower lash line and your favourite dark look on top.

DIY Coloured Mascara

Ready to get experimental? You can use coloured pigments to create mascaras in every hue of the rainbow. Blend your fave eye shadow with clear mascara for a totally creative and customised look.

PRO TIP: Only use makeup formulated for use around the eyes. Products meant to be used elsewhere can cause serious irritation to your eyes, even if you aren’t normally sensitive to any type of makeup.


What Is Clear Mascara Used For?