Is Fibre Mascara as Good as Falsies and Lash Extensions?

Tempted to try fibre mascara? While there are a lot of mascara-marketing ploys out there, fibre formulas are one concept that's more than a gimmick.

Want to induce envy with your lashes? You need to check out all of your enhancement options. Here’s everything you need to know about fibre mascara and how it stacks up to false lashes and extensions!

Is fibre mascara as good as falsies and lash extensions?

What is Fibre Mascara?

Fibre mascara is different from all other mascaras in one key way: the formula actually contains tiny fibres. Typically, the fibres are silk or rayon.

Whilst cream mascaras can thicken, darken, and define your lashes, fibres make your lashes look long and lush. The fibres create a new structure by building up your lashes.

Fibre Mascara vs Fake Lashes

Each fibre clings to the lashes and creates volume and length that regular mascara just can’t achieve. In fact, a good fibre mascara can replicate the results of false lashes.

Not only will fibre mascara give you gorgeous lashes, but it beats out false lashes in many ways. For one thing, fibre mascara is cheaper, faster, and easier to work with. You can put it on in a flash every morning for ultra-lush yet realistic-looking lashes. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to eyelash glue, fibre mascara is a perfect solution.

Is fibre mascara as good as falsies and lash extensions?

The Best Fibre Mascaras

Ready to get amazing results? Check out Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara. This cult fave gives you flawless lashes in a flash. Black Ice, Dark Auburn, Espresso, and Slate Grey are perfect shades to go with your hair.

Longest Lash Mascara is great for your lashes in two ways. First of all, it contains sea minerals that condition your lashes. Secondly, the formula has thousands of cellulose fibres that coat each lash for a voluminous look.

Upgrade Your Natural Lashes

Want to take your natural lashes to the next level? Indulge them with Mirenesse 4D Secret Lash Evolution Serum. This anti-ageing eyelash treatment is a game-changer.

4D Secret Lash Evolution Serum is clinically proven to increase lash follicle lifespan by 50%, promote stem cell growth, protect against UV damage, decrease wrinkles around the eye area, and help activate genes associated with DNA repair.

The Best Fake Lashes

Can’t live without your falsies? You need Artémes Love Addict. Wispy, delicate, and incredibly natural-looking, these are better than any other fake eyelashes you've ever seen. Once you experience the quality, you won't want to go back to bargain falsies.

Unlike many cheap lashes, Love Addict luxury mink eyelashes are made by hand over the course of two days and attached to a cotton band. That attention to detail shows from the second you get them on. They're comparable to the highest-end wigs!


Is fibre mascara as good as falsies and lash extensions?

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