How Do I Create the Ombré Lips Look?

The art of makeup is constantly evolving. What may have seemed eccentric 10 years ago is considered mainstream today. Ombré lips are a trend that just might become a classic.

The art of makeup is constantly evolving. What may have seemed eccentric 10 years ago is often considered mainstream today.

One of the most popular makeup trends to take the beauty world by storm recently is fascinating ombré lip colour. This creative take on traditional lipstick application results in a sultry and magical look with very simple steps. To know how ombré lips are done, just keep on reading!


How Do I Create the Ombré Lips Look?


5 Quick and Easy Steps to Achieve Perfect Ombré Lips

The key to perfecting an ombré lip makeup look is to use two colours that gracefully blend into a subtle fade. You can use two shades from the same colour family or two contrasting tones. Either way, it’s all about the blending technique!

1. Conceal your natural lip tone.

To create a blank canvas on your lips, you need the help of a non-drying concealer. A neutral base of concealer prevents bleeding or feathering of the heavy pigments you'll be working with.

2. Line your lips and blur the line.

Outline your lips using the lip liner colour of your choice. Your lip liner can be lighter than your lipstick or vice versa. Use light, feathery strokes to work the colour towards the centre of the lips. Note that you shouldn't apply the lip liner in full—only on the outer corners.

Not sure what we mean? Danica Theobald on YouTube has a great video showing you how to get a super-easy ombré effect.


How Do I Create the Ombré Lips Look?


3. Colour in your lips.

Your lip liner fade left a blank space at the centre, right? Now fill that in using the lipstick of your choice. Swipe your lipstick on until it achieves a rich and vivid pigment. If you prefer, use a brush to build up the colour gradually until it reaches the level of intensity you desire.

4. Blend, blend, blend.

Blending is a very critical step in achieving perfect ombré lips. You can use your fingers, but for more precision, use a clean lip brush. Use gentle dabbing motions to blend the edges until you see a soft, gradient effect.

5. Highlight your lips for even more mystery.

This is an optional step. If you're happy with the result of your blending, you can stop at Step 4. But using a highlighter can make your ombré lips even more far out!

Grab a pearlescent powder highlighter, preferably in a warm or cool tone that blends with your lipstick. Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in Pink Glow is a fabulous choice for this job. Dab a bit of highlighter onto the centre of your lips. This adds definition and drama to your newly luscious pout!

PRO TIP: For an ultra-easy ombré look, try colouring your top lip a slightly deeper shade than your lower lip. Then press your lips together and blend out where the two colours meet. You'll be on-trend in seconds!

As creative as they look, ombré lips aren't really that hard to create. It’s all about the proper technique and the right choice of products to work with. Don’t be afraid of playing with colours, because ombré lips can be beautifully achieved with any colour combo you desire. You just have to keep experimenting!


How Do I Create the Ombré Lips Look?