The Most Common Mistakes We Make With Foundation Application

Not everyone wants to wear makeup, but pretty much everyone wants great skin. Foundation can make your skin look flawless—but only if you apply it skillfully. Poorly applied foundation is worse than none at all.

Not everyone wants to wear makeup, but pretty much everyone wants great skin. Unfortunately, not everybody has a dreamy complexion, but foundation helps you make the most of what you've got.

Foundation can sometimes do more harm than good, though, particularly if you're using an inappropriate product or are unclear on how to apply it. With so many makeup choices, you may wind up with the wrong one or use the wrong applicator for the product.

We'll help you avoid the most common mistakes we make when applying foundation by calling them out—the mistakes themselves, of course!


The Most Common Mistakes We Make With Foundation Application


Foundation Mistake #1: Wearing the Wrong Shade

Choosing the wrong makeup colour is a very common mistake. It can be difficult to match foundation to your complexion, particularly when purchasing without testers at the chemist's or ordering luxe beauty online.

All too often, it's easy to wind up with the wrong shade and then just stick with it, not realising that the difference between your face colour and neck colour is dramatic. This often happens when the undertone of the foundation is incorrect.

If your skin is more cool or neutral, a warm-toned foundation won’t warm up your complexion in an attractive way; you’ll just wind up looking a bit too yellow in the face. The same goes for the reverse. Try your best to get an undertone that matches your skin's, and your makeup colour should be more on point.

If you're unsure what colour to pick when switching to a new foundation, check out Findation! You can enter your current brand, product, and shade and find other foundations that match that shade, without the hassle of going to a counter.

If you have more than one foundation, Findation works even better. Add more formulas and shades to get a more specific match.


The Most Common Mistakes We Make With Foundation Application


Foundation Mistake #2: Using the Wrong Applicator or Using Applicators Incorrectly

Tools are a matter of preference to a certain point, but there are specific ways to use each kind. Some people prefer a sponge to a brush but fail to dampen the sponge. Some like brushes but don’t use the most appropriate one for the product they’re applying.

No one expects you to have the same wealth of knowledge as a makeup artist, but you’ll get a lot more mileage and satisfaction from your products when you use the right tools to apply them. If you’re not sure what the best applicator for a specific product is, it’s worth it to do a little research.

Check out the tools that your makeup brand offers or, even better, recommends outright for applying their product. Even if you don’t go for that exact brush or sponge, you’ll know what to look for in general.

Generally, brushes are labelled to indicate what type of product they’re meant for. A good blending sponge will also generally list what it does best on its packaging. Check out our comprehensive selection of makeup tools to get a better idea of what's available and what's suitable for you.

Foundation Mistake #3: Failing to Prep Your Skin

The key to good makeup is good skincare. Imagine a beautiful painting on a smooth canvas and the same painting on a crumpled piece of construction paper. See where we’re going here?

Foundation can only do so much. Just as you must sand wood and remove rust from metal before painting it, you have to give your makeup a solid base.

Cleansing and moisturising morning and night helps maintain your skin’s natural pH balance, which provides the best surface for makeup to go on. Unbalanced skin makes for patchy, slippery, messy foundation.

Feel like you’ve got these three items covered? Good! You’re well on your way to having a perfect complexion. Otherwise, a few easy tweaks are all you need for flawless foundation.


The Most Common Mistakes We Make With Foundation Application