Should I Set My Makeup If My Skin Is Dry?

Dry skin might benefit from a setting spray, but it all depends on your makeup ritual, how your skin behaves, and other complexion idiosyncrasies.

Setting spray is all the rage in beauty circles. After all, what's not to love about a product that locks your makeup in place with just a few spritzes?

Setting spray is primarily formulated to absorb oil, thereby preventing makeup from spreading on your face. This means setting spray works a lot like powder.

But not all complexions need such sprays, and some people with dry skin find that these products actually make their delicate complexions even drier. Here's how to decide what's right for you—and how to keep your makeup in place if you find that setting spray isn't the answer.


Should I Set My Makeup If My Skin Is Dry?

Do You Really Need Setting Spray?

If your makeup doesn't smear or smudge as the day goes on, then setting spray is a waste of your time and money. Most people with dry skin notice that their skin gets drier, not oilier, as the day progresses. If this sounds familiar, setting spray won't fix the problem.

If, however, you have combination skin, or your skin is dry in the morning but gets greasy as the day goes on, you might need something to reduce oiliness and prevent smudging. Setting sprays designed for dry skin are just one of many options.

Dry Skin Setting Spray

If you want to give setting spray a try, steer clear of formulas designed to prevent oiliness or treat acne. These products will dry your skin, potentially creating an uneven and cakey appearance.

Instead, choose setting sprays specifically designed for dry skin. Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray prevents makeup from creasing and keeps your skin looking moist in dry environments.


Should I Set My Makeup If My Skin Is Dry?


Alternatives to Setting Spray

Many people with dry skin find not that their makeup runs as the day goes on, but that their skin gets drier and flakier. Sprays that offer gentle moisture without smearing your makeup can freshen your look in a split second. Try Jane Iredale Pommist Hydration Mist.

A number of options can also help counteract dryness, lengthen the life of your makeup, and increase your skin's radiance. Forget about finishing spray and try a good primer instead.

Primers formulated for dry skin fill in tiny imperfections, prevent makeup from settling into fine lines, and keep your complexion evenly hydrated throughout the day. Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer won't dry your skin, and its light-reflecting particles keep you looking radiant all day.

As with everything else involving dry skin, remember that a polished makeup look depends on skin that's moist from the start. Your makeup routine needs to begin with moisturiser, or else dryness is virtually inevitable.


Should I Set My Makeup If My Skin Is Dry?