How Can I Nourish Dry Winter Skin?

Winter doesn't have to lead to dry, dull, flaky skin. A few changes in your daily routine will give your skin the drink of moisture it craves.

Dry skin can feel like its own form of torture. It's rough, itchy, and red in the winter and tight in the summer. The simple seasonal hacks that work for other complexions seem to do nothing for very dry skin. Even oily complexions sometimes turn flaky in the face of cold air and indoor heating.

But this doesn't mean you're stuck hiding your face for half the year. Here's how to get your dry winter skin under control once and for all.


How Can I Nourish Dry Winter Skin?

Healthy Skin Begins With a Healthy Lifestyle

You might not be able to turn ashy flakes into dewy, radiant perfection overnight. You can, however, embrace a lifestyle that encourages your skin to produce more natural oils. Try these tips to balance skin's moisture and avoid sapping it of vital oils:

Talk to a family doctor, allergist, or dermatologist about your skin. If your skin is painfully dry, the problem could be eczema or seasonal allergies. A prescription remedy might be all you need to clear things up.

Invest in a humidifier, and sleep with it on high. Winter air tends to be drier, and indoor heating only makes things worse. Sleeping with a humidifier can restore some moisture to your skin and may even prevent nasal congestion.

Wear sunscreen year-round. You might not be able to feel them, but the sun's harmful rays continue damaging and drying your skin even in winter.

Take shorter, cooler showers. Hot water saps your skin of its natural moisture, so turn down the heat. Can't resist the draw of a steamy shower? Stick to sessions of no longer than five minutes.

Drink plenty of water. When you're not sweating in the summer heat, it's easy to forget that your body is still thirsty. What you put into your body affects your health and appearance, so aim for eight glasses each and every day.


How Can I Nourish Dry Winter Skin?


Supplement Good Habits With Good Skincare

Once you've adjusted your lifestyle to be more skin-friendly, take your efforts one step further with skin-quenching beauty products.

Cleanse judiciously. Daily cleansing robs your skin of oil and moisture, so cleanse only when you must—usually at night, after taking off your makeup. A cleansing oil such as Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Oil gently lifts away grime, makeup, and excess oil without leaving your skin parched.

Don't forget to exfoliate. If your skin is prone to developing rough patches, your face might need some help sloughing off those dead cells. Supplement your cleansing routine with a deep scrub or chemical exfoliant each week.

Used too frequently, these products can dry out your skin. But if you exfoliate weekly and moisturise immediately after, you'll find that your skin is softer than ever. HydroPeptide Peel offers chemical exfoliation that unveils a newer, softer complexion each time you use it.

You can also try a gentle face brush a few times a week. The Clarisonic Mia gently exfoliates as it helps your cleanser penetrate more deeply, making this tool an ideal partner for deep-moisturising cleansers.

Use a rich moisturiser. Winter weather is harder on even oily skin. Try a superbly emollient moisturiser specifically formulated for dry skin, such as Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar. If you have combination skin or struggle with breakouts, apply your moisturiser only to the driest regions of your face. Then use an oil-free moisturiser on acne-prone zones.

Pamper your skin with weekly treatments. If you love going to the spa and can afford it, consider investing in professional moisturising treatments a few times a month. Don't have the time or interest? Pamper yourself at home with a rich weekly maskBioxidea Miracle24 Face Mask nourishes and hydrates your skin while combatting signs of ageing.

Give your skin a drink of hydrating foundation. Anti-acne, super-matte, and long-wearing makeup might be fine for the balmy summer months. When winter dawns, you need a formula that replenishes moisture. Select a foundation for dry skin, and watch your skin's texture and radiance improve throughout the day.


How Can I Nourish Dry Winter Skin?

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