Do You Need Makeup Primers for Dry Skin? Our Favourites & Bestsellers

Dry skin can benefit greatly from the right primer, so don't skip this important, complexion-perfecting step. 

Many people with dry skin have experimented with a long list of products that promise luminosity, suppleness, and permanent banishment of flakiness. Most of these 'miracle' products don't work, so a little scepticism is definitely in order if you have dry skin—or any skin condition, for that matter.

But don't let your scepticism keep you away from primer. Primers prepare your skin for makeup while addressing your complexion concerns, so you can achieve a flawless, radiant, and gorgeously dewy look.


Do I Need a Makeup Primer If I Have Dry Skin?

What Do Primers Do?

Have you ever spackled a wall to fill in holes before painting? Primers work in much the same way. Foundation can't go on smoothly when your skin is dry and rough. Primers even out your skin's texture, conceal tiny imperfections, and correct discolouration.

Primers designed for dry skin add an additional dose of moisture. They can also help even out flaky patches, and some contain luminising ingredients that can correct the ashy appearance of very dry skin.

Finding a Primer for Dry Skin

Primers for dry skin come in a wide range of formulas. After all, dryness doesn't preclude other skin issues, such as redness or acne. Take time to sample a few primers until you find one that works well for your needs. Some options to keep in mind:


Do I Need a Makeup Primer If I Have Dry Skin?


Primer Application Tips for Dry Skin

To get the most out of your primer, always moisturise first. Wait for your lotion or cream to completely absorb into your skin, and then apply a thin, even coat of primer on your face. If you're using a colour-correcting primer, concentrate on discoloured areas and blend thoroughly.

Give your primer a minute or two to dry before applying your usual foundation. Voila! A peaches-and-cream complexion with only a bit more effort.


Do I Need a Makeup Primer If I Have Dry Skin?