What's the Best Blush for Dry Skin?

Powdered makeup, including blush, can sap your skin of moisture. Here's how to get a youthful glow without the flakes.

Blush is a must for dry skin, which can look tired and ashen without a pop of colour. Blush also highlights your cheekbones and can even draw the eye away from flaws such as under-eye circles.

But powders are verboten for dry skin. Dry formulas sap your skin of moisture and can stick to rough, flaky patches, making your complexion look even drier.

So how can you get the glowing look blush offers without dull skin? The solution is simple: cream-based formulas.


What's the Best Blush for Dry Skin?

Why You Need to Give Cream Blush a Try

If you've found your holy-grail foundation, odds are good it's either a liquid or cream formula. Cream blush matches the texture of foundations for dry skin, offering a dewy finish that won't dry out your complexion.

Cream blush can be a little messy, particularly if your skin is only moderately dry, so consider sampling a few formulas before you invest in cream blush. Some options to consider:


What's the Best Blush for Dry Skin?


How to Apply Cream Blush

Cream blush has a steeper learning curve than powder blush, but a cream gives you more control. Start with clean hands and look at your reflection while smiling. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, gently blending up and out. If you have very dry or sensitive skin, you can also tap your blush lightly to blend it.

Feel a little weird applying blush with your fingers? Upgrade to a makeup sponge or beauty blender instead. These tools allow you to blend your blush just as you would foundation. Remember: the goal should be no lines and subtle pigmentation—not bright red or pink stripes on your face.

Think you might have overdone it with the blush? Take your used foundation applicator and dab a bit of residual foundation over your cheeks. Then blend with a foundation brush for glowing perfection.


What's the Best Foundation for Dry Skin?