10 Best Products for Under Eye Puffiness and Eye Bags

Whether you’re skipping some essential Zs, eating too much salt, or simply born with it, a puffy under eye area can leave you feeling deflated. Under eye bags really pack a punch when you’re already having a rough morning. To help your skin fall back into step, we’ve found some products to reduce puffy under eyes.


What's best for under eye bags?

There are many reasons why your under eye area looks puffy and baggy first thing. We’d love to tell you how to quickly deflate the area forever, if your pouchy skin comes down to genetics, then there’s no such thing as a quick fix.

While booking in with a good dermatologist could help resolve things in the long term, you can try a few things at home to help unpack your under eye problems.

From the best under eye masks to the face massage rollers that’ll help wake you up, we’ve found the eye puffiness treatment products to help smooth, tighten, and brighten your skin.

Target puffy under eye skin with these soothing masks

Your under eye area is one of the most delicate areas on your body. As you get older, that tender area loses its firmness, so it can look puffier and carry under eye bags longer. One of the best product to reduce puffy eye and dark circles, Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Eye Masks is a protein-rich treatment that gets to work almost instantly.

Target puffy under eye skin with these soothing masks
  • Crafted to target frustrating fine lines and wrinkles too, this Australian-made formula helps ease stressed skin, so your under eye area looks soft and replenished. If you’re staring at a screen for 80% of the day, your eyes are going to quickly feel overworked and look tired. Perfect for all ages and skin types to enjoy, these masks soothe and tighten the area, so you look and feel livelier.

  • To counteract the draining signs of dehydrated skin, Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Eye Masks utilise Hydrolysed Collagen to support the existing collagen in your skin. If you love the feeling of a cold eye mask for puffy eyes, pop these masks in the fridge before bed and enjoy the extra-cooling sensation. If you want something a bit warmer for winter, hold the masks under warm running water before applying to the area.

  • Easy to use and conveniently packaged, these effective masks make a great gift for either yourself or someone who’s feeling the strain. Apply this vegan product to your skin and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove and then gently pat in any excess product.

If you’re looking for an effective eye bag removal mask, it could be the right time to try Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Hydrating Eye Mask. A unique cooling formula that’s one of the best cold eye mask for puffy eyes around, it refreshes the look of your tired skin with every use. Super-effective in just a short time, this creamy gel glides over your skin and helps boost skin’s moisture levels in just 10 minutes.

  • If you want to say goodbye to eye bags and puffy skin, this light-textured cream-gel is a great option. Helping reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, this formula also combats signs of fatigue and dehydration. Perfect for dry and normal-to-dry skin, it delivers nourishing benefits to anyone of any age.

  • A hardworking formula that promotes a refreshed, revived eye area, Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Hydrating Eye Mask tends to really tired skin. A great overnight eye mask for puffiness, this formula can be left on while you sleep for a more intense treatment. Working to brighten up your eye area and leave it looking more youthful, this cream-gel helps fight the telltale signs of dehydration.

  • Apply a thin layer to the skin and leave for 10 minutes to experience the express effects. Or leave on overnight to benefit the deeper layers of the skin. Pat in any product that’s left on the skin. Apply the mask once a week to start seeing the revitalising effects.

There are still many myths surrounding skincare. But if you’re wondering is Vitamin C good for under eye bags, the answer is nearly always yes. Vanessa Megan Pineapple Enzyme + HA Brightening Eyelift Serum harnesses the power of Vitamin C in Pineapple to brighten a dull under eye area. The vegan and cruelty-free formula leaves your skin looking healthier than ever. Alcohol-free, mineral oil-free, artificial fragrance-free, and made in Australia, this is one of the best serum for bags dark circles and puffy eyes.

  • Whether you’re working long hours or running around after the kids, one of the first places you’ll notice swollen skin is around the eyes. Vanessa Megan Pineapple Enzyme + HA Brightening Eyelift Serum is one of the best serum for under eye bags. A lightweight, triple-action formula that works to tighten, brighten, and firm, it’ll soon diminish any under eye bagginess with consistent use.

  • This Hyaluronic Acid serum for under eye bags leaves your skin smooth and hydrated. Australian-native Fingerlime Caviar Extracts helps support collagen production and fight wrinkles. Kakadu Plum offers an extra boost of brightening Vitamin C. Made with 100% natural and 79.2% organic ingredients, this formula helps prevent the signs of ageing and brings down the look of puffy skin in the kindest way possible. Great for all skin types and ages.

Revive the look of tired eyes with these reparative eye masks.
Revive the look of tired eyes with these reparative eye masks.

If you’re struggling with under eye bags and slack-looking skin, putting a reliable eye routine in place will help you feel more in control. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Masks offers the eye area a fresher and more youthful appearance. No doubt, the stresses of modern life can wreak havoc on all your skin, but especially the eye area. These masks are infused with signature Advanced Night Repair technology to calm, hydrate, and add radiance to your skin with every use.

  • Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Masks calm and cool skin of all types and all ethnicities. A targeted treatment for under eye issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, these masks drench your skin with hydration. They can make your skin look younger and healthier when they’re part of your weekly routine.

  • Use the easy-to-apply mask once a week to start noticing the benefits. In just 10 minutes, your dull, loose under eye skin will look rested and refreshed. Gently press any leftover product into the skin for long-lasting effects. You could also follow up with these innovative facial massagers to help deflate the skin even more. You’ll look radiant and wide awake in no time.

There may be many reasons why your under eye bags look bigger than usual. If you’re struggling to combat the puff, bring your sleep hygiene routine up to scratch with the Shhh Silk Eye Mask. Available in an assortment of designs and colours, this 100% pure Mulberry Silk sleep mask blacks out even the brightest of lights. If you’re struggling to get a full night’s sleep and find you wake up easily, this eye mask doubles as a travel buddy and a nightly bedtime companion. The best sleep mask for puffy eyes, this mask promotes a full night sleep. Designed for comfortable wear, the silky elastic band fits snugly around your head.

  • Whether you’re craving a lazy Sunday morning or a little more shut-eye on an overnight flight, the Shhh Silk Eye Mask will help you reach your goal. Tiredness isn’t the only thing that will cause your eyes to puff up, but sleep deprivation certainly won’t help your dark circle situation. You’ll wake-up looking and feeling refreshed when you don this natural-fibre eye mask before bed. It’s 100% machine washable and can be reset with a warm iron to help the design keep its shape. Whether you’re an eye mask aficionado or a total newbie, you’re almost guaranteed to sleep better at night when you block out the light with these lightweight masks.

A good face mask on a Sunday night always gets you ready for the week ahead. But you can step things up a notch by adding Pixi DetoxifyEYE Depuffing Eye Patches to your weekend self-care routine. A cruelty-free solution, these patches deliver nourishing, hydrating ingredients to leave your under eyes looking healthier and smoother.

  • Working to soothe fatigued skin, these hydrogel patches target and nourish the problem area with Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine. In fact, these masks contain some of the best eye serum for dark circles and puffiness. You can apply the masks daily to reduce the look of dark panda eyes and bee-stung bags.

  • Working quickly and in the long term, Pixi DetoxifEYE Depuffing Eye Patches help depuff the skin and reduce the look of big bags and dark circles. Coconut, Cucumber, Green Tea, and Raspberry provide antioxidants to protect the delicate eye area from environmental aggressors.

  • The perfect product to keep in the fridge when you need to cool off, these easy-to-use masks are a great option when you’re in a time pinch. Using the enclosed spatula, separate the patches. Apply the thickest section to the outer corner of your eye. Repeat on the other side. Leave for about 10 minutes. Gently pat any remaining serum in. Follow up with your favourite skincare routine.

Banishing well-established bags is a tricky task. Murad Professional Eye Lift Firming Treatment can help lift your look. This professional-strength treatment-and-pad combo smooths the skin and leaves you less puffy. Instantly firming and tightening the skin, this unique concept tackles the delicate area with oomph. Plus, this hydrating and nourishing eye mask treatment visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Tackling even your deepest lines, the Murad Professional Eye Lift Firming Treatment targets your existing issues and prevents further problems from popping up. Working to instantly pick up your look, this formula also helps smooth out the area in the long term. This formula is suitable for all skin types, and anyone over 30 will enjoy the results.

  • If your eye area needs a little extra love, apply this product up to 3 times a week. To use, first apply the eye lifting treatment directly onto the targeted area. Next, place the soothing eye pads over the serum to help the product penetrate more deeply.

It’s a common misconception that only strong chemicals can make a difference to the look of tired skin. A loving blend of natural ingredients, Mukti Organic Age Defiance Eye Serum is a curated botanical formula that addresses the main signs of ageing around the eyes. Cruelty-free, vegan, and made in Australia, this blend is also certified organic. Showing impressive results in clinical trials, this is one of the best eye serum for dark circles and bags. Noticeably brightening and lightening the look of dark shadows, this formula also helps smooth fine lines and tighten any slack skin.

  • Mukti Organic Age Defiance Eye Serum contains Argireline, a smoothing peptide that targets wrinkles and expression lines. Hydasine helps plump the skin (NOT your bags) in the short and long term. Biomimetic Phospholipids reduce dehydration, so your under eye area stays healthy-looking. Chamomile and Cucumber Extract soothe the skin, and Eyeseryl helps improve microcirculation. Completely ethical, organic, and sustainable, this serum is perfect for anyone of any age to enjoy. Use in the morning and evening to help your skin get back to its healthy-looking best.

If you find yourself staring at a set of dark, baggy eyes each morning, it could be time to find a formula to help you battle them. Pixi Beauty 24K Eye Elixir is a Peptide serum that gently helps massage away puffiness. Complete with a cooling, soothing rollerball applicator, this formula helps increase circulation around the tender eye area. The anti-ageing eye serum also helps brighten the skin.

  • If you’re struggling with tired eyes, use cruelty-free, paraben-free Pixi Beauty 24K Eye Elixir to help pep them back up. This dark circle roller formula leaves the eye area looking revived and refreshed. Raspberry Extracts help protect the skin from environmental aggressors. A great pick-me-up when your mornings are getting the best of you, the serum also contains Peptides and Collagen to help plump and firm a slightly saggy eye area. It really is one of the best product for dark eye circles and bags.

  • Perfect for depuffing and de-stressing after a long day, this formula can be kept in the fridge if you want to enjoy an extra-cooling sensation. Apply outwards from the inner corner. Gently tap the skin with your finger to help the formula sink in. Use as often as you need to restore a soft, smooth look to the skin around your eyes.

It’s all well and good piling on the creams, serums, and gels. But draining fluid from the face often takes a physical approach too. The SALT BY HENDRIX Amethyst Face Roller helps promote circulation, enhance the effectiveness of your products, and calm the mind. This versatile tool is also designed to encourage skin cell rejuvenation by stimulating the lymphatic system. The result: your skin looks smoother and healthier after every use. If you’ve been hitting the salty snacks a little too often, you could notice your eyes look puffier than usual. Helping to drain water retention and deflate puffed-up skin, the rolling action also instils a sense of calm and balance.

  • One of the great products for bags under your eyes, the double-ended SALT BY HENDRIX Amethyst Face Roller works perfectly all over your complexion. To save time, this face roller can be used in conjunction with your face creams and serums. Use the smaller end below your eyes and up near your brow bone. Use the wide end around your neckline and jaw, and massage outwards to help keep puffiness away. Keep this calming, natural Amethyst tool in a secure place to prevent breakage.

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Need a recap? Here's the Best Products for Under Eye Puffiness and Eye Bags

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