How to Highlight and Contour With Concealer

Want that chiselled supermodel look? You need to master the art of highlighting and contouring. To get started, you need the perfect concealer and just a few other items.

Sculpting your face with makeup isn’t as hard you might think! All you need are the right tools and a few guidelines. Ready to get started? Here’s how.

How to Highlight and Contour With Concealer

The Tools

Concealer: You want a concealer that's approximately two shades lighter than your skin tone. For an easy fix, makeup artists love Napoleon Perdis Pro Palette Concealer. This palette gives you three shades, so you can highlight as well as cover dark under-eye circles and blemishes.

Matte foundation: It's really easy to go too dark and create an unnatural look with bronzer. For a foolproof contouring product, opt for matte foundation. BECCA Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation is a top pick. This product's natural finish helps create the illusion of shadow, and it come in a great range of shades.

Prefer an all-in-one kit? We love the Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette. With three matte creams for shading and two highlighting creams, you can gradually build up the light and dark tones, so your face sculpting never looks overdone.

How to Highlight and Contour With Concealer


The Technique

1. Grab your dark foundation. Trace the area alongside your temples. If you want to minimise a large forehead, create a wide line next to your forehead.

2. Draw a line under your cheekbones. Even if your bones aren't pronounced, you’ll be able to feel them. Create a thick line of dark foundation in the hollow part of you cheek.

3. Blend, blend, blend! Use a damp beauty blender to create a natural look.

4. Use your concealer to create a wide line in the middle of your forehead. Add a line down the bridge of your nose. Finally, create a small dot on your chin. Remember, less is more. You can always go back, but it’s a pain to start over. If you're a newbie, work with a tiny bit at a time until you master the technique.

5. Use a damp beauty blender to blend in the concealer.

6. Use a fluffy makeup brush to add loose powder. We adore Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in Translucent. This step ensures everything is 100% blended and sets everything in place, so your hard work won’t wear off during the day.


How to Highlight and Contour With Concealer

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