How Can I Keep My Concealer From Creasing and Caking?

Even with the right products, concealer can crease and get cakey. For a perfect finish, you need the right application technique. Here’s how to master concealer.

Concealer is a daily essential. From dark under-eye circles to surprise red spots, complexion flaws plague even the most naturally gorgeous women out there.

Want to up your concealer game? Here are a few secrets from the pros to prevent creasing and caking and get a perfect finish.


How Can I Keep My Concealer From Creasing and Caking?


1. Start with foundation.

You might not even need concealer once you’ve got everything evened out with foundation. If you have blemishes, this order of application is particularly important, because it’ll prevent you from smearing your concealer.


2. Get comfortable with colour correcting.

Those crazy coloured concealers are priceless. Don’t be intimidated by them! They’re easier to use than you might think.

3. Follow up colour corrector with neutrals.

Nobody wants bright green, purple, and orange spots all over her face! Whenever you use colour corrector, follow up with a concealer that matches your skin tone as closely as possible.


How Can I Keep My Concealer From Creasing and Caking?


4. Always use setting powder.

If you want an even skin tone and makeup that stays in place all day long, finish up every makeup session with setting powder. Pros love Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in Translucent.

5. Stay moisturised.

The best way to prevent a caked-on concealer look is to prep with a good quality eye cream. Remember, your eye area doesn’t produce oil as the rest of your skin does.

Even if your skin is oily, eye cream is essential. Skinstitut Eye Believe is an amazing correcting serum that firms, brightens, and refreshes your eye area.

6. Use a makeup sponge.

For perfectly even distribution, use a makeup sponge to dab the concealer gently onto your skin. And remember, less is more. Start with a little and then work your way up if you need more. If you do end up putting on too much, get your makeup sponge damp and blot the area.


How Can I Keep My Concealer From Creasing and Caking?

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