Can I Use Bronzer For Contouring?

Contouring has ALMOST become a standard step in a full-face makeup routine. It may be tempting to try contouring with products you already have, but bronzer isn't the multitasker you want it to be.

For many years, contouring was left to the professionals, with only runway models and celebrities experiencing the benefits. However, in recent years, contouring has become an essential part of many makeup-lovers' beauty routine. Who wouldn't love higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose?

It's often tempting to raid your makeup stash when trying out a new trend, and many people opt for a bronzer when contouring. However, there's a huge difference between bronzing and contouring, and the products shouldn't be confused or interchanged.


Can I use bronzer for contouring?


What is contouring?

Contouring is enhancing and emulating shadows on your face to create depth and sculpt your face shape. The product you use should be as similar to a natural shadow as possible. Contour products should always be completely matte, as shimmer and sheen are dead giveaways that your new facial structure isn't natural.

Just as shadows lack shine, they also have grey or beige undertones. The exact shade you use to contour depends on your own complexion, but anything too warm will make your foundation look like a mismatch. There are many contour palettes available to help you mix your own exact contour shade.


Can I use bronzer for contouring?


What is bronzing?

Bronzers are used to add warmth and shimmer to your complexion for a natural glow. It’s easy to understand why a light-reflecting bronzer wouldn't work for a contouring product. Still, people are often tempted by matte bronzers, as they can appear to fit the requirements of a contour shade.

Why can't I use a matte bronzer for contouring?

Matte bronzers can be applied to help softly define your features. Such products are often used in areas similar to those you would contour.

However, bronzer should be applied lightly for a subtle glow as opposed to being buffed in with a dense brush. Matte bronzers will not emulate a shadow, as they are too warm and will simply muddy the complexion if applied in the same structured way that contour is.

If you want to try out the contour trend, you won't be giving it a fair chance by using a bronzer. A bronzer will never achieve the same natural look that a contour shade would.

Instead, apply your matte bronzer as a light dusting to help warm the skin tone and give subtle depth. Then go in with your contour shade for a more angular and sculpted appearance.


Can I use bronzer for contouring?

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