Ultimate Guide to Bronzer

Healthy-looking, radiant skin isn't going out of fashion anytime soon. A bronzer is your best friend when it comes to faking a bit of glow. Even on rainy days, bronzer gives you a sun-kissed complexion.


Because they fear looking orange or muddy, many people shy away from bronzer. But all complexions can benefit from the warmth that bronzing makeup brings. Choosing the right shade and finish is crucial in not giving the game away.


Bronzing can be a daunting step in your makeup routine, but it's one that's well worth mastering. We won't tell anyone your tan isn't real!



Can I use bronzer for contouring?



Everyone wants healthy-looking skin, and a sun-kissed glow creates the illusion of good health. But you needn't expose yourself to dangerous solar rays or tanning beds to enjoy bronzed skin.

Instead, protect your skin and cover up with SPF. Then pop a bronzer into your everyday makeup bag. Rain or shine, you'll look like you've just come back from the Maldives. Whilst we all wish such a scenario were real, sometimes you've just gotta fake it!


For centuries, women coated themselves in lead, as pale skin was a sign of wealth and beauty. Thankfully, that dangerous trend died out (excuse the pun), and by the 20th century, society embraced an outdoorsy glow instead.


But this shift posed a new danger, as people spent hours outside or flocked to sun beds, using tanning oils and accelerators to enhance the bronzing process. Sometimes, natural isn't always best. We now know to reach for artificial tanning products and, of course, bronzers.

Bronzers give your skin an enviable sun-kissed look. Today's products come in many different formulas and finishes. There's matte, sheer, and shimmery bronzers, as well as creams, gels, liquids, and the more traditional powders.


What's bronzer used for?


Bronzers are an obvious choice if you have medium or olive skin, but those with pale skin or very dark skin can enjoy bronzing too. Bronzer warms up ashy skin tones and gives that post-holiday look, no matter how light or deep your natural complexion is.


Should I use shimmer bronzer, matte bronzer, or sheer bronzer?


But be aware that choosing the wrong shade of bronzer can be a disaster! No one wants muddy or orange skin, but with the wrong shade and bad application, this look comes all too easy. Have no fear: today, you can get clued up on the best bronzer for your complexion.


Where on my face should I put bronzer?


Once you're equipped with the perfect bronzer, knowing how and where to apply it is key. Don't get sucked into trends and use your bronzer for contouring. Always, always choose a separate contour product; you'll thank us for this tip.

There's a lot to learn about bronzers, but don't let that put you off any longer. Read our guides to become an absolute expert, and get used to being asked how your holiday was!


Ultimate Guide to Bronzer

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