How to Choose a Blush Shade (Find Your Perfect Blush)

When it comes to playing with makeup, there really are no rules.

In other words, you do you, boo!

Blush is no exception. Love a neon pink to perk up ya cheeks? We love to see it. Want a warm coral on a sunny day? Yes, please.

Blush is THE product that takes your face from oh honey... to oh heyyy!

Although any good blush will give you a healthy glow, choosing the right blush for your skin tone is a game changer.

How to choose blush shade_ICONIC London Sheer Blush_a woman wearing blush and holding up a bronze tube of blush_1000x800How to choose blush shade_ICONIC London Sheer Blush_a woman wearing blush and holding up a bronze tube of blush_1000x800

Finding a shade that flatters your skin can be a little difficult. Especially when each brand has an entire spectrum to choose from. And that’s just the pinks.

Nude, plum, reddy-browny, coral, peach, peachy peach with a hint of peach … You get the idea.

Even with everyday SPF, your skin tone will change with the seasons. And while that fluoro pink might’ve complimented your plump teenage skin, something softer might work better for you now.

Curious about how to choose a blush shade for your skin tone? We got you.

Blush shades for dark skin

Those with darker skin can find it tricky finding a blush that doesn't come out too ashy or too pale on the skin. So when it comes to choosing the best blush color for dark skin, opt for those with brighter, bolder and more vibrant pigments like a bold orange, a deep violet, or a vivid red.

Available in rich shades to play with, this cream blush packs a punch without overpowering. Napoleon Perdis Cheek Switch Crème Blush Stick is a matte formula that works beautifully on dark skin. Those with fair skin may also enjoy its intensity! The silky cream applies like a dream and dries down to a long-lasting finish. This range features some of the best blush shades for dark skin tones. Plus, the cream blush stick is artificial fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, and vegan—always a bonus.

This matte-velvet formula is super-easy to blend and comfortable on the skin. And it wears well even on a long, hot day. Side note: this creamy formula works just as well on bare skin as it does on a full face. Napoleon Perdis Cheek Switch Crème Blush Stick is an ideal product to reach for on those days when you can’t be bothered. It won’t cake or sink into your fine lines and wrinkles, so it's a pretty good option for ageing skin too.

Blush shades for medium dark skin

Anyone with medium dark skin can play with a rainbow of blush colours. Think berry rouge, vibrant corals, and popping red. Shimmer never hurts either.

Medium dark skin glows with ICONIC London Sheer Blush. An easy formula to build up or pare back, the gel-to-watercolour format suits most skin types. It’s all about how much or how little you build up the product. The sheer mix won’t clog pores, and the dewy finish leaves you looking just-sexed fresh. Love multipurpose makeup? You can match your cheeks to your lips by using this vegan and cruelty-free formula on both.

Easy to blend with fingertips, a brush, or a blender, this cream blush is a great option for anyone with fine lines. And the squeezy tube is easy to manage, so you won’t end up wasting precious product. Whatever shade of ICONIC London Sheer Blush you choose, you can easily build the product up to get the look you like.

Blush shades for medium skin

Looking for a blush for olive skin? Corals of every shade will complement. Or try a mid-range pink alongside bronzer.

We’re calling it: Benefit has the cutest packaging ever. Even if you don’t love the product instantly, just … look at it! With more than a hint of California lovin’, Benefit Galifornia Sunny Golden-Pink Blush blends pink with shimmering gold. Calling it sunshine in a box might seem like a bit of a stretch. But honestly, that description is pretty bang on the money. The warm shade is ideal for brightening a sleepy complexion, and the fine powder won’t cling to dry patches or lines.

This lightweight blush can be built up to complement any skin tone and suits every age and skin type. Because it’s infused with the finest microshimmer, you don’t need to worry about chunky glitter with this must-have. Love a scented product? This blush has a fresh Coconut essence that evokes sunny beach days. Wear this blush lightly for a natural glow or build it up for a bit of drama.

Blush shades for golden yellow undertones

If your skin has a yellow undertone, play with the most delicate rose pinks, light corals, and purple-pink shades. Picture. Of. Health.

Rather than a full-on splash of colour, Nude by Nature Virgin Blush delivers a soft, pretty sheen to the apples of your cheeks. The universally flattering, rosy pink shade is super-versatile, highly pigmented, and ideal for all skin tones. Those with golden yellow undertones will especially love the balance this rose shade offers. In signature Nude by Nature style, no cute animals have been harmed in the making of this vegan, cruelty-free product. The nicest thing about this blush? It neither stands out like a sore thumb nor disappears completely. It’s almost impossible to get wrong.

With the slightest shimmer to catch the light, this blush is ideal for anyone. The feather-light, fine, loose powder prioritises radiance over colour. Jojoba Esters are added to hydrate and nourish the skin. For a flushed look that looks totally organic, use the smallest amount and blend with your fave blush brush.

Blush shades for medium to fair skin

For that lit-from-within Insta glow, try an apricot shade with a little shimmer for summer. Light peaches and soft corals are also your jam.

We know, we know: you’ve heard heaps about Insta skin and being ‘lit from within’ (what are we, electric eels?). But some products really live up to that hype. With an awesome pearlised finish, every shade of M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Blush gives your complexion a lift. If you have medium to fair skin, you can build up this sheer, lightweight blush for pop or keep the pigment subtle to freshen your look just the way you like it.

Designed to colour your cheeks and enhance the look of your cheekbones, this blend peps up tired skin easily. Made with much-raved-about M.A.C Multi-Mineral Complex and Jojoba Seed Oil, the smooth blend feels super-comfortable on the skin.

Now, if you’ve got mature skin, you may or may not want to skip the shimmer. But on most faces, this baked powder blush gives you a pretty glow without too much shine.

Blush shades for fair skin

If you’re a pale-skinned beauty, dip into a baby pink or rosy glow by day. Amp things up with a vibrant pink for a flirty, flushed night-time look.

A fair complexion can be sensitive, especially if you get caught in the sun. But when it comes to blush shades for fair skin, your complexion will glow with just the lightest dusting. To highlight your cheekbones and get a gentle hint of glow on, try wearing Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Blush. Because the range offers many soft, cruelty-free colours to play with, you can create a natural look on fair skin without a heavy hand or loads of product. For a blush for fair skin with cool undertones, try a light pink and you can’t go wrong.

Made with protective antioxidants and minerals, this wheat-free powder blush won’t irritate your skin. The soft texture picks up easily on a brush and sweeps over skin hassle-free. Plus, this delicate formula won’t overpower skin or bed down into any fine lines you’re rocking.

How to Choose a Blush Shade_Blush shades for fair skin_a woman applying blush to her cheek using her fingertips_1000x800How to Choose a Blush Shade_Blush shades for fair skin_a woman applying blush to her cheek using her fingertips_1000x800

As we said at the start, there are no makeup rules—no matter what the contour queens tell you!

What you put on your face is totally up to you. 

But if you want to compliment your skin’s natural gifts, try these shades and glow, baby, glow.

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