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M.A.C Cosmetics Pigment 4.5g

4.8 of 38 reviews


4 instalments of $9.00


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4 instalments of $9.00


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M.A.C Cosmetics Pigment

M.A.C Cosmetics Pigment

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4.8 of 38 reviews

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I love MAC pigments. Have many different colours. Works so well with a slightly damp makeup brush. Super pigmented and looks beautiful on the eyes! I also use vanilla as a highlighter.
  1. Love!

    I love MAC pigments. Have many different colours. Works so well with a slightly damp makeup brush. Super pigmented and looks beautiful on the eyes! I also use vanilla as a highlighter.
  2. Beautiful pigments

    Melon is my absolute favourite. Deffinetly invest in it if you want to start out. I spray a bit of fix plus on my brush to intensify the pigment. Stunning colours!
  3. There is a reason this product has been around so long.

    I have been using Mac Pigments for more years than I would like to count. They are so beautiful, adhere well to the eye used dry or wet and are so versatile. I have taken a star off due to how messy they can be and also the fact that the colour range is quite limited and a lot of the colours I loved have been discounted.
  4. Favourite pigments

    Fantastic product, so many amazing shades. You get quite a lot of product in each jar, I have never emptied one yet. I like to dampen my brush with some fix+ and use it to apply the pigment. Once it dries it doesn't budge.
  5. Nice eyeshadow.

    I bought the shade Vanilla as a replacement trial for Mac Shroom. It's a nice sparkly off white, stays put and you get minimal fallout. All in all I prefer Shroom because the shimmer is more subtle, but it's still a lovely shadow.
  6. Long lasting and pigmented

    I absolutely love this product, the tan pigment, as a feature eyeshadow. I use it in my inner corners and it makes blue eyes pop. You only require the smallest amount, I have had mine for roughly one year and have barely made a dint in it. I find it is best used with a fine eyeshadow brush sprayed with the mac fix plus spray to ensure the pigment sticks. I dab it on my eyes and then make sure you let it dry before blinking as it can spread! It stays on all night for events etc and is long lasting
  7. So eye-catching!

    I've used the Copper Sparkle pigment for years now and the product is still basically full. A small amount goes a long way and I find they're easiest to use if you add some Fix+ to your brush beforehand.
  8. Guaranteed to catch compliments!

    The colours and finishes of these pigments are out of this world, they look like they are made from crushed gemstones/pearls. I found they worked most efficiently with a wet brush and they become like a cream and are so easy to apply on the lid and blend. Super reflective and shiny on the eye
  9. so pigmented

    love the formula of the pigments and theres no way you'd ever finish a jar of it as a little goes a long way. paired with the right glitter primer these pigments wont budge and will last all day
  10. Glitter VIBE

    This product is so pigmented. It is very versatile - it can be used as an eye shadow, mixed with vaseline for a lip effect and many other applications. A little goes a long way - the product lasts for ages. I love the finely milled glitters!
  11. Love the pearl beige shade

    I love these pigments, great for adding a little shimmery glow
  12. amazing colour

    amazing colour payoff! A little goes a long way and this will take your eye look to the absolute next level especially if you want that extra glam!
  13. Can't live without!

    Love these! Just wish the lids were slightly more secure as I've had plenty break open into my makeup bag & the whole thing was wasted.. :(
  14. Great

    I love these so much my favourite way to add a little pop of colour to my face, easy to apply with a brush to your eyelids and always get compliments when i use them.
  15. Gorgeous colour with staying power

    My favourite way of adding a little sparkle to my eyelids. Fantastic staying power, lasts well into the evening on a night out. Beautiful rose gold colour. A little goes a long way and very easy to apply with a eyeliner brush. My pot has lasted ages, great value for money.
  16. Multipurpose!

    Love these on the eyes and on the skin and lips too!!

    These are incredible I own them in every color!!
  18. A little goes a long way!

    This product is so pigmented. It is very versatile - it can be used as an eye shadow, mixed with vaseline for a lip effect and many other applications. A little goes a long way - the product lasts for ages. I love the finely milled glitters!
  19. Wow

    Really really love this product. So pretty absolutely adore.
  20. Mac is life

    Mac pigments are everything! I especially love blue brown and the bright ones. They are messy as to use but so worth it for the amazing colour pay off!
  21. Goooorgeous

    Beautiful pigment you only need a tiny bit for a strong impact, this product will last you ages! Highly recommend!
  22. Love This!

    Loveee this pigment.
    its really strong and you dont need a lot of it too make an impact
    Would recommend
  23. Pigmented

    These have amazing pigmentation. Only just need to use a little bit as its more than enough.
  24. Versatile & Beautiful

    I love these pigments - they are absolutely stunning and versatile! They also last you ages; the only thing i find is that with all glitter products - they end up everywhere and is a bit of a mess with lots of cleanup involved - but maybe that's because I haven't found a technique with less mess!
  25. so glam

    I own 3 mac pigments that i use constantly, and they pretty much look untouched. you don't need a lot of product, but because it's a loose pigment, they are messy to work with. i usually put down a tissue and use some fix plus, and it's not as messy as you'd expect.
  26. Love but messy

    These are amazing for colour and pigment pay off but are really hard to use on a daily basis without needing to clean up for ten minutes when you breathe and the powder goes everywhere.
  27. So pretty!

    I LOVE MAC pigments and tend to collect them even if I will never wear them just because of how pretty they look in the little bottles!
    The pros - the pigment is amazing and the duochromes do exactly what they claim! the colours are great and if you shop the sales you can often get the crazier ones at a great price and spend more on the staples (like blue brown which is I would say the one item that really got me addicted to makeup all those years ago)
    The cons - really the only con is that its a heck of a pain to apply. You spill it everywhere, the tiny lid is tricky, the fallout is massive, and you really need a wet brush making the look only work if thats what your going for.
  28. Diverse product

    I absolutely adore these pigments, I use them as an eyeshadow, on my lips with a balm, I've used them as a highlight. Wonderful product, great pay off, incredibly pigmented and a massive range of colours.
  29. Makeup Staple!

    These are a must have! These pigments offer great value for money as they last a long time and can be used for eyeshadow, lips, highlight, alone or mixed and they are extremely pigmented so a little goes a long way!
  30. The best pigments

    Cant fault these pigments at all. Melon is my absolute fave! I love using it as eyeshadow, highlighter and even mixing it with foundation. Super versatile.
  31. So many uses!

    Love MAC pigments! You can do so much with these pigments and you only need the tiniest amount for a huge impact. I use these primarily as eyeshadow and highlighters. Can't get enough of these!
  32. Amazing multiuse product

    This is an amazing multi use product, I use it on lips when mixed with gloss, or as an eye shadow. So pigmented - be careful!!
  33. super pigmented and fun

    I have tan and rose and mix it with fix+ to make a liquid eyeshadow for a cut crease especially, super pigmented and long lasting, also can get a lot out of this
  34. 'Vanilla' is a must have!

    Colours are beautiful! Very pigmented and the shade 'vanilla' is perfect for highlighting on the eyes or even any other high points of the face. Also lovely colour for all over the lid! A must have product!
  35. Super versatile!

    Initially I thought it was such a waste because technically, how often do you use a pigment in your daily routine or even on a weekly basis?? I didn't want to just purchase the pigment to just use it a couple time and never to look at it again.

    I was so wrong... these pigments are actually super versatile!

    I love these pigments for a really nice subtle shimmer but I especially when used with a mixing agent (I use Inglot's Duraline). That's how I get that metallic 'instagram' effect when doing my eye makeup!

    it also makes a great highlighter, an awesome lipstick or even a lip topper, a coloured eyeliner (again, when mixed with a mixing agent), blush, illuminator, body shimmer and even nail polish by adding it to bottle of clear nail polish (or create a custom colour altogether by mixing pigments and other nail polish colours!)

    I would highly recommend using their pigments and experimenting different ways to use them - especially when 'wet' as it gives you that super metallic look!

  36. Amazing pigment

    I love pigments when I am going for a stronger more solid look! Mac pigment formula is by far the best.. you don't get too much fall out.. Spray a big of fix + and dab on! Some beautiful shades
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