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M.A.C COSMETICS Accessories - Other - Foundation Pump

4.6 of 84 reviews


4 instalments of $3.25

Or 4 instalments of $3.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.25

Or 4 instalments of $3.25 with LEARN MORE

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Dispense foundation without mess with M.A.C Cosmetics Foundation Pump. Easily and quickly dispenses foundations to your sponge, brush or palette without the need to dip or pour. Ideal to use with M.A.C Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid SPF15 Foundation, this self-capping pump is ideal for use by professionals or at home.

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M.A.C COSMETICS Accessories - Other - Foundation Pump Reviews

4.6 of 84 reviews

99% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

A must if buying MAC foundations


It's a bit of pain that MAC foundations don't come with a pump and you have to buy this separately, but anyway. It does the job and is a must-have if you want to use MAC foundations without mess.

Most Helpful Criticism

Works well


The pump is deffinetly worth the money as it stops wastage.. although i think it should already be included. Still would recommend.
  1. love the pump


    verified purchaser
    makes using the foundation so much easier... why is it not included? the only downfall is all the foundation at the bottom and sides that the pump obviously cant reach. worth the price though.
  2. Best pump applicator


    This pump applicator is really great! It turns to open and close the pump so you dont accidently have your makeup squished in your bag and lose product.
  3. It works


    verified purchaser
    Does the job but is quite expensive for what it is. To be honest I use this for my Maybelline Fit Me Foundation as it fits on the glass bottle
  4. A must if buying MAC foundations


    It's a bit of pain that MAC foundations don't come with a pump and you have to buy this separately, but anyway. It does the job and is a must-have if you want to use MAC foundations without mess.
  5. Buy this!


    Best investment. Just unscrew and put into your new bottle.
    The nozzle locks for travel which is very useful.

  6. Very useful


    Great accessory to invest in. Makes applying make up that bit easier.
  7. Essential!


    Buy this pump - worth the money as you will save on wastage! :)
  8. Great pump


    Love this pump it actually fits estee lauder doublewear foundation too. Its good quality, well made & helps dispense the foundation easily & well. Worth the money ive got several they make life much easier.
  9. Necessary


    Great for the studio fix, and is reusable if you are a constant user of that product. Kinda annoying MAC doesn’t make the studio fix with a pump, but as a once off purchase it’s not too bad!
  10. Perfect pump


    Such a great tool to minimise wastage, only downside is that all MAC bottles should automatically come with a pump in my opinion. However totally recommend buying it, I'm so happy that I've stopped wasting so much
  11. Foundation saver


    I highly recommend getting this pump adaptor. It pump outs just the eight amount of foundation and leaves you with very little to no wastage.
  12. Don't buy a MAC foundation without this


    Great for reducing product wastage and improving packaging usage. Highly recommend. Although, it is a bit annoying that this is not automatically included in a foundation purchase.
  13. Great pump


    There’s nothing I hate more than trying to pour out the right amount and instead spilling the foundation everywhere, so this is great!


    Must have for mac foundations, also works in estee lauder bottles, just need to trim it down slightly.
  15. Must have


    If you are using any of the screw lid Mac make-ups you must have this to make application an ease. You can also reuse them which is handy! Slightly annoying you have to purchase separately.
  16. Does The Job Well


    Little bit annoyed you have to buy a pump separately to be entirely honest, but it doe the job and does it well. Comes with a little cap to close it off for travel, etc.
  17. you have to get it


    I love Mac foundation but its a shame you have to pay extra for the pump whoever its great once you have it you don't need to keep purchasing it. its better to get it as I find there is a lot less waste
  18. Must have with Studio Fix Fluid!


    Absolute necessity if buying the Studio Fix Fluid as it helps prevent product wastage. I find the pump easy to clean between bottles (if you change foundation colours through the year ect), however make sure you give it time to properly dry first. I find the pumps give out a fair amount of product, and the lock feature is handy if you're just throwing it in a make up bag.
  19. Good


    Good product, makes applying foundation less messy.
  20. Affordable product, does what it’s supposed to


    The pump works and looks exactly as expected. Of course it would be better if the MAC foundation came with the pump already but at least there’s an option to purchase one if you need it. Fast shipping from Adore Beauty as always!
  21. Great pump, does the job!


    This is a great pump and does the job! I am just annoyed that it doesn't come with the foundation already. This also with the foundation puts it at over 60$.
  22. good


    Pretty classic pump. It gets the job done. Just dislike that I have to buy it separately instead it coming with the foundation.
  23. Broke the first time


    Sadly this broke for me the first time I tried to use it, the pump got stuck down and when I tried to pull it back up, it just came out completely but I am going to buy another and hopefully this one lasts!
  24. Does what it is meant to do


    This pump does what it is meant to do, although I agree with another reviewer that it should just come included with the foundation.
  25. Definitely needed for MAC foundations


    This pump is great, dispenses well and evenly and stops product wastage. MAC's foundations definitely need it if you want to get the best and most out of your products. My only criticism is I think it really show come with the foundation in the first place. The pump is definitely great though.
  26. Good


    This pump makes it easier to get the right amount of foundation
  27. Great product


    Minimizes wastage

    a must for this foundation!
  28. Must have for MAC Foundations


    You need this pump to successfully use any bottle of MAC foundation without wastage.
  29. Must have for studio fluid fix foundation


    I like using a foundation with a pump but unfortunately the MAC studio fluid fix foundation doesn't come with a pump and you need to buy it separate. The price is a bit high but you can use this over and over again which reduces waste.
  30. For use with Mac Liquid Foundations

    Ali B

    I bought this for use with the Mac Studio Fix foundation. It’s annoying that it doesn’t come with the foundation, but you can reuse it over and over. It reduces waste and mess.
  31. If your buying the foundations you need the pump!


    Its so good that you can reuse this pump over and over! its a must have if you buy the foundation it helps you get every last bit of the product out and saves the mess!
  32. Best Idea


    I broke the top of the pump of one of my foundation bottles. I thought this was a great idea to replace it instead of dealing with a broken pump/top of the pump. So easy to replace.
  33. A must


    A must in order to reduce wasted product and easy application.
  34. worth every cent


    i purchased this for my studio fix foundation . so much easy and was getting more use out of my products
  35. Essential


    I was wasting so much product before I bought this pump. It's a little annoying that it has to be purchased separately however my foundation lasts a lot longer because I am no longer accidentally pouring too much product out each morning when I do my makeup. I bought this over a year ago and it's still going strong. I do give it a good clean every couple of weeks.
  36. Great


    Dispenses just the right amount of foundation. Sturdy and had it for a long time and has not broken yet. Excellent.
  37. Works with Mac foundation


    This is great for Mac studio Fix foundation. Fits the bottles perfect.
  38. Must have for the Mac foundation


    This pump makes the product so much easier to dispense. With this pump there is also less product waste and less mess.
  39. Great


    Love this. It’s so much easier having a pump on my foundation bottle. Much less product wastage. I only wish it came with the foundation!
  40. very hygienic


    good hygiene practice! it helps when your using foundation on clients because you don't double dip and you can control how much foundation you actually get out
  41. Worth It


    I think one of these is a must, you don't waste as much product and can easily swap it over to another when you run out. Though I do think it should already be included its a cheap price it doesn't feel like a big deal.
  42. Must have if you're buying the foundation


    This pump makes using the foundation so much easier and more sanitary. It's reusable too which is great but I feel that the foundation should already come with a pump!
  43. Definitely recommend for foundation!


    Highly highly recommend purchasing this if you are buying their foundation! Unfortunately they don't come standard with pumps so this pump is perfect. I would never purchase a MAC foundation without also getting one of these.
  44. Pump works and fits perfectly.


    Works as it should and dispenses the right amount of foundation, I was definitely using way more than I needed previously. Love the little cap it has on it and that you can twist to lock it. Just wise the foundation came with the pump already included.
  45. Great quality


    I have had my pump for about 4 years and it is in perfect condition the quality is great and makes using the foundation so much more manageable and saves a lot of product!
  46. Handy but should be free with foundation


    This pump is super handy as it reduces wasteage of foundation, although I feel it should come for free with their foundation! It’s good anyway and can be reused across multiple bottles (it hasn’t broken yet!)
  47. Sturdy and reliable


    have had mine for so long and never lets me down, is cheap and is a work-horse. Can't fault
  48. Simple but serves its purpose


    Makes my studio fix fluid foundation so much easier to apply. I also like that it helps me dispense a measured amount instead of hitting the bottle against my palm or make up palette to dispense.
    Such a good item that can be reused time and time again.
  49. Worth the money


    Definitely worth getting as you don't realise how much product you've been wasting pouring foundation out of the bottle until you use a pump!
  50. Need.


    I would never use my foundation without this pump! So much easier to use and disperses just the right amount of foundation onto my brush.
  51. Works well


    The pump is deffinetly worth the money as it stops wastage.. although i think it should already be included. Still would recommend.
  52. Stops wastage


    This pump has saved me many times. Before I bought it I felt like I was wasting so much product. I use it for my Studio Fluid and Water weight Mac foundations. Prevents a lot of mess too!
  53. Essential for MAC foundations


    This is a great addition to the MAC foundations (and it also fits Estee Lauder Double Wear). I just wish the products came with a pump already and you didn't have to pay extra for it. Makes it so much easier to dispense product and isn't messy. Just make sure you keep the original foundation lid for travel.
  54. A Must!


    If you use the Studio Fix foundation then this pump is a must. You will reduce wastage each time you apply. The pump doesn’t clog and seals well so foundation doesn’t dry out. A must buy!
  55. Must Have


    I bought this with my MAC foundation and I am so glad that I did.
    It just makes dispensing product so easy and hygienic. I am so annoyed when foundations don't come with a pump already and sell it to you for extra.
  56. Essential for studio fix, but could be cheaper


    Used to have a lot of problems with studio fix without the pump but have found getting product out and not wasting easier since having the pump. Like double wear I do think given the price already it should come included or be cheaper, given that there are many foundations of the same price point that include a pump.
  57. must have


    makes applying foundation less messy and reduces waste. its a no brainer!
  58. Not an option but to buy


    Works perfectly, but is annoying that you need to buy this as extra.
  59. Expensive but necessary


    I bought this with my MAC foundation and I am so glad that I did.
    It just makes dispensing product so easy and hygienic. I am so annoyed when foundations don't come with a pump already and sell it to you for extra.
    I love how you can twist the top to lock it, it makes it easy to travel with.
    It's good quality and lasts the whole life of the foundation. I didn't buy another MAC fo...
    Read More
  60. very useful for only $13


    These pumps are a great investment! they really helped in distributing the right amount of product i.e if you know that 2 pumps is enough for your whole face or 3 pumps for fuller coverage etc. It also helps get out the last little bit of foundation that usually sits at the bottom of the bottle and you can't get our normally by tipping it upside down lol. it also fits on the esteem Lauder double w...
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  61. Should be included! so necessary to use with their foundation


    The pump is a must really, so that you can control how much product you're using and not make a mess when applying foundation. I recommend purchasing one, you can reuse when you get a new foundation.
  62. Must Have


    SO much easier using the pump rather than having to pour it out. Less spillage and easier to maintain the amount of product coming out so no wastage. Giving it 4 stars as all the bottles should automatically have this.
  63. good


    Perfect for foundations but would have been better if it was included with the foundation itself
  64. Love


    It's a pump, it works. I wish there was a cap for the pump.
  65. Must have


    Delivers the perfect amount of foundation, a must have!
  66. Works


    Should be included as standard rather than making more money out of it
  67. Necessity


    Works really well with the foundation - one pump is the perfect amount to cover a full face.
  68. Great


    This item is great for their foundation. You can use it for ages before it needs replacing (like ages) and it has a really good gentle pump, so you dont end up with a giant blob of foundation when you only wanted a little.
  69. Does it's job


    I bought this out of sheer frustration because my Mac water weight foundation was being wasted because of the bottle design.. This dispenses small amounts which is much better for my budget. ! I do think Mac should include this in the price of the foundation.
  70. Okay


    It’s okay. Should be included with foundations
  71. Does clog a bit


    I have had a few of these over time they are good to stop wastage but I find they get a bit clogged up as the tube part is very thin. Be prepared to clean it out regularly
  72. Must have


    This is a must have if you have the foundation. I do wish the foundation would have come with this.
  73. Great help


    I don't know how I'll survive without this pump. I've been through many bottles of Studio Fix Fluid and this little pump really helps me dispense the right amount every single time. No more pouring or over-pouring of foundation ;)
  74. Good product


    I purchased this because it was required to use the foundation I purchased. i dont like the idea of having to purchase separately but it does the job. I have found that it does sometimes get clogged if foundation builds up around the nozzle but it's simple to clean out
  75. Worth buying


    while I think the pump should be standard with MAC foundations, l still shell out for a pump dispenser. l find it ends up saving me money in the end by not wasting product unnecessarily.
  76. :)


    I've used this on nearly all my studio fix foundation bottles that I've gone through and while I do think it would be better if they just sold the SF foundation with the pump already on the bottle I think buying the pump is worth it. It disburses a manageable amount of product and you can alter your pressure on it to get little or more coming out.
  77. cannot live without


    I cannot stand a foundation without a pump. It's definitely worth it as you save so much more foundation with a pump because you prevent accidentally pouring out too much foundation. It is a bit pricey but I don't mind and you can only really use it for one foundation as I've tried recycling one and using it for a different foundation but it's impossible to clean.
  78. M U S T H A V E !


    Since I never got one when I accidentally purchased a bottle (usually only ever get tubes) this is Fantastic! Easy to pump out the exact amount needed. And as my life is always on the go, the twist lock function is my best friend
  79. Essential


    Since Mac doesn't provide a pump, this is a hygienic essential.
  80. Must have for Fix fluid


    So much easier to use this pump for the Studio Fix foundation as opposed to just pouring it out and potentially wasting a lot of product! Can also be used with the Maybelline Fit Me foundations, its not a perfect fit but the lid does screw on!
  81. A must


    Definitely needed for a more hygienic way of dispensing foundation. Also saves product as way too much product usually comes out with pouring (while making a huge mess). A must in my opinion.
  82. Must have


    I definitely recommend getting this, it would get so messy and inconvenient to use the foundations otherwise.
    I have no idea why the foundations are not sold with the pump already, it feels like they're just wanting to make more money.
    This is an excellent pump but I'm not happy you have to buy this separately, and it's not cheap either.
  83. Have 2 have this


    This is kinda something you have to have with the foundation. Wish it just came with the pumps..
  84. You need this


    if you are buying the foundation. Shame it doesnt come with it but you must get as it pumps the right amount out and no wastage!
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