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This Nordic beauty brand is not to be underestimated. Founded only in 2012, the young brand has come a long way from northern Europe, becoming an international brand name that it is today. Starting as a beauty venture by friends Isabella Löwengrip and Pingis Hadenius, the duo simply wanted to offer people beauty products that actually work. The Löwengrip brand aims to empower all towards the goal of work-life balance with high quality products that are multifunctional and will deliver results.


The brand pays homage to its Swedish origins by adopting a holistic approach with their products.Beginning with ingredients, the focus has always been on the synergy of the product formulations rather than just on the active ingredients. Regardless of the function or importance, only the best home-grown ingredients are selected. Together with leading chemists, production is done in Sweden using the most efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies. Finally, the perfect packaging is selected for optimal delivery of that product formula. The result is a line of products that are more effective and which also embodies the very essence of beauty and care.


Löwengrip’s products results orientated, but are also proud of being gentle on the skin. To achieve this balance, the brand’s bespoke recipes are formulated together with detailed feedback from users through social media to ensure full transparency and honesty. In addition, each formula undergoes a rigorous testing process consisting of no less than twelve months at the laboratory before it is considered perfect. So if you are looking for a quality and reliable product, you’ve already found it.

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Recent reviews on Lowengrip products

Lowengrip Get A Grip Hand Balm 50ml
Lowengrip Get A Grip Hand Balm 50ml

Nice hand cream

Lovely hand cream. Has a sweet scent. Rub in well and not greasy.
Lowengrip Healthy Glow Shower Cream 200ml
Lowengrip Healthy Glow Shower Cream 200ml

Not good

I purchased this for a change as l have always used Dove creme bar which l was very happy with as it’s so moisturising. My first impression of the shower cream was this is ok but after using it a few times it became drying. To prove my point l put this in my en-suite and started using it as a hand wash to get rid of the remaining quantity. Within 1 week my hands were very dry and within 2 weeks th...