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Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse - Ultra Dark 120ml

4.6 of 81 reviews


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4 instalments of $9.99


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4.6 of 81 reviews

95% recommend this product

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This product is amazing!! I get so many compliments after using this product!! Definitely worth buying!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Its okay


I've always hated the way bondi sands looks on me as I always end up looking like shrek. But the Loving tan colour looks great on me and doesn't make me orange at all, just really natural looking. BUT it doesn't seem to matter how evenly i apply it or how i sleep in it i always end up having bug patches that haven't tanned at all! But maybe its just me hah
  1. Amazing color with no smell!


    The color is super dark and natural.
    It doesn’t have that fake tan smell that turns me off a lot of tans.
    Only criticism is that it wears a little bit patchy.


    This product is amazing!! I get so many compliments after using this product!! Definitely worth buying!!
  3. Colour is amazing!


    The colour on this is amazing not orange at all and nice and dark, I don't find a lot comes off onto my bedsheets but if it does it washes of fine. The only issue I personally have with this is it doesn't last that long but aside from that everything about it I love.
  4. Its okay


    I've always hated the way bondi sands looks on me as I always end up looking like shrek. But the Loving tan colour looks great on me and doesn't make me orange at all, just really natural looking. BUT it doesn't seem to matter how evenly i apply it or how i sleep in it i always end up having bug patches that haven't tanned at all! But maybe its just me hah


    A tan that applies soooo well!! By far my favourite tan, it never goes orange and never streaks!


    This goes amazing on my skin and completely streak free. It is a perfect tan on everyone else who has recommended to me and goes on ALL skin types !


    This goes amazing on my skin and completely streak free. It is a perfect tan on everyone else who has recommended to me and goes on ALL skin types !


    The most amazing tan!! I use this all the time, so easy to apply and completely streak free. The only tan that never goes orange on me.
  9. Awesome


    tan smells amazing. i have very pale skin and this tans me very nicely after 2 hours and doesnt go patch or dry my skin out
  10. Utterly Amazing


    I have very pale skin so it’s always very exciting when I find a fake tan that doesn’t leave my skin orange and patchy. When I tried this tan that exciting feeling was there! This tan is amazing! It makes my skin nice a bronze and dark, it goes on so easily, smells so nice and dries so fast! I definitely recommend this product to everyone, whether you have pale or dark skin, this one is perfect!!!
  11. Fabulous tan


    This tan keeps me bronzed and natural all year round. application is very simple and smooth and doesn't go on streaky or blotchy. easy to remove and easy to apply. makes you look very glamorous
  12. My favourite!


    This is definitely my favourite tan I've used! It applies so well and never streaks, The colour pulls a little orange on me, but not overly so. The only drawback is the price - it's quite expensive compared to other products on the market.
  13. Love this tan


    This tan has no horrible smell like others I've tried and it dries so quickly. When left on over night I wake up with beautifully tanned skin and no orange colour! Highly recommend!!
  14. Lovely


    this is a great tan, I have tried so many brands and they all smell very bad and make me orange. However, this tan is the complete opposite, the smell is nice and makes my skin a nice brown glow colour. I 100% recommend this tan


    This colour is perfect for my fair skin. Takes me to that dreamy holiday color I wanted. However its come off isn't soft and gradual as other tans iv used. But if you want to look like a bronzy and obvious dark tan this is perfect
  16. Great tan


    This tan is a great colour on me. drys quite quick and lasts about a week. This is the only tan i will use
  17. My favourite tanning solution!


    I love this product so much. Yes, it's a bit expensive however it provides me with a DEEP glow without an orange hue! Highly recommended.
  18. My go-to tan


    I am VERY FAIR and this is the perfect tan for me. I have used both this and the Dark 8 hour and 2 hour tan and this just provides that bit more colour. In saying that it is only a shade or two darker than the 'dark' shade. Love it.
  19. Hands down my favorite tan ever !


    I’ve tried a massive amount of fake tans before & I was never satisfied! I must say once trying loving tan I won’t look back! So creamy & makes me look like a bronzer goddess ! Won’t ever use another tan again!
  20. Super dark!


    Love this tan - I think it works so well for me because I have naturally olive skin and tan easily throughout summer. It looks best when I am already a bit tanned, whereas I used it recently in colder months and I think it looked a bit too unnatural for a winter tan. Hot tip - make sure you have waxed your mo prior to application. It clung to my hairs and basically tinted them - I ended up looking like my Nonno all day at work.
  21. Such a Natural Colour


    I adore Loving Tan. Even though they are one of the more costly range of Fake tans, they are well worth the price. This colour is so deep and doesn't leave my skin super dry like a lot of other tans seem to do. One of my favourite qualities is that it seems to fade off very evenly compared to the usual coming off in patches that I experience with most other fake tans I have tried. Love and would recommend.
  22. Love love this product !!


    This is by far my favourite tanning product. I absolutely love how easy it is to apply. The colour is such a perfect natural looking tan & it holds to my skin for days
  23. BEST!!!


    Nicest color and doesn't go orange and i have quite fair skin!
  24. Wish i could wear this all the time


    This tan is so easy to apply and is such a beautiful colour.
    Although I can only give it 4 stars and not 5 because of the price. It is pricier than many other tans I've used and only lasts about 2 1/2 applications whereas other tans that are half the price last for double that
  25. Best fake tan out there


    This is by far the best fake tan I have ever used! Very buildable colour which can get super dark! Doesn’t smell like other tans and applies really evenly and easily. Expensive so I only use it for special occasions
  26. amazing but hard to get off :(


    love this fake tanning product and by far one of the cleanest and realistic colors while making you go extremely dark! my tip would be to use rubber gloves instead of a foam mitt as it applies smoother! if you have the time to scrub off your tan and reapply it then this tan is for you! only downside is it takes a lot of effort to get the tan off but it is worth it for its color!
  27. holy grail


    This is such an amazing color, yes it is on the expensive side but well worth it, if you moisturize everyday your color will stay great for a week.
  28. Best tan


    Hands down THE best fake tan on the market.
    Lovely colour as if you had been on holidays, blends seamlessly and dries quiet quickly.
  29. Best fake tan I’ve used


    Although it is on the expensive side, this tan is well worth the money. I have yellow undertones in my skin and this tan works perfectly with my skin tone. Doesn’t make me green! Smells so good and the packaging is real pretty. Highly recommend!!
  30. Wonderful self tanner


    My favourite thing about Loving Tan is how evenly it fades. There is nothing worse than a yucky, flakey, patchy tan after a few days. I’ve never had this issue with this product. And it is the perfect colour every single time. My favourite tan ever.
  31. Great Colour


    I really like the colour of this tan for the first few days. I have been using Bondi Sands for a long time but felt that my skin has built up a tolerance so wanted to try something new. I do feel that my skin goes a little orange after a few days but this does tend to happen with darker tans given that my skin is so pale (with purple undertones). I like the smell and it is easy to apply. I do feel that the price is a bit high however, so I will likely return to Bondi Sands after I have finished the bottle.
  32. Great for a darker tan


    I am super pale almost see through and this tan is perfect on my skin if i want a deep olive tan - I also use this brand when getting a spray tan and this colour is devine on my skin.

    When applying myself at home on my own i find this is simply to use and use this in combination with Glow Dry to dry my tan and its fantastic Im not sticky, streaky or too smelly - it has a subtle tan smell but isn't vial like some i have tried.

    I love this brand so much!! I highly recommend this
  33. Didn't live up to the hype...


    I'm super super pale, think almost white, and so I've tried and tested heaps of self tans. This one was one of the most disappointing ones so far. The colour of the tan is gorgeous, BUT its super drying on the skin, fades really quickly (mine started fading after 2 days) and it fades in a disgusting patchy way - my skin looked like tiger bread! Whilst the colour is the best I've used, the other downfalls make it the worst fake tan I've used. Definitely would not recommend for pale girls.
  34. Best lasting tan I’ve tried!


    This tan is my go-to. I have tried almost all the tans on the market and although towards the pricier side, this tan is my favourite. It has a lovely green base/ dark olive shade. This products best feature (that differentiates it from most other brands I’ve tried) is that it doesn’t seem to fade all scaly and patchy like other brands can and simply gradually fades away.
  35. Beautiful Tan


    It is a gorgeous colour and very easy to apply although only giving it 4 stars because of the price, i put a lot on so i only got 2 full body applications whereas with bondi sands i get atleast 5 and its half the price

    if you're willing to spend the money this is great but value for money im not sure about
  36. Amazing


    Best tan if you love being super dark! Doesn't stay sticky or smell bad either
  37. Best fake tan!!


    This tan is beyond amazing!! Sooooo dark but not orange!!! Doesn’t smell and very easy to apply! Expensive but so worth it!!
  38. Great product, tans dark and lasts a long time on skin.


    I love this tan, always goes dark consistently, easy to apply, smells good and lasts a long time as apposed to other brands.
  39. NOT STICKY & amazing colour. Love love love!


    Absolutely LOVE Loving Tan! I have tried so many brands but I always come back to Loving Tan!
    •My FAVE thing about Loving Tan is that I could put it on with wet hair on a super hot night and it dries almost instantly and I am not in bed feeling super gross and sticky!
    I use other brands when I’m all out but I instantly regret not using Loving Tan.
    Amazing colour and NOT STICKY!!!!
  40. Dark tan with only 1 application


    I have been using loving tan for years after trying so many different tans (Bondi sands, model co, st tropez etc) and this is by far the easiest and darkest tan with one application. It lasts for around a week and only one application is needed for a dark tan using “ultra dark”. It doesn’t feel sticky and there isn’t much colour transfer on clothes if you wear it during the day before a shower. One of the best I’ve used.
  41. I have tried a lot of tans and this is the holy grail!


    It gives you such a nice colour and fades really well too. Nothing worse than a tan that turns scaly and patchy - this is definitely not one of those.

    The only reason I give this 4 stars is the price... Although I still only ever use this tan now!
  42. LOVE LOVE LOVE! The only self tan product I will use.


    This self tan is amazing. I am pretty pale and it makes my skin like 5 shades darker.

    Unlike other tans, it doesnt look 100 times worse if you dont exfoliate beforehand.

    I put this tan on before I go to bed and then wear long sleeved shirt and pants so I dont rub any off onto my sheets, and then when I wake up in the morning I have a quick shower to wash any excess off (but make sure to be quick so you dont risk washing any of the colour off! Sometimes if I want to be really dark I won't even wash it off in the morning, I will go to my event/party first and then when I get home I'll have a shower.

    And when the tan fades it doesnt go blotchy or gross like other tans, it just slowly and naturally fades. I love this tan for the most even, great looking colour, easy application and slow fade. It usually lasts between 10-12 days for me.
  43. Pure liquid gold


    I adore this product. Only tan that lasts long on my skin and doesn’t look orange or unnatural. Every product is incredible
  44. Turned me green!


    I'm not sure if mine came from a bad batch or if it's the nature of this fake tan, but I tried using it a few times and each time it left me looking very green. I wouldn't recommend it.
  45. As close to a professional tan you can get


    Whenever I can't go to my tanner, I always go to Loving Tan Ultra Dark! It is the closest thing to salon quality by doing it yourself! I always leave it on overnight to get the deepest dark look I can get and it lasts for days! It fades beautifully just in time for my next tan! Seriously buy it, you wouldn't regret it!
  46. 100% yes yes yes


    this is my absolute holy grail tanning product for an event,it is the most beautiful natural brown shade, i cant be obsessed with it more. i cant always justify spending this amount on a tanning product fr everyday use, but when i have an event this is my go to. it does not leave a sticky residue on the skin for as long as most tans. it dried fairly quickly and the guide colour is easy to follow.
  47. Just another amazing Loving Tan product


    LovingTan is the best fake tanning range I’ve ever used, even through my whole beauty career! I always get a beautiful rich glow with this! It’s also the longest wearing tan I’ve ever used and wears off evenly, no streaks or patches. I don’t leave it on for the full 6 hours otherwise it can go a little too dark for me but I’ll usually pop it on, jump into my tanzee, have a 4 hour nap and then shower it off and back to bed :) I wake up and have a beautiful glowing flawless tan!
  48. Adore this tan!


    I am extremely fair skinned and this tan delivers a very deep, natural looking tan. It is extremely fast drying (so blend quickly!) It lasted me about 4 days but I only left it on for about 6 hours so I would recommend just leaving it on overnight as it may last longer on the skin. Overall a really nice colour and a high quality product.
  49. Have been using it for years and will continue to do so


    I’ve tried most tans and this one is by far the best colour and I always get compliments on it. It washes out of clothes and isn’t sticky like a lot of tans out there.
  50. Super dark, easy to apply


    The hype about this tan is real, great colour and long lasting. All you need in a fake tan!
  51. Best of the best


    Glides on amazing... perfect colour! best tan ever!
  52. The holy grail of tans


    I have been a serious tanner for years now and this is the first tan I’ve ever found that is perfect! Firstly it is easy to apply and never goes streaky, it is suck a beautiful dark colour even after washing it off. It does not have a strong smell, isn’t sticky and doesn’t stain my sheets or clothes!! AMAZING PRODUCT! Thank you so much loving tan
  53. It turns very Orange on my skin


    I love the smell of this tan and the fact it dries so quickly and doesn’t feel sticky however for the price of this tan that it’s double the price of others on the market on my skin personally it turns out very orange like snooky it doesn’t last any longer than other tans it’s very disappointing.
  54. Worth every penny!


    Although the price tag can be a bit steep in comparison to other self tanners on the market, the pay off is unbeatable. The colour is nice and deep but also natural looking and the guide is really helpful when applying. I'm not the most patient person when it comes to applying self tan but this is impossible to mess up. It stays put for at least a week when moisturizing and removal is super easy.
  55. The colour is AMAZING


    I love this tan, I think the colour is amazing. Only thing is the price tag, but I personally would buy it again!
  56. New favourite


    I’ve tried nearly all the drug store fake tans and even though this one is a bit higher in price I would 100% recommend it! It doesn’t smell as strong as other fake tans and the end result of the tan is so amazing and olive natural toned.
  57. Will use again!


    Colour is great, doesn't smell so bad, will definitely use again!
  58. Yes from the bestie


    My good friend swears by this tan, and she always looks amazing! She tells me it never streaks and holds its colour well.
  59. Best fake tan!


    This is the best self tanner I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried so many. It’s so dark, and yes it’s a little bit more pricey than others but you don’t have to use so much because this one will go on super dark with only 1 layer. It dries very quickly which is a huge bonus for me because I hate waiting around to put my clothes on. But because it dries fast and it’s so dark, it may be hard to apply for beginners so I would recommend doing small sections. No other fake tan can give me the same result as loving tan ultra dark!
  60. worth the price for a lux looking tan


    If you don't want to get a spray tan, this is the next best thing.

    A step up from bondi sands, this tan provides a smooth even colour that looks luxurious compared to many other tan brands.
  61. Ride or die


    AMAZING, perfect for events, the darkest tan on the market. Better than any spray tan i have ever gotten
  62. BEST TAN


    Loving tan beats every other tanning product ive used! It has such a nice smell, doesn't smell like fake tan at all and has such a nice undertone that doesnt look green or fake whatsoever. The perfect sun kissed glow i love it!
  63. The best


    The best tanning product ever! Although double of what i pay for other tanning lotions, this one beats them 100%! Such a natural looking dark tan and never ever goes streaky on me! I love it!
  64. The best tanning product


    Definitely worth price as compared to other cheaper alternatives in the market today. Does not transfer on sheets and clothing, lasts up to a week and has a natural colour range!
  65. You won't go back


    Once you use this tan, you won't go back. Worth the price, have converted all my friends. No stickiness, no smell, lasts a long time, no orangeness, no streakiness. This is my ride or die tan.
  66. Best self tanner ever!


    This self tanner is the best! The price is definitely worth it, it has a great undertone and lasting capability. Definitely going to continue to repurchase.
  67. Don’t understand the hype


    Unfortunately this is a no go for me. I don’t know how people say it has a nice smell! It smells like any other fake tan out there. The colour is quite orange. I think Bondi sands has a more natural colour. Wonderful if it works for you but it’s just no good for me
  68. Best colour ever!!!


    This Fake tan is incredible!!!
    The colour is the best I have ever used (and I have tried hundreds), it last for ages, and the smell is nice!
    Definitely use a mitt when applying, as it is really hard to remove from palms.
    I am really pale and it never looks ‘fake’ or streaky!
  69. Great for pale skin!


    I am super super pale (like nw10 in Mac pale) and this is one self tanner I’ve tried that develops into a beautifully natural colour, and wears off beautifully and evenly, doesn’t go patchy at all!
  70. HG Tanner!


    I was definetely skeptical to try this after seeing it so hyped up by influencers all over social media. I have been tanning for 8+ years and you can bet I've tried everything out there on the market. Bondi Sands, Le Tan, St Tropez, Clarins, Selfie Tan (steer clear)...you get the idea. After reading so many postive reviews on the Loving Tan I decided to give it a go. After my first used I was hooked, this is quite possibly the perfect tan. Amazing scent, quick drying, natural deep bronzer guide colour and the most incredible lasting power. If you're like me and don't religiously moisturise your entire body every single day (does anyone actually have the time?) this is great. None of that crusty tiger bread loaf look as it fades. Absolutely 10/10!!
  71. Do not use any other tan


    This is really great if you're already olive toned and just want that extra darkness. The formula has a green/golden/yellow undertone which I appreciate, as it compliments olive skin perfectly and does not appear fake or super contrasted. Very natural, which is also a plus. I'd rather it any day over other tanning product companies.
  72. Best fake tan ever


    Only fake tan I use, lasts a week or more and is the darkest I've found. Love it!
  73. Love this tan


    I love this tan and how it dries quite fast. It's not as sticky as other tans I've tried. I find however I still need 2 coats to get it as dark as the Bondi Sands Ultra Dark, but I love it!
  74. Perfect dark tan


    After trying the dark 2 hour express and having it not be quite dark enough for me I thought I would give this one a go and it did not disappoint. It is the perfect bronze colour without looking like you have fake tan on. I do find that it seperates below my armpits a bit but that is after about 4 days of wear. I wish they would make the Ultra Dark in an express solution for when I am in a rush. I was a Bondi sands lover but this might be new holy grail tanner.
  75. Really impressed!


    I’m a self tanner junkie and had held off trying Loving Tan because of all the social media hype I had seen. I finally gave in after months of resisting, and went with the Ultra Dark. First impressions it smells non fake tan like (bonus) and applies beautifully with the Loving Tan applicator mitt. It’s super dark when applying so different by freak out as this is just the colour guide. I needed one pump per arm and 1-2 for my legs. It dried super even, so much that I kept checking with my other half! So after 8 hours washed it off in warm water and patted dry. Colour is lovely and natural but def not ultra dark. It’s more of a medium olive skin tone colour. A beautiful product to use and yes would buy it again
  76. Natural looking tan

    N I

    Loving tan always exceeds my expectations, I leave this on over night, wash it off in the morning and i'm left with a deep bronze, healthy, natural looking tan. It never looks streaky, patchy and so on. You can never go wrong with this tan, it is truly mistake proof. It is my favourite fake tan on the market.


    The ultra dark deluxe bronzing mousse has completely changed my life. The colour that I get from this tan is amazing. I have tried so many other tanning products and I've never found one that I truly love, whether it's because they go too orange or they crack after only a few days, but ever since I started using your products I haven't gone back!


    The ultra dark deluxe bronzing mousse has completely changed my liffe. The colour that I get from this tan is amazing. I have tried so many other tanning products and I've never found one that I truly love, whether it's because they go too orange or they crack after only a few days, but ever since I started using your products I haven't gone back!
  79. Very nice tanning product


    Lovely scent that isn't too overpowering and has a really nice colour. Not patchy and lasts a lot longer than other tans I've used in the past.
  80. Wouldn’t use anything else


    I was a bit concerned about purchasing this product solely because of the price, but once I seen the before and after a on instagram I had to have! And honestly I wouldn’t use anything else, I’ve never found a tan that blends so easy and is easy to build without having that icky thickness felling on my skin. This tan also leaves hardly any if not no Tan on my white sheets at all which is a god send because I love me Tan and my white sheets haha, if you choose to purchase this because of my review I’d highly recommend purchasing the shimmer bronze as well, my skin has never looked so flawless xx
  81. Amazing Colour!


    This is most definitely the BEST self tanner out there. I have tried so many and gave up, until I found this. My skin is generally fair and goes tan in summer. It's quite fair now as we are just finishing up winter but I thought I'd go the ultra dark anyway. Well the colour is beautiful and it smells lovely when you apply it. I will never use another self tanner again! The bottle seems small but you don't need much at all, and make sure you use a mitt to apply!
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