Lonvitalite S1F Lightening and Brightening Pigmentation Silk Sheet Mask - 5 Pack

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Lonvitalite S1F Lightening and Brightening Pigmentation Silk Sheet Mask - 5 Pack by Lonvitalite


With the latest in silk sheet mask technology, Lonvitalite S1F Lightening and Brightening Pigmentation Silk Sheet Mask is formulated with a combination of essential vitamins and minerals to penetrate the skin. Designed to reduce the appearance of pigment flaws including damage caused by exposure to UVA and UVB rays frm the sun. S1F Lightening and Brightening Pigmentation Silk Sheet Mask inhibit the production of melanin to reduce future pigmentation.

Relax, while hyaluronic acid draws and helps retain moisture in the skin, and collagen firms and plumps the skin.

Skin is immediately hydrated, soft to touch, supple and resilient. The complexion is bright, and evenly toned. Using LS1F Lightening and Brightening Pigmentation Silk Sheet Mask, circulation is increased, and the skin's natural regeneration and processes are stimulated.

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amazingly refreshing and my skin feels so soft - 20-08-2018 by

I've seen reviews of these marks but wasn't sure they'd live up to the hype. I chose this one because my skin is on the oily side and not super even with pigment. This mask is so soothing and pleasant to put on, love the extra bit of serum for the neck and chest, and gave instant results. My skin was so soft after using it and definitely looks more glowing and dewy. Gave my husband one to try too and his skin looks noticeably better. Don't be put off by the price, it is totally worth it

The best sheet mask I've ever used! - 02-07-2018 by

I don't normally use sheet masks but I received this one as a gift with purchase and I was amazed by how my skin looked and felt afterwards.
After using this my skin was glowing and it felt smooth and soft! My makeup also applied amazingly after using this mask! I definitely want to purchase and try the other Lonvitalite masks after using this one!

Highly recommended - 29-03-2018 by

I don’t normally write reviews, because nothing really works. I have tried so many products, I don’t even want to go how much I have wasted on beauticians. I am on medications which effectived my skin, I have scars pigmentation, lots of little pimples under the skin, and small spider veins. I spent the money again and tried this LonVitalite brightening mask with the LonVitalite Micro Dermal Roller, and my goodness!!! Those horrible little under skin pimples have completely gone!!! My face looks airbrushed and the scarring is going, even the spider veins are disappearing!! And I am talking a week and a bit later!! I use in conjunction COSMEDIX SIMPLY BRILLIANT 24/7 BRIGHTENING SERUM and I ad pure vitamin C powder like it suggests morning and night after the mask still and let it sit before applying other serums, yes it STINGS, but worth it and you get use to it!! The DERMA ROLLER says to do it 5-10 times but because I have had harsh treatments before I do it about 30 times. I do combine ASPECT PHYTOSTAT after and some creams I bought on TV, but I believe it’s the mask and the derma roller with the COSMEDIX added with SKINSTITUT VITAMIN C Pure on here which has worked as those other serums and Aspect wasn’t doing that much at all until this awesome discovery of LONVITALITE mask, derma and COSMEDIX. Yes the COSMEDIX seems pricey but you only need a little mixed with VITAMIN C. This morning when I woke up and didn’t recognise my face, and my skin looks amazing, I just had to write a rewrite. A TIP, I put my products and masks including the derma roller in the fridge as that cooling helps with the sting and the small spider veins. Especially the mask cooling over the face after rolling the derma about 50 times rather than their 5-10. Do what you can handle and I increased after the first time and wow! I think if you can use the mask for a couple of weeks in a row. I was too tired to apply the mask a night here and there to do it and did it the next day though always did the derma roller night and morning using the COSMEDIX and wow I got RESULTS!!! I barely have to wear makeup like the old days even up to mid thirties and I am 42 now and got told I look 28. The derma allows all the products to work... thanks guys! My self esteem isn’t so shot anymore!! If it doesn’t help you, I will let you abuse me on here, because I am a skeptic with the billion dollar beauty industry! But this works! :)

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