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Lonvitalite Limited Edition Dermaroller Pack

4.9 of 27 reviews


4 instalments of $14.99


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4 instalments of $14.99


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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Lonvitalite Limited Edition Dermaroller Pack

Lonvitalite Limited Edition Dermaroller Pack

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4.9 of 27 reviews

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Must Have!
I reverently upgraded to this roller after starting out with a smaller one to introduce derma rolling into my routine. Needles are large enough to penetrate skin without being totally uncomfortable or painful! I use 2-3 times a week and my skin absolutely glows afterwards. Everyone needs this awesome little tool
  1. Great pack

    I love this pack, the masks are lush & the roller is brilliant & easy to use. Lost a star for the extra packaging & fact that the whole roller has to be replaced.
  2. Love!

    I recently did a little spa night for myself and I loved the sheet mask that came in this package, it didn’t move from my face once I placed it on so I could do other things. I tried looking to buy it individually on here but cannot seem to find it.
  3. Must Have!

    I reverently upgraded to this roller after starting out with a smaller one to introduce derma rolling into my routine. Needles are large enough to penetrate skin without being totally uncomfortable or painful! I use 2-3 times a week and my skin absolutely glows afterwards. Everyone needs this awesome little tool
  4. New favourite step in routine!

    First time Derma Rolling and just wish i started sooner! Super easy to do and not painful rather just a light stinging sensation at times. Has improved my skin already, waking up looking much more glowy and will continue using to hopefully smooth out a few minor facial scars. Really recommend, helps you get the most out of your skincare products
  5. Game Changer

    The set with the bonus masks is an absolute deal. I use the roller lightly once every 3-4 days and place a sheet mask on top for 15 mins. My face is absolutely glowing once the serum is absorbed and continues to do so into the next day, which has never happened before. After two weeks of use the fine crow's feet lines beginning to form around my eyes has diminished. I find it gentle enough to use on my sensitive rosacea prone skin. It never burns or hurts. My only wish is that you could purchase replaceable heads, instead of spending the same amount every couple of months for a new roller and generating more waste.
  6. Nice masks and roller

    I adored this set. The derma roller only seemed to hurt when used on the forehead. Masks and serums sunk in quickly afterwards and with continuous use my skin has maintained a nice glow.
  7. The tool you never knew you needed

    Skin type: oily
    Main skin concern: Blackheads/breakouts

    OMG. Firstly this was my first time purchasing and using a derma roller; and safe to say that it is now part of my current routine. So it did feel like pins and needles on your face, but after the second use, my face becomes more tolerable to the prickly sensation. Upon the first use, my face did get quite red, but it calmed down after a few hours and if you're wearing makeup you can't even tell you r face is red. But I did feel that this product does help with serum absorption! It has only been 2 uses but my skin has already absorbed all the nutrients and essential oils from my nighttime skincare routine. Would definitely recommend this product!
  8. Beauty regime game-changer

    I was a bit apprehensive to start derma rolling, but I am converted now! I love this kit and have seen great results from using it. My skin is looking so much more plumper, it has reduced my fine lines and has helped me get my glow on. Be sure to invest in a great serum to reap the benefits!
  9. Love this roller

    This is my second Lonvitalite roller. I lent my first to my sister in law and I never got it back because she loved it so much. It really has helped my skin and works well with serums.
  10. Lovely Pack!

    I love that this has the face mask, lip mask and eye mask.
    Such a lovely, good priced pack!
    The derma roller is the perfect size, it doesn’t hurt to use but it still works.
    My skin sometimes goes red after using it and can be a little itchy, but it subsides.
    Derma rolling is great for anti ageing, acne (not active acne), scaring and general skin concerns.
  11. Great for scars

    really liking this pack, does help with my acne scars and can be slightly painful at first but works a charm, the eye patches are great too!
  12. I was hesitant but happy I’ve purchased

    I was nervous using this at home - worried about redness and infection but it’s been a definite game changer. I started off gradually and only rolling each area 5 times (it says 5-10)
    Only mild pain, feels like sunburn afterwards and hardly red at all. Definitely has improved the texture of my skin.
  13. Great roller and great length

    0.3 is the perfect size to help my superficial acne scars! The first few times I had some stinging, but now my face is more tolerant and it works so well.
  14. great value pack

    i have been using this derma roller for about 6 months now and i have seen visible improvements. my age spots under my eyes have started to diminish. the pack gives a great value in $10 extra you are getting 3 masks.
  15. Great!

    Game changer. Helped not only with my pre mature wrinkles but acne scars have faded a lot. Highly reccomend!
  16. An exciting addition to my skin care routine

    I’ve started having skin needling, and purchased this roller to enhance results in between sessions. I’m really happy with it so far. It’s not too uncomfortable to tolerate rolling, I’m happy to sit in front of the telly at night and roll it over my face. My serums absorb a lot quicker after use. So far I’m happy with the results!
  17. Value

    Great value as the mask alone are rather pricey so this is a great buy.I was excited to try this & watched a few tutorials on the subject.I used it this first night then waited 10 days before my next use.I don’t think 2/3 times a week is nessary but I think that’s upto the individual as you are advised not to wear makeup for 48 hours after or even two weeks I have read.Im 44 i have no problems with my skin some early signs of living!A couple of scars from mole removal.I really noticed the effects on the 2nd treatment!I make sure I use SPF & use The Ordinary serums with the roller & nighttime only.Feels prickly not painful & like slight sunburn after.I have now ordered the body needling kit!Give it ago!Only downside its suggested they roller should be replaced after 3 months.
  18. Would Recommend

    Have only used a handful of times since purchasing but already noticing a difference in the overall texture of my skin and reduction in my pigmentation, which was my key reason for purchasing. Not at all painful if only applying light pressure, though some tingling when applying serums etc afterwards.
  19. Buy this now!!

    This is phenomenal and immediate results after first use. If you are on the fence take the leap. It's truly amazing and has done wonders for my acne scars.
  20. Definite Results!

    My skin is losing a bit of elasticity and tone, especially under my eyes. I used the roller all over my face, and then put on a retinol serum. The next morning my face was glowing, it was not irritated but looked and felt so smooth.
    I am so, so happy with this, I plan to use it about once a week (I have been using it for three weeks now), and the improvement already in texture, tone and clarity is very impressive.
    I have combination olive skin that can be sensitive and am 44 years old.
  21. Love this pack!

    Derma rolling is making my skin much better texture and isn’t painful. I’m not overly keen on the lip mask but absolutely love the other two
  22. Amazing value pack

    This is the first dermaroller I have ever owned, I spend a lot of money on dermaneedling professionally so it's nice to have something i can do at home instead and it comes with a few goodies so is great value. Only thing is the handle of the tool is plastic and feels a bit light and cheap but doesn't impact efficiency of tool
  23. At home facial

    I’m obsessed with this Kit! Feels like you’re giving yourself the most professional facial
  24. A must have beauty tool

    I love love my dermaroller! If you want to take your skin care to the next level without the flashy price tag this is the skin care gadget for you. Using a dermaroller takes your skin from great to amazing. I have been using a dermaroller for almost two years three times a week and although I was a skeptic to start with after even just the first use I could see the difference. I woke up with plumper more luminous skin and after a month the results were more than I could have hoped for. A light pressure is all that is required and it takes minutes and your treatment is done, apply your serum and moisturiser and then marvel at your skin the next morning. This roller replaces my previous roller is beautifully packaged and comes with gorgeous accompaniments and a storage case.
  25. Best beauty tool I have ever bought!! So impressed!!

    have some hyperpigmentation from old acne on my cheeks and have been looking for something to help combat the redness leading up to my wedding day. I had heard about dermarolling from a friend but being literally afraid of needles has meant I've taken my sweet time actually diving into this technique. It doesn't hurt at all! Be careful about the strength of the serum after dermarolling the first few times as it can sting but other than that it is such a treat to use!
  26. Would definitely recommend

    Use it with your favourite serum and it’s quite painless and is so so easy with amazing results !
  27. a must for any beauty regimen

    I've wanted a dermal roller for a long time and this one came with other goodies to use so there's literally no downside. The product is made of metal and comes in a case so it feels like a professional treatment! So far so good.
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