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Perfect with the power of Peony when you choose L’Occitane’s Pivoine range. Formulated to instantly boost skin’s radiance and smooth skin texture, this brightening range harnesses the essence of the Peony. Peony is a naturally brightening floral ingredient that helps you achieve a flawless glow as it refines and evens out the texture of the skin. A fantastic choice for those looking to instantly smooth and improve, the Pivoine range provides all the steps you need for locking down a petal-perfect complexion.

Fresh, ultralight, and designed to suit virtually any skin type, products in the Pivoine range work in perfect synergy to elevate and brighten your complexion. Start with a softening cleanse by using Sublime Pivoine Gel Makeup Remover, a light, fresh gel that lifts away makeup residue and impurities to refresh skin. Add a light perfecting layer with Sublime Pivoine Perfecting Toner, a smoothing, pore-minimising liquid that revitalises the skin.

Treat skin to an extra brightening boost with Sublime Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Serum, a feather-light treatment that revives a tired complexion. This serum firms and lifts skin that’s lost volume whilst it smooths and refines uneven skin texture for a flawless finish. Lock in hydration with the luxurious final step, Sublime Pivoine Perfecting Cream, a nourishing cream that moisturises for up to 24 hours whilst reducing the appearance of pores, wrinkles, and fine lines for a truly radiant finish.

What skin type is the Pivoine range best for?

The Pivoine range is a lovely choice for normal-to-combination skins, both combination–oily and combination–dry. This universal perfecting line suits most skin types beautifully, though severely oily or severely dry skins may require a different level of moisturisation for proper hydration.

The Pivoine range goes far past the face, however, bringing the perfecting power of Peony to the body as well. Pivoine Flora Shower Gel is a light, sparkling scent that smooths and perfects whilst effectively cleansing. Hydrate post shower with Pivoine Flora Beauty Milk, a nourishing emulsion that moisturises with feather-light Grapeseed Oil and Shea Butter, smoothing and refining for velvety-soft, toned skin.

Pick Pivoine for smooth, softly scented skin from head to toe.


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