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L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - 30ml 30 mL

4.7 of 120 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.75


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L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream is a super-smoothing--and best-selling--synergy of 20% Shea Butter, honey and sweet almond extract, blended with the light and alluring aromas of jasmine and ylang-ylang essences.

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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

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L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - 30ml

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - 30ml

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4.7 of 120 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

one of my favourite hand creams


I use this for years and never changed. The size is easy to carry and the scent is very nice. It keeps my skin soft and smooth all the day. Love it.

Most Helpful Criticism



A beautiful hand cream. The scent wasn't too strong and applied nicley without it being to oily feeling. I just wish it made my hands a little more softer
  1. amazing


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
  2. one of my favourite hand creams


    I use this for years and never changed. The size is easy to carry and the scent is very nice. It keeps my skin soft and smooth all the day. Love it.
  3. Shea


    Love the shea scent of this hand cream, but I found the size was very small! A little goes a long way but quite expensive for a hand cream. It is very thick and hydrates dry hands well
  4. Only the best hand cream for your purse!


    I swear by this product, I use it on my hands, and dry skin on my body and it’s really great for sunburn! This size is a must have in your hand bag at all times
  5. hydrating


    Got my first one couple of years ago as part of a gift pack and have repurchased twice since than.
    I have a bit dry hands and fragile cuticles and most hand creams while seem to absorb well, don't really last long - except this one. Love the fragrance and thick texture. Not a big fan of tubes, would rather prefer a tub but when a product is so good at doing it's job, you wouldn't care about the packing.
  6. Good


    This is my favourite hand cream. The only one I buy continuously. It makes my skin feel so soft and luxurious.
  7. Excellent for repairing dry hands


    Excellent for repairing dry hands. I use this regularly to keep my hands nice and soft.
  8. Best hand cream


    This cream is non-greasy, has a lovely subtle scent and absorbs well into the skin. I'm now hooked and always carry this in my bag and keep some at work. I use antibacterial hand wash at work and this keeps my hands from drying out too much because the wash is quite drying on my hands. Highly recommend and this would also make a great gift!
  9. Liked


    A beautiful hand cream. The scent wasn't too strong and applied nicley without it being to oily feeling. I just wish it made my hands a little more softer
  10. Absolute favourite hand cream


    This is my favourite hand cream as it is one of the only brands that works for my dry hands. Smells glorious
  11. I adore this hand cream


    This is my absolute favourite hand cream. I'm a hand cream fanatic and this one is a dream. It's my number one of many on rotation.


    Only this basic shea butter version works for me. I find the limited edition scented creations to be drying and am not a fan of a single one of the scents.
  12. Lovely handbag size hand cream


    This is a lovely little handbag size hand cream that has a mild fragrance. It says it has jasmine in it but I honestly couldn’t smell the jasmine, which was disappointing as I love it! It is hydrating without leaving your hands sticky. I sometimes had to apply it twice if my hands were very dry. I liked it but I’m not sure if I’d buy it again.
  13. very hydrating


    Been a favourite of mine for a while! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my skin very hydrated!


    the only bad thing about this hand cream is that it gets used up so fast because I am obsessed with it! This hand cream is perfect for dry hands, it hydrates and nourishes them. This is perfect to carry around in your purse everyday, especially in winter when hands tend to get dry. I definitely recommend!
  15. wow i love it


    The shea butter really hydrates my hands during cold winter months. I even use on dry elbows
  16. Hydrating shea


    Love the shea butter in this! Very hydrating - I can use this on the eczema on my hands and it will calm it down
  17. Soft, does its job!


    Makes my hands and cuticles soft and smells good
  18. Hardworking moisturiser


    This hand cream is rich and moisturising while not greasy. The small size is perfect for a purse for everyday use. I also like the fact that, unlike most other products by L'Occitane, this handcream is not so fragrant and simply does the job of protecting your hands.
  19. Love


    I have several tubs of these in my handbag and at my office. It has such a pleasant scent and it is truly moisturizing.
  20. Nice but not sure I would pay for it!


    I received a very cute 10mL sample version of this today. It is absolutely very adorable as most miniature-sized things are, and I have to say it is quite moisturising. The formula also sinks in quite quickly and doesn't leave any slimy, tacky residue on my hands. But I think the full-sized version is quite overpriced, unfortunately, and I think the scent is a bit overwhelming. I would love to try the other scents, though!
  21. A staple for the handbag


    This is such a delightful hand cream. The scent is what I wish a baby’s bum smells like (powdery soft goodness) and not too overpowering. The balm is a bit like what you want out of old school peanut butter - never oily, never dry - and I find the moisture lasts well even with a small amount. Winner all round. A handbag staple and the even mini-er versions fit nicely in my wallet.
  22. Rich hydrating hand cream


    A rich hydrating hand cream , deeply nourishing and moisturising great for cold winter months.
  23. The best hand cream money can buy


    This it literally the best hand and body cream money can buy and it fits so nicely in my handbag. I am a nurse and suffer dry hands from washing them all day at work. It goes into your skin with out a greasy feel and is great on dry skin. I have even used it on sunburn and it has been so soothing on my skin. I have bought this many times and will purchase again and again
  24. excellent


    During winter my hands get very dry, so I'm always looking for the perfect hand cream to moisturizer them. I have finally found it! This product hydrates my hands so well and it lasts for hours! It smells amazing as well
  25. Smells amazing


    This hand cream not only smells great but feels great. It is very moisturising and leaves your hands feeling soft. I'd defintely recommend it
  26. Hydrating


    Very good for dry hands. Has a nice texture but does leave a slight (though not unpleasant) residue. The smell is very mild but pleasant (not perfumed, just some of the natural ingredients have a slight scent). I work in healthcare and it helps for the dryness from constant handwashing. However, due to the residue can't put on disposable gloves straight afterwards.
  27. excellent


    this cream is so good! I consistently have dry hands and this moisturizers them so much and makes them feel so soft and hydrated. Absolutely recommend
  28. So good


    this cream is so good! I consistently have dry hands and this moisturizers them so much and makes them feel so soft and hydrated. Absolutely recommend
  29. Winter Skin Saver


    I've been using this hand cream for the past couple of years, more-so during winter. It's not greasy and absorbs quickly while smelling amazing! Have not had my usual winter eczema since using this!
  30. Hydrating with a subtle scent


    This is one of my hangbag favs, I am always trying new handcreams but have this one in my car or handbag, it absorbs well and doesn't pill or leave a greasy residue on my hands. Its has a clean subtle scent which is great for me at the moment as I am pregnant
  31. Always have this


    Have used this for over 10 years and haven’t found anything better. Appears greasy at first but soon absorbs in and you don’t need to use too much either.
    I have it in 3 sizes!
  32. Moisturising not greasy


    Smell lovely and moisturises well without giving a greasy or sweaty feeling. Absorbsb well and doesn’t leave a film on your hands.
  33. IT works!


    I always keep this hand cream on me during the day. It makes my hands really soft and is great for travel. It absorbs quickly and leaves little residue and it also has a really mild and pleasant smell.
  34. Moisturising hand cream


    Love shea butter and this hand cream is very moisturising and nourishing, am not a fan of the packaging however with the metal type packaging and screw top lid, I thnk the packaging could be improved.
  35. love this!


    super convenient to throw in your handbag! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone!
  36. Handy for your bag


    Luxurious hand cream in a handy travel size. I keep this size in my bag or at work. Also a great size to take on a plane if you are travelling!
  37. the shea is beautiful


    L'occitane is by far one of my favourite brands! I love this cream! I have super dry skin and this product leaves my skin feeling very hydrated, would definitely recommend!
  38. Hands love it


    This is literally my travel buddy everywhere! I have got both a sample size and full size version and my hair look much better. I normally use it during Winter and Autumn due to the weather or just before I go to bed and my hands looks healthy.
  39. Handbag worthy product

    Tea Sommelier

    I have eczema patches on my hands, so on good days, I lather the backs of my hand with this shea butter hand cream, and my hands feel so soft afterwards. It is not irritating whatsoever and I think its due to the simple, light scent. Personally, I never noticed the Jasmine or Ylang-Ylang, and yes, that is a major selling point for individuals with sensitive skin, like myself. Just wish these tubes were refillable as it seems to wasteful to toss out these plastic tubes.
  40. Great size for handbag


    This is a great little hand cream perfect to keep in my handbag. The smell is not too strong and is rubs into my hands well without leaving any residue.
  41. One of the best hand cream ever


    Lovely soft smell hand cream that well hydrate and soften your hands. Great travel size.
  42. Devine


    I love this stuff - love how it makes my hands feel and I really love the scent. I "discovered" this via a mini that came in a L'Occitane GWP and I was looking through all my travel and mini sizes for a hand cream to pack for a vacation. I grabbed this and immediately was smitten by how soft it make my hands (which take quite a beating) and with the appealing fragrance. I've since purchased the large sized tube of this. I'm not wild about the metal tube packaging (like "old school" toothpaste tubes) as I feel a lot of product gets left behind when the tube is almost empty but that's my only complaint
  43. Beautiful!


    Amazing hand cream!

    Moisturising but not greasy, absorbs well into the skin and smells amazing!
  44. Great Gift


    This is a great hand cream. Light and non-greasy and pleasant scent. I keep this in my hand bag all the time.
  45. so soothing


    this cream is like walking into a powder room its so fresh and light and not greasy in any way. the smell is also amazing! i absolutely loved this product
  46. Solid performer


    Really, really moisturising. Can leave hands greasy if you don't have dry hands. But is a beautiful product, really smooth, with nice packaging.
  47. Just ok


    I am a huge fan of L'Occitane, especially their Verbena products; however i found the smell of this hand cream rather cheap, which is why i don't wear this hand cream when i'm outside. It always reminds me of the just-cleaned toilet smell at the mall (like soap) and for some reason i feel like the more i use this hand cream the drier my hands are. Though it does give the immediate effect right after you apply it.
  48. Nourishing


    I have very dry hands from constantly washing my hands throughout the day, and this is super nourishing without leaving a long-lasting stickiness or thickness to it. Not a huge fan of the shea butter/vanilla ish fragrance, but this is such a classic staple for on the go and at home.
  49. Soft hands


    This is a lovely hand cream. It's not too rich and greasy, it feels lightweight and absorbs quickly, yet keeps my hands soft and moisturised.
    The little tube is easy to slip into my bag.
    The faceted lid is a little annoying, it really digs into my hands as I try to twist it, but I've gotten used to it.
    The scent is a powdery one, like traditional soap. I would prefer non fragranced lotions but this is subtle enough to not give a headache.
  50. Great for in the Handbag


    This hand cream smells nice, very subtle and leaves my dry hands feeling refreshed and nourished. Fits perfectly in a handbag, perfect size.
  51. The best hand cream!


    This is the best hand cream I've come across and as someone who has really dry hands, nothing works as well as this. It's rich, nourishing and the scent of the cream isn't too overpowering and perfumey
  52. Best hand creams


    I dont think there is a better hand cream range than L'Occitane, their range is inexpensive for the amount you receive and does an amazing job at hydrating your hands! I purchase there for my mum as she has very dry hands and she loves them! always worth having one in the handbag!
  53. Great hydration and non greasy


    Very good size for keeping in your bag. I love it non greasy with lovely smells for day long.
  54. So soft and nourishing


    This is one of my favourite hand creams. Fantastic price, the perfect consistency allowing it to sink in and nourish your skin quickly. I use it on both hands and feet. The smell is very nice, not overpowering and the price is great value.
  55. Best hand cream


    Great for dry hands, nice smell and excellent quality
  56. Great


    It is one the best hand creams I have every used. I have very dry cracked hands so this product is a must. I recommend to others.
  57. Perfection


    Extremely soft with a lovely scent. Instantly smooths and hydrates. Works really well with my dry and sensitive skin.
  58. Absorb fast and love the smells


    It makes my hands smoother and absorbs fast especially I have to consistently wash my hands at work. Love it!
  59. Worth the price


    These are quite expensive but totally worth it. I love the scent and the creaminess. I apply this every night before bed and every morning before leaving for work and it keeps my hands soft, moisturised, smelling amazing and most importantly, not greasy. I keep coming back for this.
  60. Favourite


    I hate having dry hands and this hand cream is the best I've used. I'd give it 5 stars but I'm not a huge fan of strongly scented products, but other than that, it's a winner
  61. Moisturising and absorbs well


    The L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand cream is incredibly moisturising, whilst absorbs easily and not leaving the skin sticky. The size of the tube is a perfect size to throw into your handbag and to take on the go. I would prefer a flip cap instead of a twist-off one as I always tend to drop the lid as I am using the hand cream! Unfortunately I am not a huge fan of the scent, and despite how well the hand cream moisturises, I will not repurchase solely due to the scent ("old lady" smell).
  62. My fave hand cream!


    Absolutely love this product!! Nice and thick to put on but soaks right in and is not greasy The smell is the best part - smells like a new baby (might sound weird but i love it!)
  63. Hydrating


    Very hydrating, but dries quickly on hands to avoid any sticky feelings. Made from natural ingredients which is a great bonus, and travel friendly. Scent is also quite nice -- definitely try it out for yourself! My one lasted me 3 months with almost daily use.
  64. Pretty good!


    I decided to try this hand cream because of the good reviews to help my my dry, peeling hands. While this did not help with the peeling, it definitely helped to soothe and moisturise them really well! Smells really nice and love the size so its easy to take around with me everywhere.
  65. Beautiful hand cream


    This hand cream is beautiful. It is nice and nourishing on the hands and perfect to keep in your bag for on the go. A must for dry hands.
  66. Amazing


    This brand is absolutely amazing in all their products! Don’t think they can get anything wrong! I have painful, cracking, bleeding, calluses and dermatitis on my hands.. my mil gave me some of this cream to try and it is beyond amazing! Hands were silky soft with regular use! Amazing!!
  67. Very effective


    I found this to be the most effective at healing dry and cracked hands out of the range of handcreams. Shame its not nicely scented too.
  68. good gift for christmas


    Bought for colleges as christmas gift, I am sure they will like it. In a small travel size, nice to put in the office and get moisturised all day. It is also a good entering product for this brand. The shear butter one is the most signature range.
  69. My favorite hand cream


    The best hand cream ever! Super nourishing and moisturizing but also lightweight and soaks in straight away. No greasy residue, and the best scent ever!
  70. Love this hand cream


    Lovely hand cream! The formula is beautiful and it makes my hands really soft. Love the scent too. Would definitely recommend.
  71. Excellent


    One of my favourite hand creams of all time, it's so rich and moisturizing!

  72. Very rich and luxurious


    This hand cream is so thick and nourishing. It is a little greasy and slippery though. It’s perfect for bedtime or if your hands are very dry. Personally, I don’t mind the slippery feel but others might find it a bit much. The scent is lovely, it is quite strong though!
  73. Well priced


    I have very dry hands (#mumlife) and am always on the hunt for a good hand cream. I purchased this product because of the low price and because is it a reputable brand. I found the fragrance to be over-powering and the hand cream did not soak in as easily as I had hoped. All in all it is an effective and affordable hand cream but I would not repurchase this product.
  74. Great!


    I love this hand cream. It has a really nice texture, very smooth and smells great. It is very hydrating for my dry hands without being oily like many others can be.
  75. Best hand cream!!


    I am prone to eczema/dermatitis and cracking on my hands and this is the only hand cream I've found that doesn't sting, but also has a rich enough texture to moisturize my incredibly dry skin. Probably not suited to oily skin types, but absolutely incredible for dry/aging hands. Worth every cent, I think I have repurchased 10+ times.
  76. great travel size


    If you like the normal 150mL ones, you will definitely need this. Very handy and moisturising, smells amazing too.
  77. Great!


    I like this product! It makes my skin soft and moisturized. Also, has a decent smell and easy to use tube.
  78. Staple


    This handcream is a staple in my handbag and I love how nourishing it is. It does take a little bit more to rub it in but I find the moisture provided to be much more long lasting than many others on the market which is important as I don't like to reapply hand cream constantly.
  79. Lovely Simple Hand Cream


    Really nice hand cream that makes my hands lovely and soft. Has a very natural and lovely scent and the packaging is great. Perfect size for my handbag and it lasts quite a long time. Great value for money and I will definitely purchase again.
  80. Like it!


    Got this in a mini set with 2 others and I do like them all ! They aren't too heavy and definitely moisturize your hands although it seems to take ages to rub in properly but I guess that's the nature of hands! Smells natural!
  81. Soft hands!


    Love the feel of this Hand Cream. It is not greasy, rubs in well and makes my mature skin hands feel lovely and soft.
  82. Always in my handbag


    I've been loyal to L'Occitane hand creams for years. This cream is simply a must- have.
  83. Amazing


    My fourth tube. Can’t get enough of it! Love it!
  84. Amazing


    My fourth tube. Can’t get enough of it! Love it!
  85. Thick hand cream


    I like this hand cream, it's thick, very rich and moisturizing. But I don't find it very hydrating and it leaves my hands feeling a bit greasy
  86. Rich and Creamy


    This hand cream is good for those with dry, cracked hands because it is creamy and rich and quite thick. I liked it and I ended up buying the bigger version to share with my family. It also smells amazing!
  87. Lovely hand cream


    Really lovely hand cream. It smells great and makes my hand feel beautiful and soft. I love the design of the tube and it would make a really cute gift for someone. Would definitely recommend and I would be happy to buy it again
  88. Really good!


    This is the only thing I've ever found that prevents my hands from cracking and bleeding all winter. I expect to be using this for the rest of my life.
  89. Great!


    Amazing hand cream, leaves my hands feeling soft. Great size tubes to keep in your handbag for on the go! L'Occitane products never disappoint.
  90. Best hand cream!


    L'Occitanes products are so good and this didn't disappoint! Makes my hand so soft and lovely! Smells great and I really love it.

    Would definitely recommend and I will repurchase as soon as I run out!
  91. Must have!


    So great that the hand cream comes in a smaller version. I always have it in my bag and it's super nourishing/moisturizing
  92. yes!!


    so luxurious on the skin! i keep it in my handbag and it makes my day everytime i put it on, so not greasy and smells great
  93. great for everyday


    A non-oily hand cream which is perfect for maintaining soft hands. Smells great too
  94. best of the best


    I adore this hand cream it is an essential for anyone with dry skin!!!! It nourishes and moisturises my hands and leaves them feeling so smooth and soft. I cannot go without this especially when travelling or out and about for the day. A little goes a long way so even a small size lasts me ages.
  95. Love this


    I love the sell and the formula of this hand cream. The small size is perfect for travel as well and you can even take it on planes which is great as my skin always gets very dry on planes.
  96. Perfect handbag size


    I love this hand cream, it is rich and nourishing. Hands are left smooth and moisturised, without being oily. 30mls is the perfect handbag size. Smells amazing!
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