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L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick 5g 5g

4.6 of 74 reviews


4 instalments of $4.01

Or 4 instalments of $4.01 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $4.01

Or 4 instalments of $4.01 with LEARN MORE

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Repair and nourish dry lips with this moisturizing balm formulated with Shea Butter.

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick 5g Reviews

4.6 of 74 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This is very nourishing and super handy when I am outside for a long day

Most Helpful Criticism

Good but too expensive


This product is just fine as a daily carry lip balm, it applies nicely, smells great and moistens the lips. But it's $16 for a single stick and isn't bringing anything more to the table than the alternatives which are nearly a third of the price. If you love the brand then buy what makes you happy, but there are many lip balms to explore that will both offer more than and aren't going to cost what this does.
  1. Moisture


    This is very nourishing and super handy when I am outside for a long day
  2. Long time favourite


    I have used this product for many years now and will continue to purchase it. It has helped me through the winter months and ensures i don't have cracked lips from the cold winds.
  3. soft lips


    This feels really nourishing and comes in very handy. It has a lovely smell too
  4. Not bad


    Very nourishing and helps with chapped lips but it is a bit pricey.
  5. One of the best lip balms


    verified purchaser
    This is one of the best lip balms I’ve ever used, super hydrating and smells lovely. It worked so well I had to buy a few for friends and family
  6. Perfect lip balm


    It does the job. It smells good. It is rich and nourishing. It’s soothing as soon as it is applied. I use it all day long. I have one on my nightstand and another one in my handbag .I use it all day long. Anyhow,I adhere.
  7. Beautiful lip balm


    Really lovely and nourishing for my dry and chapped lips. Handy size and decent price point.
  8. enjoy


    I just love this brand. you know you cant go wrong with Loccitane.
  9. Nice lip balm


    verified purchaser
    I like this lip balm, and have repurchased, however feel it doesn’t stay as moisturising as others and needs reapplying more often (hence the 4 stars). Great price, lasts a fair amount of time and lips are supple when applied.
  10. Okay


    This feels quite heavy on my lips but unfortunately it doesn't last too long or feel very hydrating. It's a pass from me.
  11. Good but too expensive


    This product is just fine as a daily carry lip balm, it applies nicely, smells great and moistens the lips. But it's $16 for a single stick and isn't bringing anything more to the table than the alternatives which are nearly a third of the price. If you love the brand then buy what makes you happy, but there are many lip balms to explore that will both offer more than and aren't going to cost what...
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  12. Lovely lip balm


    A love a wind up lip balm so much more hygenic and easy to use. This balm goes on easily and helps your lips to be less and scaly, use regularly and reapply many times during the day, even before your lippie, over your lippie, any time.
  13. Not very hydrating


    I absolutely LOVE the smell of this lip balm. One of the best scents. BUT after applying this almost always my lips feel dry? Which is what its meant to prevent. Ive ordered a few now as I thought it might just be a faulty product. Feels good to apply but then my lips feel dry hours later! Weird.
  14. Best Lip Balm- look no further

    Amy P

    This is hands down my favourite lip balm. It's un-flavoured and just the right amount of hydrating without being thick. Clear when applied, no white residue. It's a little more expensive than other alternatives but lasts forever and is worth the investment. As with all stick lip balms don't leave it in a hot place or it will melt.
  15. perfect!


    works so well. it’s such convenient packaging and is a very moisturising and refreshing lip balm. perfect to take anywhere.
  16. great for chapped lips


    helps dry and chapped lips, super moisturizing and smells great
  17. yum


    this lip balm is perfect for winter when my lips get dry. it hydrates the skin so well and smells amazing. definitely recommend
  18. Very nice on the lips


    I put this on every night after I remove my lipstick and wash my face etc. My lipstick tends to dry my lips and my make up remover does not do much to rehydrate them! I use this to return the moisture to my lips overnight. I find it moisturises them well overnight and it is usually absorbed by morning, although sometimes some butter remains. I'm actually not sure if that's a good sign or not, but ...
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  19. Good


    This is a nice hydrating lip balm that glides on easy and lasts a while reminds me of a Bonne Bell lip balm they used to sell in the 80s. Since it has no sunscreen l only apply this at night would recommend.
  20. Cold weather necessity!


    I love this all year round but especially during autumn and winter! My lips have not been dried out or peeling once since using this!
  21. Can’t go wrong with L’Occitane Shea range


    I have not been disappointed with anything from this Shea range! This lip balm is fantastic. Glides on smooth, hydrates well and I love the packaging.
  22. Try it!


    Creamy and slides on nicely. Non-drying and provides hours of moisture.
  23. Very moisturising


    A great lip balm that provides excellent hydration and moisture to my lips
  24. Wonderful


    This lip balm is fantastic. Lasts such a long time and really makes a difference to the lips.
  25. like it


    this product is great for all ages -It is super light in texture and hydrating
  26. Not bad


    Not bad. Moisturises but has to keep applying constantly like every hour or so.
  27. Dried out my lips?


    I have purchased this lip balm a few times in the last few years because it smells so great and almost melts onto your lips. This time around I was super disappointed (maybe they changed the formula or it was old stock?) but it actually dried out my lips really badly and the more I used it the more it made my lips go dry! I really want to use it because it smells so good but really not worth the t...
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  28. Hero lip balm!


    I have a million lip balms (probably and understatement!) and I keep going back to this baby! It is so moisturizing, I love the non existent scent and it just works.
  29. Best smelling balm


    Even though it’s expensive I always go back to buying this lip balm as my day to day. Smells beautiful!
  30. Gentle


    A lot of lipbalms tend to irritate my lips but this one doesn't! It's also very nourishing and fixes my chapped lips in an instant. The texture is also not too glossy so it can be worn underneath lipsticks without changing the appearance of them. Highly recommend! And one stick lasts ages!
  31. Lovely product!


    Great lip balm! so hydrating and makes my dry cracked lips so soft and smooth.
  32. Basic hydration


    Hydrates but that’s about it - I have cheaper sticks that I think look nicer. Also I find this is just surface hydration, it doesn’t work for really cracked sores, and I would never rely on this harsh climates (this just won’t cut it at the snow or in windy conditions). As a basic it’s okay though.
  33. Very hydrating good for winter


    Been using this for a few weeks after getting sore cracked dry lips. It’s worked really well to hydrate them.
  34. Smooths lips leaves residue


    Like this balm, it really soaks in and penitrates but I find it does leave a somewhat greasy residue.
  35. Recommend


    A great, super-hydrating lip balm. Perfect for winter.
  36. Awesome!


    I’ve been using this for years and love it. It’s helped me a lot! It’s so awesome.
  37. Super soothing


    Perfect for my cracked and sensitive lips. Smells amazing, is thick and definitely lasts!
  38. Great for winter


    As it gets colder, my lips get dryer and this has really helped my lips stay moisturised. The price is pretty good too.
  39. Shea


    So affordable but works so well! Love shea butter products for their hydration and this is no exception - perfect in winter
  40. Best lip treatment


    I have a dry mouth at night and this product works a treat. Very moisturising, not greasy, no bad taste. I threw out all the other lip treatments as this is far superior in quality and well worth the investment in the price.
  41. Great for chapped lips


    Very hydrating and great packaging for on the go doesn’t open in bag and lasts so long!
  42. Great


    Sooo hydrating! Great lip balm and feels very luxurious.
  43. Hydrate


    Very hydrating. My lip feels softer and less flaky. Great for winter season.
  44. Best


    This is one of the best lip balm I have ever used. It hydrates my lip and make it more soft. I love to use it during winter time. Love it
  45. Repeat buyer


    Im addicted; i’m on my 4th stick. Very moisturizing, no smell, no taste. I’m in heaven.


    This is one of the best lip balms i have used , it smells yum and makes your lips more hydrated as my lips were so dry and flakey.
  47. hydrating and nice


    very nice and very hydrating, love this for the winter weather
  48. Does as it should


    Only down side is it makes me lips feel a little tacky, I don’t personally like the smell but it really does make my lips feel very hydrated and soft!
  49. Really excellent balm


    This is a lovely rich lip balm, great for overnight or on the go. Helps to heal chapped lips, and prevent further wind damage. I love that it's in a tube rather than a pot or jar, so much easier and hygienic to use.
  50. Lovely and has a beautiful scent!


    Extremely soft! Instantly smooths and hydrates. Works really well with my dry and sensitive lips
  51. Best Lip Balm Texture


    This lip balm is seriously moisturising. Love how its not sticky. You forget its even there. It gives my lips a matte plump look, which I love for everyday wear. It's also good for the boys because there's no sticky residue!
  52. The scent


    I keep re purchasing this lip balm simply because it smells amazing.
  53. very moisturizing


    I have dry lips and this really works well and is incredibly moisturizing. Even though it's $16, mine lasted me many months with frequent use!
  54. THE BEST!


    When I first got this lip balm stick I thought to myself 'I cant believe I just spent $16 on a small lip balm'. Im so happy I did though this is so hydrating and the scent is amazing. I wouldn't get anything else since!
  55. So moisturising


    Lips are visibly smoother and plumper, not tacky or lipglossy and no strong scent or taste, a new favourite.
  56. Love the Shea range!


    Deeply hydrating and moisturising for my lips, especially in winter!
  57. So Good


    This lip balm is so good. I find it's creamy and moisturising and has a nice fragrance. Love it.
  58. So nourishing


    This lip balm is so rich and effective - lips are smoother and plumper very quickly. Heals cold sores in 3 days.
  59. Buttery


    Moisturised and makes a good lipstick base
  60. Love this lip balm


    Very moisturising and hydrating!
  61. Nourishing


    This is a wonderfully nourishing lip balm that lasts a long time - I reapply once of twice throughout the day and it sees me through. Isn't super sticky and uncomfortable like some other balms - would definitely recommend.
  62. Hydrating


    Extremely hydrating and doesn’t cause irritation for dry lips. Lasts for ages too
  63. very moisturizing


    Nice moisturizing lip balm that makes your lips feel soft and nourished
  64. So soft!


    It's a great lip moisturizer, but I wasn't blown away sadly.
  65. Awesome


    Awesome lip balm, keeps my lips nice and soft.
  66. The best lip balm I've ever had


    I wish I'd never tried this lip balm because now cheaper lip balms just don't cut the mustard. Honestly the best lip balm I've ever had, and I use lip balm every day of my life.
    Buy it. Treat yourself. It's worth it.
  67. Addictive


    Looking for a compact lip balm for the handbag. Just wanting a plain balm with no tint to nourish my lips when feeling dry. This product delivered and more. Not only that it nourishes, it seems to heal the dryness for good. Even when it's not on, my lips just feels so supple and soft. Will definitely be a staple now!
  68. Compact


    Cute, compact and effective. Great product!


    will not buy another lip balm ever, this is the best and is 100% worth the price.
  70. Great lip balm


    This conveniently sized lip balm means I take it wherever I go. It is very moisturising and it smells great too. My favourite lip balm to date. I apply every 2-3 hours as I have very dry lips. I love this product and would definitely recommend it.
  71. shea butter


    i love anything shea butter especially from L'occitane, and i mainly use this lip balm on the go, so i always have this in my bag. very moisturizing on the lips! you can never go wrong with shea butter.
  72. Use not lose!


    I have just finished one of these. I almost always lose lip balms but this one I kept close as it was so good and used it down to the very last application. Great in winter even in very cold European winter.
  73. Winter


    This is the best for winter. I use it all the time so my lips feel soft instead of dry and cracked.
  74. Worth the price


    This is a pretty expensive lip balm but it is well worth the price. It conditions your lips really well and smells amazing. it doesn't dry out your lips if you use it regularly like other lip balms can.
  75. Works for extreme dryness


    The only lip balm to use for extreme dryness when nothing else will work.
    It's so soothing and comforting.
    Expensive just for a lip balm but very worth it.
  76. Perfect!


    Love it.. Very soothing.. Perfectly hydrating definitely recommend! Love the classic packaging too!
  77. Seriously good stuff

    Celeste (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is seriously good lip balm. The stick is very firm but the shea butter just melts into lips upon application, and it feels so lovely, soft and hydrating. I will not be without this come winter.
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