L'Occitane Immortelle Very Precious Eye Serum

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L'Occitane Immortelle Very Precious Eye Serum by L'Occitane


The Immortelle flower grows on the Mediterranean coast and has an exceptionally long life - it never wilts, even after being picked. The essential oil of this miraculous flower has been used for centuries due to its softening properties. It boosts collagen synthesis, stimulates cutaneous microcirculation, and enhances cell renewal. When combined with L'Occitane's unique mix of natural vegetable oils, trace elements, and plant extracts, it helps make crow's feet are less prominent, firm the skin , reduce dark circles and puffiness.

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- 01-01-2011 by

For one thing I am not impressed with the packaging, as it is already a very small lightweight jar- so you have no idea how much is left, but also I found no difference using it- it felt as though it sat above on my skin, relaxing on the job and not doing anything. I was told by an SA that this would be because my eye area isn't needing anything at the moment, because I am still young and look after myself diet and sleep wise etc. and that the product is rich and I didn't absorb as I didn't need. So maybe in a few years this may do great things but right now it's just sitting in my drawers doing nothing,

- 15-06-2009 by

I was sent this to trial and loved the fact that it was packaged in a pump pack. It is creamy and I used it both night and morning. It is useful to use in the morning as it does seem to plump up my skin and therefore disguise the lines. Although it does help the appearance of lines short term it doesnt seem to have dramatically reduced them. It is a nice serum and reasonably moisturising, but I probably need something a bit more active to combat my lines. I think this would be a good eye serum for those in their 20s who want something hydrating but aren't that worried about lines yet. It was non-irritaing and can be used on the eyelids.

- 25-05-2009 by

I was sent 5 ml of this product to trial. I like that it's in a pump dispenser so product is protected from contamination. The name says it is a "serum" but it is a cream. The cream is a lovely consistency, light weight, rapidly absorbed. I have been using it day and night. It has not caused me any irritation or puffiness. A few times, when I've needed extra hydration around my eyes, I've mixed a few drops of Rosehip Oil with the cream. I've not noticed any difference to the lines around my eyes or dark circles though.

- 13-05-2009 by

Very Precious Eye Serum is meant to be used as a night treatment, but I've been using it in the morning as well because it's a lovely, hydrating eye cream that can be used on the eyelids as well as under the eyes. I've been using this for two weeks and can already see the difference. After I've used it my skin looks more plumped and the fine lines are less noticeable. It also helps to disguise my dark circles. The circles are still there, they're just not as obvious as they used to be. Although it's hydrating I don't find this eye cream to be at all oily or greasy. It sinks in quickly and doesn't leave any residue on my skin. This would be perfect for people with normal skin, or as a night treatment for those with oily skin. Dry skinned people might need something a little more hydrating for winter but it'd probably be fine for use in summer

- 12-05-2009 by

A really nice, light feeling eye cream. It is supposed to be used at night, but the texture is so light that it could probably be used in the morning too. L'Occitane say the "light texture is rapidly absorbed and leaves a sheer velvety film on the skin, allowing it to breathe while you sleep" which is exactly what it does. I really liked that it was also for the upper eyelids as well. The only downside for me was the pump dispenser (I have been using the 5ml size though so perhaps the full size doesn't have this problem). One pump dispensed far too much product, and it was hard to dispense less than a full pump.

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