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Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler

Laura Mercier Authentic
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Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler by Laura Mercier


The Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler creates incredible lift and curl to the lashes with its perfect size and shape.

* Curling lashes adds an eye-opening, awakening effect to the eyes
* Accentuates any eye look, whether you prefer a natural or dramatic look
* The easel-style handle flips down to provide the perfect amount of pressure
* Cushiony pad adds lasting curl without grabbing or pinching
* Contains one replacement pad at the base
* Measurements: 2.5" X 1.5" X .75"/6.35cm X 3.81cm X 1.91cm


* Flip down the easel-style handle and position lashes into curler and gently squeeze
* When desired curl is achieved, flip handle up into locked position

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Compact lash curler, great for travel - 02-08-2017 by

I love how light-weight and compact this lash curler is. The push lever flips up to lie flat against the body of the curler, making it really easy to store or carry with you. I found the resulting curl to be quite dramatic compared to my more traditional lash curlers. The width of the curler is narrower than usual so it would be good for small eyes. I have larger eyes and it takes 2 to 3 crimps to curl all my lashes on each eye, which is fine and worth the trade-off to have a more travel friendly lash-curler compared to my awkwardly shaped traditional metal curler.

Not lasting - 30-12-2015 by

This curler is easy not use and it matches the shape of my eyes. However, it's made of plastic, one side of the handle broke and had a crack in between from months usage, so had not much force to really curl my lashes.
Will try other brand curler made with steel material.

Wow this really works! - 03-12-2013 by

I'd been looking at this eyelash curler for a while and thought it looked a bit weird as I was used to using tweezerman curler. Anyway thought I'd give this a bash as I was looking for a new curler. Well I am really impressed my lashes were amazingly curled like when you get them curled at a beautician. I also thought it would be difficult to use -no way it was really easy. I'm happy I took the plunge.

Seems good - 18-09-2013 by

This eyelash curler is easy to use but not sure how well it works, I think my eyelashes are naturally curly anyway as I don't really notice a difference.

Seems good - 18-09-2013 by

This eyelash curler is easy to use but not sure how well it works, I think my eyelashes are naturally curly anyway as I don't really notice a difference.

best eyelash curler - 13-12-2012 by

I have gone through several eyelash curlers that just didnt quite do the job. I was sceptical to try this one at first but I am so glad I did! It actually does what it is supposed to do. My eyelashes were curled perfectly and it lasted all day. Perfect size too. Love it to death.

Great eyelash curler! - 17-11-2012 by

Ok, so this is the only eyelash curler I've ever bought and honestly, I had no idea what to do with it. I know this kinda sounds silly, but for anyone who needs help with how to use it: pull the handle down and make sure the Laura Mercier sign is facing you, put the curler around your eyelashes with the rubber pad underneath them and press down on the handle. I also found it quite helpful to hold it on a horizontal kind of angle rather than having it vertically parallel to my face.

Anyway! The curler was fantastic! It did the job fantastically, and I love how compact and light it is. I found the price to be a bit steep, but I'm definitely glad I bought it!

It Works - 09-05-2012 by

There's not a lot you can say about this- other than that it does exactly what it promises. It's small, compact and neat. I'm very pleased.

- 26-08-2010 by

Love it! Easy to use and compact in size and shape.

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