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Lancôme Lip Lover Lip Gloss is a brand new, all in one, lip embellisher that melts onto the lips in one stroke to achieve highly kissable, beautiful, smoothed, and intensely hydrated lips.

With seven complimentary highly pigmented shades, the Lancôme Lip Lover Lip Gloss is creamy and high shine without being sticky. Need staying power? This is the gloss for you!

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Excellent - 26-09-2017 by

I love a lip gloss/stick that stays on for hours! Even after coffee/wine your lips still have colour and shine! Lancome Lip Lover Gloss plus the Juicy tubes selection Is something you cant look past if you're after long-lasting effect.

Great product - 25-06-2014 by

Lancôme Lip Lover Lip Gloss is moisturising without being sticky! Love it!

Great Product Great Effect on lips. Really love the product. - 15-06-2014 by

Really loved the product. It is smooth and really moist on the lips. It last a good time and the colours are great. Very happy with the product.

Great Product Great Effect on lips. Really love the product. - 15-06-2014 by

Great Product Great Effect on lips. Really love the product.

Best gloss, best stain, best lip balm - best everything! - 25-05-2014 by

I've only had one of these for a week, but wow! You'll have to believe me when I say I have a lot of lip products but these have absolutely replaced everything else I've currently been using.

Although they're similar in concept, I find them to be distinctly different to other hybrid stain products out there. These are a little bit more sheer and forgiving, and are probably the most hydrating ones I've tried to date.

Like... really hydrating. This weekend I stayed overnight at a lovely hotel, and was pretty devastated to realise that I'd completely forgotten my usual lip balm. I thought that my lips were doomed, but not so! I actually applied this overnight and woke up to soft hydrated lips.

I haven't talked about the gloss/stain part though - this is a seriously lovely colour. It's the kind of product where you still get your impact, but you can also apply it without a mirror. Even paler shades still translate well on my pigmented lips, but the darker colours definitely pack a lot of punch.

The stain effect lasts ages too - and yes, this is kissproof (your partner wont be wearing whatever you have on your lips, which is good news all round).

I'm in love!

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