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Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye Light Pearl & Lash Concentrate 20ml 20ml

4.4 of 35 reviews


4 instalments of $31.25

Or 4 instalments of $31.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $31.25

Or 4 instalments of $31.25 with LEARN MORE

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Restore your glow with Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye Light Pearl & Lash Concentrate. This advanced serum targets both the delicate eye area and lashes, leaving you with nourished, strengthened and refreshed skin and fortified lashes.

What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Dark Circles
  • Puffiness

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing

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Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye Light Pearl & Lash Concentrate 20ml Reviews

4.4 of 35 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Essence that can grow eyelashes


After using this essence, my eyelashes was growing longer, although not effective for dark circles.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not convinced


I have been using this product for few weeks now and must say I haven’t notice changes in my skin around my eyes or lashes. The applicator wand seems too big - I feel like I’m getting too much product at once and it is not cheap. I would keep looking.
  1. Essence that can grow eyelashes


    After using this essence, my eyelashes was growing longer, although not effective for dark circles.
  2. Good


    This eye product can massage the eyes well, moisturize and reduce fine lines
  3. A little underwhelming


    This feels really lovely to apply and I love the cold applicator, but I don't really see any positive changes around my eyes in any way after some routine use. Once I run out, I'll probably opt to try out a different product.
  4. Excellent lightweight with oomph


    I tried the sample I received and was impressed enough to buy the full size product. I put this on first morning & night and then layer other products over depending on what I need. Its absorbs beautifully, does not pill and makes my eye area feel hydrated and firmer. I have early 40's combination skin with dark circles under my eyes now, this product is a great fortifier.
  5. Love this eye cream with applicator


    I've tried a look of eye creams over the last couple years and although none are a miracle cure for aging, some do feel better than others. This is my choice. I ultimately loved the fact you don't have to risk contamination of the cream by sticking your finger in a jar, the applicator is soothing and the product is light and fresh and my skin absorbs it great.
  6. Not worth the price


    This just didn't work for me. As a serum it wasn't hydrating enough for under the eyes with wrinkles. and it didn't do much for my dark undereyes either. I expected alot more for such a high price. I've had better results from drugstore products such as l'oreal.
  7. Works for me


    Was recommended by a friend. And, was skeptical at first because it was my first time using eye product. But, was amaze by how fast the result was. Overall, Awesome product and highly recommended. Clearly see the effect the next morning after application. I will keep using it.
  8. Not convinced


    I have been using this product for few weeks now and must say I haven’t notice changes in my skin around my eyes or lashes. The applicator wand seems too big - I feel like I’m getting too much product at once and it is not cheap. I would keep looking.
  9. Good


    I love the applicator as it lets me massage around my eyes and feels great. The product itself helps with de-puffing straightaway and hydrates well but I have not noticed any other difference.
  10. Hydrating


    beautiful under makeup
    The applicator feels lovely and cooling
    Doesn't irritate or transfer into your eyes


    GOOD item
    this is my second time purchase of this eye concentrate.very refreshing and soothing.
  12. Beautiful eye serum


    I love this serum. My eyes definitely feel more supple and hydrated, definitely more than just using eye cream. I don’t think it’s done anything with my lashes, but they do feel nice. It is very expensive but lasts a very long time. It’s not a miracle product though - my heavy circles are still the same. All in all, it’s worth it if you can afford it but not worth breaking the bank.
  13. visible reduce fine lines


    I found this eye serum to be brilliant, within a couple of days I noticed a reduction in fine lines around my eyes.
  14. Good


    This eye cream has effectively helped me moisturize my eye area. Its moisturizing effect is particularly good. This is effective for relieving dry lines on the eyes, but it has no effect on dark circles.
  15. Really works for me!


    I preciously tried the sample size of this eye serum and decided to take the plunge to spoil myself by purchasing the full size.
    After 2-3weeks of daily use, I noticed my eye being less puffy and fine lines become less noticeable, my eye lashes have grown longer which I was quite surprisingly to see such result in short period of use and will keep it as a staple in my skin regimen.
  16. Suitable for young people


    The skin around my eyes is very fragile and many products are prone to acne.
    This product is very suitable for my fragile skin around my eyes and won't develop acne because of excessive nutrition.
  17. Most loved eye product!!


    This eye concentrate can be used before eye cream then will help the skin absord the next eye product as well as possible!!Very good using experience!!
  18. Best


    The best eye essence, the effect is very obvious. A part of the dark circles disappeared, it is a highly recommended essence
  19. Have noticed a difference after 3 months of use


    Have noticed a difference after 3 months of use. The downsides with this one are that it can be hard to apply and is expensive for how little product you get.
  20. Helped my eyelashes - not a fan of using eye creams!


    I don't normally use eye creams & Genifique Yeux was part of the "MY YOUTHFUL RADIANCE KIT".
    I was hesitant to use as I have had reactions before now.
    However I was pleasantly surprised & I find my eyelashes appear thicker :-)
  21. Not bad eye cream


    Lots of my friends recommend me to buy this. Feels not too bad. It's not like other thick eye creams, it easy to spread. And I like the pearl, feels cool.

    But till now, I dont think it can fix my dark circle or puff.....
  22. Love the bottle


    I love the concept of this idea with the bottle, I found the metal ball to be cooling and relaxing, however serum didn’t do anything for my puffiness or fine lines
  23. Very Moisturising eye serum


    I use this to combat my puffy eye bags and dryness and so far it has not eliminated the puffiness but has softened the lines and dryness around my eye area. My eyes looks much brighter and more awake since using this product.
  24. Winner

    Harriet (Adore Beauty staff)

    This is such a goodie for first thing in the morning when you look in the mirror and find yourself wondering if you actually slept last night. Moisturising, de-puffing, and lovely under makeup. The pearl finish is particularly good. Let's be honest, who couldn't use a bit of light-reflection around the eyes.
  25. Brightening and soothing undereyes


    Purchased this lovely wee bottle in duty free and oh my gosh after only one weekthe difference is amazing! I suffered from under eye circles and and bit of dry patches - but this serum seems to not only hydrate but also the pearl technology reflects light. I use this only at night however you can use morning and night. It feels light and not greasy but also not too heavy on the delicate undereye a...
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  26. Love the applicator


    The massage applicator is really impressive, it won't rub the skin, it's soft and cool feeling. The only concern is the hygiene as it contacts my skin, but I decided to use it up quickly to solve this problem
  27. Love this product


    I used a sample and love it and decided to purchase full size when it's on sale. It was a great price and super fast delivery.


    Using this product with pearl tip. My dark circles have drastically diminished and my eyes look brighter!! Inabsolutely love this product!! If you suffer from dark circles, try this miracle product but make sure to follow the directions on Lancôme’s site. Love it! I highly recommend this.
  29. No more puffy eyes


    Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye Light Pearl & Lash Concentrate has fixed my tired puffy eyes! It has visibly reduced the dark circles under my eyes with my eyes left nourished and brighter
  30. Nice cooling effect


    Great for puffed eyes, particularly love the applicator.
  31. Feels nice


    This eye serum feels very nice and hydrating and I also like the applicator which helps with lymphatic drainage and makes it easy to apply the serum. I wouldn't say my eyelashes got longer, but I definitely see my under eye area to be more hydrated. It didn't eliminate dark circles completely but made a difference, and I understand that relying just on the product is not enough.
  32. Great product for tired eyes

    Laura S

    I have very dry eyelashes and dark circles but this product is amazing. After only one application my eyelashes looked nourished and healthier and as I’ve used it over a week my dark circles have reduced. I love the rich formula and that it doesn’t sting my eyes. I would highly recommend this product!
  33. HG eye serum


    I just turned 24 this year and it was definitely time for an eye serum and being a big fan of Genifique I tried this and have not looked back! The pearl massager is a lovely treat for tired eyes and the serum itself is rich and hydrating yet light enough to sit under makeup. I've noticed my under eye is brightened and much less puffy and it has also softened some fine lines.
  34. it is ok but no invisible improvement


    very light texture and the massage head is quite good. It really comforts the skin around eyes. For dark circles, it didn't show any invisible improvements though. It is a bit overprice according to the results.
  35. Totally won me over


    I wasn't convinced by the applicator when I saw it but it actually feels so lovely and gentle to use. Haven't noticed any difference to my lashes yet but I definitely feel that my under eye area is brighter, firmer and smoother. Beautiful texture and doesn't leave any noticeable residue. My new favourite eye product.
  36. Fabulous

    Theresa Green

    This is amongst the top of eye creams I have used in the past. I was in love with the Alpha H Gold Eye Cream (84$) but after trying this I feel this is better. This is a gel rather than a cream so is easy to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin. You may also apply the product to your eyelashes as well
  37. Cooling


    I find this to have a lovely cooling affect which has helped the puffiness of my eyes. I also use it on my lashes to help them grow longer and thicker
  38. Bit gimmicky


    I really like the bottle and but would have preferred a pump which would be more hygienic. The roller is very gimmicky to me as I don't find it does anything except transfer bacteria to the bottle. It doesn't remain cool on the skin. The product itself is not bad but not better than any regular old cream.
  39. Nice eye serum


    It’s a nice eye serum, nice scent, haven’t see any magic under my eyes however I always put the remaining on my face and the skin would look plumed immediately.
  40. Lovveeeee this serum!


    Absolutely in love with this eye serum! Leaves my eyes noticeably smoother and not as puffy!
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