How to Choose the Right Lancome Perfume

For generations, Lancôme has been at the forefront of European perfumery. 

For generations, Lancôme has been at the forefront of European perfumery. With the art of fragrance well and truly mastered, this Gallic fashion house can be trusted for the most elegant and beautiful eaux de parfum and eaux de toilette.

Trésor range


French for ‘treasure’, Lancôme’s Trésor range is the very definition of a rare and invaluable object. Developed 25 years ago by Sophia Grojsman (also known as “the rose alchemist”), its unforgettable melange of floral and woody scents has stood the test of time.

“I drew inspiration from the kind of confidently feminine woman who always leaves her mark,” Grojsman says of Trésor’s inception. “Trésor is an eau de parfum composed of noble raw materials. They reveal a remarkably rounded olfactory signature, as if extending an invitation to embrace…It is this transparent structure that makes Trésor unforgettable. It reveals sheer femininity from start to finish.”

The inspiration behind Trésor’s iconic bottle
Ultra-feminine, the Tresor bottle is desirable, charming and sensual. An homage to its status as the French Haute Parfumerie’s emblem since 1952, it captures the history, sensuality and uniqueness of Gallic fragrances.


Trésor Midnight Rose 


Having now expanded to a family of three, there’s a Trésor to suit every woman.




Laced with peach and leather, the original Trésor eau de parfum embodies a sensuous rose. Interwoven with spiced, honeyed tones, it is unparallelled in its charm.
Offering delicacy and intimacy through velvety accents of peach, Trésor is delicately dusted with heliotrope. It also features an animalistic leather tone, swathed in amber, musk, vanilla and sandalwood.
In a sentence: Mesmerising and voluptuous, like a second skin.






Keeping the floral, fruity scents of the original version, Trésor in Love eau de parfum adds in notes of cedarwood, white musk jasmine and pear-nectarine to capture the spirit of romance.
Light and liberal, the perfume combines sweetness and intensity to create a most radiant, sensual, vibrant and lumionous aura. Let the scents recall a youth of falling head-over-heels; that thrilling emotion which is both confusing and alluring.
In a sentence: Carefree and innocently passionate, like a long-lost flame.


Trésor in Love



Channel your inner femme fatale, with this playfully magic version of Trésor.
With top notes of jasmine, peony, pink pepper and blackcurrant, Trésor Midnight Rose is still laced with the rosy, musky cedarwood scent we all know and love. Tangy raspberry adds a modern edge, creating a deep, intense femininity.
In a sentence: Sweet and sexy, like a romantic addiction.


Trésor Midnight Rose

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