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LAB SERIES know Men's skin, and Adore Beauty know great skincare products. Together, we're the dream team for getting your skin in tip-top shape, with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of results. 

If you're on the hunt for a LAB SERIES Face Cream, Moisturiser, Lotion or Hydrator - this curated selection of their best selling products is for you. 

What can I expect from a LAB SERIES Face Cream?

As one of the original, men's-only skincare brands, LAB SERIES understands the difference between men's and women's skin. Each and every one of their cutting-edge formulas is tried, tested and tailored to suit the specific needs of guys across the globe. Now in over 30 countries, LAB SERIES are committed to continually perfecting, improving, and innovating the ideal regimen.

When it comes to LAB SERIES Face Creams, they've developed a range of products to suit your concerns, and texture preferences. Those with oily skin should veer towards lighter weight products such as LAB SERIES MAX LS Matte Renewal Lotion or LAB SERIES AGE RESCUE+ Water Charged Gel Cream while those who prefer a more nourishing texture will love LAB SERIES AGE RESCUE+ Face Lotion as their ultimate LAB SERIES Face Cream. 

Whatever your preference, know that LAB SERIES has you covered - and shop with confidence, knowing that this Men's skincare range is designed specifically with the rugged and varied needs of men's skin in mind. 

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Recent reviews on Moisturise products

LAB Series Rescue Water Emulsion 100ml
LAB Series Rescue Water Emulsion 100ml

Perfect for using before hydration serums

This is great for applying after toner and before essences and serums. It makes my skin feel super moist and noticeably more hydrated.
LAB SERIES MAX LS Power V Lifting Lotion
LAB SERIES MAX LS Power V Lifting Lotion

Lift Those Fine Lines Away

After a few minutes of applying the lotion my skin has a healthy glow, and the fine lines and wrinkles fade away. I have the lifting lotion and the lifting cream. I like to use the lotion in the morning because, it is a little easier to apply and not as heavy as the cream, which allows/mixes well with the daily moisture defense lotion.