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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Sebo-Controlling Mask 100ml

4.5 of 34 reviews


4 instalments of $6.99


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4 instalments of $6.99


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Soothe and purify your skin, effective unclogging your pores.

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Sebo-Controlling Mask

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Sebo-Controlling Mask

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4.5 of 34 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This mask helps to control my sebum. I have combination skin type so I usually just apply it on my T zone. It helps to clear my acne and leave my skin clearer. Definitely recommend.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not suit for dry skin


I bought it coz I have black head on my nose. I tried on my whole face and found it dry my cheek very quickly. I felt tight and uncomfortable after using. Now I use it only on my nose, it works well and has good value.
  1. not in love


    this was my least favourite la Roche posey product! it smells awful and did nothing but dry out my skin
  2. Great


    This mask helps to control my sebum. I have combination skin type so I usually just apply it on my T zone. It helps to clear my acne and leave my skin clearer. Definitely recommend.
  3. Significantly reduces a breakout


    This mask reduces the severity of my breakouts! It is pretty drying I found so I only use it on certain areas where I have pimples (usually t-zone and chin). Very happy with the results from this, definitely worth the money.
  4. Love


    Such a nice mask. Comfortable while on your face and easy to rinse off. Didn’t dry my face out felt really clean and smooth
  5. Leaves my skin feeling good


    Easy to use and leaves a clean, clear refreshed complexion. Happy with the price point, currently using it once a week and first tube has lasted ages.
  6. Perfect mask for oily skin


    A go to mask for me and my oily skin! It leaves your skin feeling so soft, smooth and clean! Perfect for claiming breakouts, and cleaning out your pores.
  7. Leaves skin smooth and clean!


    My go-to mask is usually Origins Charcoal mask but Mecca have increased the price + decreased the or quantity so it’s become less affordable.

    I’ve just been using a large sample size of this and am adoring it so far, it’s very similar to my Origins mask but more affordable! It has a lovely texture, so easy to apply and leaves my oily skin really clean and clear. I will definitely be buying the large size.
  8. Helps with blackheads and large pores


    I have pretty dry/sensitive skin over most of my face except for around my nose, where I have more noticeable pores and blackheads, and I usually get breakouts consistently on my chin. This mask really helped with the large pore, blackheads, and my most of my breakout! I feel like my blackheads and pores have significantly reduced after using this mask, particularly after using pore strips before it. The breakouts have reduced a fair amount, but I still get one or two every couple of weeks even when using this mask consistently, which I still think is a pretty good result.
  9. Great


    This mask has saved my skin so many times during bad breakouts. It's an effective mask without being drying, doesn't have a strong fragrance, and comes in convenient packaging. If you have oily or combination skin, give this a try.
  10. Do yourself a favour


    Get a clay mask! Clay evens out moisture and is smooth on the skin. I use this product often and I love it.
  11. Not good


    This broke my skin out so badly and has a really strong floral smell that I really didn’t like
  12. Great face mask!


    I love this mask! It feels great on the skin, and I feel like it makes a difference to my acne and other imperfections on my face after I use it. Not too drying either! I definitely recommend this face mask
  13. Not suit for dry skin


    I bought it coz I have black head on my nose. I tried on my whole face and found it dry my cheek very quickly. I felt tight and uncomfortable after using. Now I use it only on my nose, it works well and has good value.
  14. Not great for dry skin!


    I bought this to treat my hormonal breakouts and blackheads on my nose. It does feel very nice (texture, on the skin and to remove). However, it dried my skin out, which wasn't great for my already dry skin. I can imagine that this works well for oily skin! I didn't continue to use it for long enough to notice a difference to the hormonal breakouts and blackheads.
  15. Top quality mask


    I bought this mask for my teeanage daughter who has sensitive skin along with acne. She has been on medication to treat acne and this product has been able to be used at the same time with no side effects. It is working wonders on her skin to keep it calm and take away the excess oil. Will definitely continue to purchase.
  16. Fantastic


    This mask really helps keep my oily skin under control and has definitely softened my blackheads. It feels cleansing and isn't too drying. I definitely notice a difference in my skin when I remember to use it a couple of times a week.
  17. Best mask I’ve ever used


    I’ve tried a lot of La Roche Posay products over the past couple of years and feel that there are some definite hits and misses in their range, but this face mask is definitely the biggest hit with me. I have oily, acne prone skin which has become normal-oily in recent years as I have perfected my skincare routine. If I’m having a breakout, I pop this mask on and I know that the next day, my skin will have calmed down. For me, it’s a miracle worker. The proof for me is after I have an upper lip wax- I always get the worst breakout afterwards that last 4 days or more. If I put this mask on the night after a wax, I might get a couple of small whiteheads which disappear after a day or 2.

    I use it at least once a week to prevent breakouts, but more if I’m feeling that I’m having a bad skin day or if I have an event coming up. I apply with a flat foundation brush. I leave it on for longer than the instructions say as I get the best results if I use it for 45+ minutes. It does feel slightly drying when it’s on (it’s a clay mask though so it’s to be expected - it might not be for you if you have naturally dry skin and it is targeted at oily skin types) but once I wash it off my skin is smooth, soft and I don’t feel that my skin is dry the next day. As someone with skin prone to hormonal breakouts and acne, it’s such a relief to know that I have this quick fix in my drawer. I’m on my second bottle now and it lasts for ages - my first probably lasted me a year.
  18. Best mask ever


    Ever since using this my skin doesn’t break out anymore! brightens your skin too really well. This is the only mask that I will continue to buy forever
  19. Excellent mask for acne prone skin


    I have been using this mask for 2 weeks and it has made a remarkable difference, with less breakouts. It also doesn't dry out the skin. Most recommended.
  20. great mask


    I have oily skin, so was looking for a product to help reduce that.

    This mask was a great choice. Its clay based, which helps to suck up all the oils deep in my pores. It's not overly drying as its gentle, so my skin isnt over producing oil after I use it.

    It leaves my skin extremely soft and looking clear. It feels firm but plump at the same time. I can see this tube lasting me ages, and will repurchase once I run out.
  21. great!


    a good mask for congestion, makes my skin feel much clearer and less breakouts afterwards. only thing is I wish it didn't have fragrance
  22. Good for price


    I picked this mask up as I have some clogged pores on my nose and chin. While this mask helped my skin to feel smooth after use, I dont believe that it has made a difference in the long term or to the size of my pores in those areas. I will continue to use this mask right before events or applying makeup as it does leave the skin feeling soft and very clean.
  23. Calms my irritated face


    This mask is lovely and cooling and soothing on an irritated face. Skin feels calmer and under control after using, which I do about once a week. Feels as good as clay masks that are a lot more expensive. Very impressed with my LaRoche products so far and will continue to reorder as foundational skin care.
  24. So good!


    I only use this about once a month, but I always see such great results every time! I’m not oily after use, and it definitely doesn’t make my skin dry at all. I find it helps with making my pores look smaller too.
  25. good product


    really great for clearing congestion and blocked pores, my skin feels very clean and fresh afterwards, I wish it had no fragrance though!
  26. great mask!


    My skin felt soft and clean after using this, it definitely helped get rid of blackheads! it also didn't dry my skin out at all, I am super happy with this product :)
  27. very nice


    I love this mask! It has helped with my breakouts so much!
    I have been using this twice a week for a couple of months now and my skin appear much brighter and clearer after washing it off.
  28. Miracle mask!!!


    This mask was a true miracle!!!!!! Not even joking, my face has cleared up 10000000x since using it. I use this and then their redness serum for moisturising. Wow, is all I can say. My skin feel smooth, and the acne has halved in size. i used 1-2 times a week, and put it on while I shaved and washed my hair. Soooo nice and cooling, and easy to remove with a towel.

    Love, love, love recommend to anyone suffering acne.
  29. A great mask for all ages.


    I bought this mask for my three daughters, 23, 19 and 15, and then stole it from them! Granted, it does them more good than me and has been great for break-outs and congestion. I do like to use it occasionally though as it seems to really smooth out even skin that is not experiencing acne-type problems. We've added it to our little basket of favourite masks.
  30. Excellent


    Like pretty much everything La Roche-Posay makes, this works. The Effaclar Sebo-Controlling Mask is a really effective clay mask for clearing the gunk out of your pores and reducing oiliness, without stripping your skin of moisture. I found this a really good and non-irritating product.
  31. Fantastic!


    I have combination skin with dry acne on my cheeks and I get quite oily through my T zone so that's where I use this product. Goes on really lovely and I can feel my skin is much less oily for a few days. Very happy!
  32. Best face mask I’ve used


    This would have to be the best face mask I’ve used ..
    Light weight, doesn’t make my face itchy or feel weird

    Makes my skin feel soft and clean
    Will buy again
  33. Great mask


    I bought this after getting a sample and i love it. I have used the Effeclar range for close to 5 years and this is the perfect addition. I got oily and acne when i was pregnant and i tried other brands but they were too harsh on my skin but this is perfect. I love that it is quick and very effective, with 3 little ones i don't have time to lay around but i can do this in the shower.
  34. Gentle and effective


    I'm a huge fan of the Effaclar range which I use every summer. My experience of the range is that all the products are very effective but gentle, not drying out my skin like many other acne products do. This mask is no difference. It's creamy and not dried on my face after 5 minutes as per instruction. Washed off very easily. My skin stays matte a few days thereafter. As someone who's lazy to use facial treatment other than my regular routine, I use this mask once a week. It still works well. Highly recommended.
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