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La Roche-Posay Anti-Acne 3 Step System

4.6 of 62 reviews


4 instalments of $14.99


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4 instalments of $14.99


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The number one oily acne-prone skincare range in pharmacy in Europe. Giving you clearer looking skin in three simple steps, La Roche-Posay Anti-Acne 3 Step System is recommended by dermatologists. #actonacne

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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La Roche-Posay Anti-Acne 3 Step System

La Roche-Posay Anti-Acne 3 Step System

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4.6 of 62 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

A great bunch of products


Fabulous, I see some great results from all of this. I really think it’s worth the money!

Most Helpful Criticism

Liked it


I definitely noticed an improvement but it was no miracle for me unfortunately. I used it over 3 months.
  1. Great for Teens


    This product has been great for my teenage daughter who had tried a variety of things for her skin. An easy three step system for her sensitive skin.
  2. A great bunch of products


    Fabulous, I see some great results from all of this. I really think it’s worth the money!
  3. Good


    This product works well over a longer period of time. It didn't clear my acne right away but I was desperate and kept on using this because everything else I had already tried and failed. Patience is the key with this if you have oily, acne prone and sensitive skin.
  4. love this


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my skin very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone!
  5. love


    Great to use in the summer! Been a favourite of mine for a while!
  6. Perfect for sensitive skin


    I have tried so many products and kept having reactions to them. I have been using these products for over a year now and my skin has not looked this good since I started puberty. I’m not 24. Literally changed my skin.
  7. Goodbye acne!


    Oh my god! Acne is gone!! Thank god for this, I truly believe it’s helped my skin so much. Yay!!
  8. Good but nothing too special


    Have been implementing this in my skincare routine. Feels nice on the skin but is probably not as strong or impacting as other skincare brands.
  9. Little miracle.


    After suffering with hormonal and cystic ance and trying endless skincare product from highend to drugstore, this is the only product I found that actually works. Helps clear active acne and prevent further breakouts. Can be a little drying over time but nothing that a hydrating moisturiser can't fix. Highly recommend.
  10. Skin Confident again


    Have given this product a month and I can say that I feel way better about my skin. The three step system is so easy and feels nice. What makes me happy is that I know when a new pimple comes thanks to lovely hormones I can kill it haha.
  11. Amazing


    This kit is great value and let’s you try all 3 products before purchasing the full sizes. These products saved my oily acne prone skin
  12. Great


    I have been suffering from problem skin since my teens and have tried every pill, potion and lotion to combat my breakouts - especially those nasty painful blind pimples around my chin and jawline. I purchased the La Roche-posay system on impulse - I had never heard of it before. I have been using the 3 step system now for about six weeks and my skin has NEVER looked better. Besides being breakout free, old pimple marks have faded, my pores are smaller and my skin is less oily and shiny.
  13. Magical


    This product is magical! So light weight and non greasy. The products I use to use always added such a thick, greasy layer onto my skin and left me feeling oily! This product is the complete opposite- it is a dream
  14. I love it


    Amazing product, since I've arrieved in Australia I have had skin issues on my face. But this product makes my skin feel so good and clean. I highly recommend it. And the purchase in Adore beauty was excellent. Super fast and easy. I'm gonna keep buying in this place.
  15. perfect for oily prone skin


    my sis has super oily prone skin and it gets better. she swears by this now and keep asking me to buy a backup
  16. Fantastic for teenage skin!!


    This was so good for my teenage son’s skin, he still gets the odd hormonal breakout, but this system just calms his skin right down. He gets lazy sometimes & doesn’t use the cream, but the wash & spray are just so easy to use that he uses them consistently. I even use the wash in the shower when I’m in a rush
  17. Loved its gentle, effective formula.


    I was a skin neglecter, I have 2 young kids and I am time poor, these were the first products I have used in years and they were very very effective at clearing my skin.
  18. Love it!


    I have been using these products now for over a year and it honestly saved my oily/acne prone skin! Within a week of using this skin range I could see so much improvement with my skin. So happy I found these products!
  19. A consistent routine that works!


    I’ve been on the hunt for a oily/combo skin range that prevents and treats breakouts quickly. A small amount of product goes a long way which speaks to the quality of the formula. Highly recommend!
  20. I've finally found something that works!


    Where do I start? I'm almost crying of happiness.
    Over the years I have tried just about every suggestion from drugstore to high end brands for something to help clear my acne. With no luck, I slowly started to give up until recently going on accutane. For anyone that's been on it you know "It gets worse before it gets better" and holyyyyyyy, your face feels like the Sahara desert.
    ...This Acne starter kit has soothed my angry red skin and for the first time as an adult my face looks balanced and evenly toned, like I feel like I have a camera filter on. The Duo+ is the biggest lifesaver, it genuinely reduces redness and inflammation on my breakouts while I sleep and during the day. Unfortunately, it clears up over a day or 2 but while I'm still at this stage of my treatment, nasty's do keep appearing, but that is part of the process. The Serozinc really does effectively mattify my face for the whole day and I'm so grateful for that because I cannot always run to the bathroom at work to powder it.

    Lastly, for what its worth as a low income uni student, it is so so affordable and worth it to have some confidence back to be able to look at people in the eye during a conversation and not be worried about your appearance.
  21. So far so good


    I’ve only been using this range for a few days and have already noticed a dramatic change in my complexion. My hormonal acne has settled right down is almost non existent.
  22. Effective in treating acne. Does not irritate sensitive skin.


    My daughter always experiences great results with this skin care system. It calms her sensitive skin while also making her acne less angry. Her face always appears clearer when using this range.
  23. Good for problem skin


    Really helped to improve my skin once I started using this , would definitely recommend to others
  24. Very drying


    This was effective at keeping acne at bay, but was very drying and my skin looked dull. Still use the Effaclar Duo as a spot treatment.
  25. great gift set for friends


    My friend had been hinting at wanting this gift set for ages so I got it for her for Christmas last year. Its been less than two months and I have started seeing an immediate reduction in her cystic acne.
  26. The best thing for my skin


    I have had mild blemishes on my chin and mouth area ever since I hit my 20's and I have struggled to find a product that works well. This ticks all the boxes. My skin feels smooth and hydrated while keeping and blemishes at bay. I have combination skin so the last thing I want to do is dry it out.
  27. Helped with cystic acne


    I had terrible backne and these products have helped so much. While it hasn't cured my backne the amount of large, painful pimples has diminished and the ones I get now are nowhere near as bad as they were previously. The rest of the skin on my back is also clearer, smoother and softer than ever.
  28. Great Pack


    I purchased this for my nephew who's in his early 20s with problem acne skin. We notice that his skin clears up within a week and becoming more radiant and healthy looking. Definitely worth the purchase.
  29. Great for hormonal acne / combination skin


    I never had breakouts until my 20s and now have combination skin, and usually get a lot of little red bumps on my t-zone, forehead and the tops of my cheeks.

    Have been using these products for about a year and got my start with this pack. After about 3 weeks, saw a huge improvement in my skin and now hardly ever get new breakouts.
  30. A great starter pack


    This is an excellent starter pack for troubled skin - a great way to trial this simple range. It seems a balance between effective and gentle
  31. Great value


    This is an amazing set for people suffering from acne prone skin. It has allowed me to maintain and reduce the amount of breakouts i normally get. Highly recommend for all skin types as it is not drying and is very effective.
  32. Amazing 3-step system


    My partner bought this for me and I am a convert!! These 3 products are made to be used together, and they certainly deliver. I was initially doubtful that a product for sensitive skin would do very much for me, and boy was I wrong! I have since bought the full-size products. This is now the only cleanser I will use- it mattifies my oily areas, isn't drying on my skin and is perfect for sensitive skin. The serazinc tonic is amazing, and the bottle lasts forever! Great for hydrating the skin and preventing breakouts, I even use this on my back to prevent 'bacne'. The effaclar correcting treatment is my HOLY GRAIL and moisturises whilst clearing and preventing breakouts. I try other products occasionally but keep returning to this combination as without fail they treat my combination skin and clear my hormonal, stubborn chin acne. Amazing- give this a try!! Great intro package.
  33. Not a wonder-cure but still worth a go


    Whilst I feel much of my experience with acne is also related to lifestyle/health issues such as stress, diet, hormones, etc, I'm still willing to try new products and take whatever help I can get. I don't feel like the foaming gel and Serozinc did much for me, but the Effaclar Duo+ seems to work quite effectively on breakout spots, particularly if you start to use it early on when a spot first becomes noticeable. The Duo+ also seems to last a lot longer than the other two products, so even though I'm now using mostly "natural" skincare products I still apply the Duo+ whenever it feels like I'm getting a breakout in a particular area. As someone with oily/combination skin the entire package didn't do a whole lot to keep my skin matte throughout the day though, but all in all this 3-step system is something I'd consider going back to if my breakouts became regular again.
  34. My skin feels much more under control


    After a stressful few months I was breaking out in big sore blind spots around my chin and it was driving me nuts. I felt as though I had no idea what my skin was doing or why. I've been big on the basic vitamins lately and chose this three-step because of the zinc toner. I've been delighted so far. The cleanser smells light and floral and foams nicely. The toner feels like I'm drenching my skin in a healthy treat. The duo + is the only part I'm not totally sure about - honestly don't know whether it's doing anything or not! Three weeks in and my skin seems to be a lot less angry though. Spots are smaller and don't last as long and I think they might be clearing up. I wear an spf moisturiser during the day and a night cream in the evening as my skin does feel a little bit dry. All in all pretty happy with this as a foundational skin care set - great for the price. I will be repurchasing.
  35. Just wait it out


    I didn’t see immediate results, but I kept at it and by the fifth week of using the products I had the best skin I’ve had in my whole 30 years on the planet. I’m so glad I didn’t give up any earlier!
  36. Caused blind pimples


    I used this pack for about 5+ weeks and all it did was made my skin worse! I haven't had blind pimples in so long and I ended up with 5. The last step, the corrector I did not like at all!.
    The toner mist I do like as it only has 3 ingredients and the salt felt fresh. I'll be looking for something with active ingredients to fix up the damage
  37. Fantastic


    I have acne into my 30s and have tried everything (including proactiv), but nothing seemed to work. This system showed results within days, my skin was clearer and the pimples I had were significantly reduced. This is an amazing product, however I would suggest using a moisturiseer as it can be a little drying other than that perfect!
  38. Liked it


    I definitely noticed an improvement but it was no miracle for me unfortunately. I used it over 3 months.
  39. One of the best


    Love this set and the brand. Cleanses without drying and is really soothing for sensitive skin. Only suffer from the occasional bad breakout so I find it really does the trick at keeping my face clear and smooth.
  40. Amazing


    After swapping pills and then changing contraceptives my skin went crazy with cystic like pimples! This has cleared up my skin soo well! I started the 3 step system early may and my skin now is pimple free with only a few marks left! The cleanser and mist are nice and good to use to get into a routine but the real winner is the effaclair duo, I have repurchased that alone and use another cleanser but this little tube is a miracle! I just wish it came in a bigger tube! I have oily skin for those wondering!
  41. Good for small breakouts


    Helps reduce blemishes, I found this to be effective for smaller breakouts. When I had a really terrible breakout I felt like I needed more than these products but when breakouts were minimal I felt that this was effective at clearing them :)
  42. Purchased this for my teenage son with acne


    I didn’t find this helped his acne much at all, and he used daily I found it just made his skin really dry, red & irritated looking.
    Might be good for really oily skin!
  43. Value for money


    I just reviewed these products individually, but Ill review the set as that's what I bought. Just let me tell you how much this cleared up my HORMONAL acne. Less hard bumps around my chin, and my skin between the acne is really nice now. The water spray didn't do alot for me, just some added freshness before bed. But the wash was really amazing.
  44. so good! believe the hype!


    i have oily skin and am prone to breakouts and hormonal acne and i'm always super sceptical of any "miracle product" for acne etc, because they never seem to work, plus i'm very lazy and can't commit to any skincare routine that feels remotely complicated.
    i read a lot of reviews on the effaclar range and didn't really believe that it could be as effective as everyone claimed but i've been using the foam cleanser and duo+ daily (sometimes twice daily, sometimes once daily) for about two months now and my skin is so much better. it's not perfect but i can really see and feel the improvement, and other people have noticed it too - my breakouts are much less frequent, my hormonal flareups are much less severe and clear up much quicker and my skin is softer and healthier looking in general.
    i did find that the serozinc spray was extremely drying and i didn't really understand what it was supposed to do so stopped using it and bought the effaclar moisturiser (which is also excellent)
  45. My new Go-To


    I wish I could give this more than 5 stars! I was originally using Alpah-h which I thought was great but decided to give this a go due to its ‘target of acne prone skin’ instantly I fell in love. The cream has run out but the toner spray and cleanser are still going strong 2 months later. My skin has cleared up so much I hardly use any makeup at the moment and my skin is loving the change. I’ve told all my girlfriends about it. Cheap and amazing!! So worth the money


    I really love the La Roche-Posay products, especially this set. I have been using it for a few weeks and already I can see and feel a difference. It has cleared my pores and cleared most of my blemishes. My skin is so smooth and a bonus is that the spray helps with in grown hairs from shaving your legs.
  47. This actually worked!


    Wow, I've been using this system for a few months and it has really cleared up my skin. I someone who wears a full face glam makeup everyday for work and this system has cleared up all my pimples and little bumps on my skin.
    If you are oil/combo like me and suffer from breakouts then give this a try, you will love it.
  48. Finally clear skin


    I’ve always had bad skin for over 10 years now , no products seem to help with it, until I used this 3 step pack
    In just a week I saw my skin change and it was clearing up, no more big nasty break outs, no more red spots, black heads were getting smaller & my face was less oily ..
    I am so happy I saw an ad for this pack and I bought

    Definitely buying again when I run out
  49. No more breakouts


    I have breakout prone, combination skin that is very sensitive. I purchased this kit hoping it would be able to make my skin less oily and reduce the number and severity of my breakouts, and wow have I been surprised! It has made such a difference to my skin that I now regularly leave the house without makeup, something I haven't done in years.

    Effaclar Foaming Gel:
    - Cleanses skin without drying or irritating.
    I use the Foaming Gel twice daily on my face and neck, and it leaves my skin clean instead of stripped. No redness, irritation or dry patches.

    - Toner in a spray can? Honestly, this is the one product in the kit I could do without. I dislike the smell, it's difficult to avoid spraying the eye area, and it doesn't seem to have any effect. The ONE part of the system I will not replace.

    Effaclar Duo+:
    - AMAZING. I used this in the morning after cleansing, and it has made such a difference to my skin. My skin feels smoother, I have noticeably fewer blocked pores and blackheads, and I haven't had a true breakout in the month I've been using it, which has never happened before. This is especially impressive as it has also not caused redness, irritation, or sensitivity.

    I would definitely recommend this kit - it's a fantastic product at a very reasonable price.
  50. Good starter for this range


    Love this range, especially the SPF thats why I thought to give this a go. Will definitely buy the bigger versions of this when my small ones are done!
  51. Great introduction to the range


    After changing birth control my hormonal acne started to flare up worse than it has since I was a teenager, so I decided to give this kit a go after reading reviews on the Effaclar products and have not been disappointed. The cleanser leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, and is strong enough to remove makeup without leaving my skin tight. I use the Duo as my night moisture as it isn't as great at the Effaclar Mat moisture in keeping oil at bay during the day, but even just using it once a day seems to be helping to reduce inflammation and clear spots far quicker than normal. The toner is not quite as exciting as the other two products; I'm not sure it's really doing all that much, but the mist application makes it quick and easy for rushed mornings and it doesn't make my skin worse, so that's a win.
  52. Not sure of the results...


    I bought this range in hopes that it would improve my acne. I don't feel that it did but it seems to have helped my brother's face as he has oilier skin than I do.

    I do love the toner spray though, the mist is so beautiful how it sprays and makes my face feel.
  53. Love!


    I definately love this brand. It’s really improved my skin and I was so surprised because nothing else has before. I have oily/combo skin. It’s really worth the price and giving it a go


    The 3 step system is amazing and perfect for sensitive skin. Cleared up my skin the first 2 weeks of using it. Will definitely repurchase when I run out !
  55. 10 years of Acne - ended with this set


    Simply put, this has worked incredibly well for my oily, sensitive, reactive and acne-prone skin. I have not had clear skin like I do right now, in over 10 years! It has also helped to clear my congestion (pores) and stopped breakouts from surfacing. The products last very long time for a "sample" set. Such excellent value for money! 1000/10 recommended!

    - Gel foaming, but not stripping
    - Can remove makeup but I usually use it as a second cleanse to clean the skin

    - Enjoyable to use
    - Has helped control oil and control breakouts/sensitivity

    - The star of the set
    - NO breakouts when using this
    - Improves skin texture and clears congestion
    - Non- drying, non-stingy, non-irritating
    - Somewhat moisturising, but definitely invest in a good cream (I use the La-Roche Posay Toleraine Ultra Light)

  56. Worked Wonders


    Using this combination (cleanse, tone and zinc) really helped to clear up my skin and keep it clear for the time I was using it. After 2 months, I've still the serozinc, however the other 2 only lasted me the 2 months.
  57. Oil balancing!


    I have oily/combo skin and this set really helps calm down my spots. The cleanser is gentle for my sensitive skin. The serozinc spray isn’t drying and the effaclar isn’t oily but still provides moisture. I would highly recommend this set to keep oily skin at bay!
  58. Amazing product


    I had cystic acne, a lot of texture and redness.
    Iv been using this product for 4 months and minus the occasional odd blemish from hormones my skin is clear and not at all sensitive. So glad I have this a try it’s anazing and good price for value!
  59. Highly recommend!


    I have had adult acne since both my pregnancies and with hormone changes my skin is a mess and I have tried so many products. These products changed everything and my skin has never looked or felt better. The oiliness has since settled, my skin is clean and clear, my break outs has settled down even at that time of the month and my confidence has doubled because I no longer have to hide away! I love this skin care it's amazing!!
  60. Best product I have used to date


    After many years of trying 100s of different skin care products and them failing to provide what they claim, La Roche-Posay Anti Acne 3 Step System 100% works for me, after only using it twice I saw immediate results. I don't have acne however I have always been prone to having pimples on my chin and forehead area and after using this my skin is perfectly clear. This product also smells great and leaves the skin feeling very soft and refreshed :) would recommend to anyone prone to breakouts!
  61. Worth every penny!


    My skin is oily one minute and combination the next. Throw in super sensitive and I have the trifecta of crappy skin. The products I've tried before have either made no difference or had something bad in them that didn't bode well with my skin. Since using this for roughly 4 months, I have had no more than 5 spots in total since starting this. Its amazing and for the record i'm in my early 30's.
  62. Amazing


    I have had adult acne since I was 21. I am now 34 and have spent thousands of dollars in products to help my skin. All I have to say about this product is that it is amazing. After 3 weeks my skin looks so good. The best it has looked and felt in years
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