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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ 50ml

4.4 of 371 reviews


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4 instalments of $7.49

Or 4 instalments of $7.49 with LEARN MORE

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+ is an ultra light non greasy formulation with the next generation filtering system so you receive reinforced UVA protection.
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Has SPF

What customers say

GREAT - 86% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ Reviews

4.4 of 371 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Sa Good


I really put a lot into caring for my skin and every sunscreen I've used has always just clogged my pores and made my makeup look bad. NO LONGER! This sunscreen goes on so easily (++++ it doesnt smell like sunscreen) doesnt leave a cast on my skin at all, and I've never been sunburnt whilst wearing it (great). Only downside is the price, but looking after your skin is a long term investment in my opinion.

Most Helpful Criticism

Over-hyped Sunscreen

Bridget B

I've tried this sunscreen a few times, and every time I have been disappointed. It feels thick on the face, and causes my sensitive skin a lot of irritation and dryness.
  1. Sa Good


    I really put a lot into caring for my skin and every sunscreen I've used has always just clogged my pores and made my makeup look bad. NO LONGER! This sunscreen goes on so easily (++++ it doesnt smell like sunscreen) doesnt leave a cast on my skin at all, and I've never been sunburnt whilst wearing it (great). Only downside is the price, but looking after your skin is a long term investment in my ...
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  2. Very good product!


    This is a fantastic sunscreen. It's lightweight, non-greasy, and provides effective protection.
  3. My favorite!!!


    Love love love this product! Glides on so smoothly, sits well under makeup, and leaves my skin looking fresh with no white cast. I enjoyed that there was no strong scent, and the fluidity made it feel almost serum like.
  4. Incredibly lightweight!


    This sunscreen is extremely lightweight and goes onto my skin really well. No fragrance either which is great.
    The packaging was smaller than I expected however I would still repurchase this product.
  5. Good sunscreen


    This sunscreen is good in the way it covers and does the job. Great for sensitive skin. Only downfall is it’s quite heavy and isn’t great under makeup
  6. good all round SPF


    I like this SPF although it can feel a touch greasy. In saying that, it settles into the skin really well and white cast is very minimal. Does not feel heavy on the skin at all.
  7. Too much


    I find this sunscreen is too thick for every day use. It is good for the beach, or an entire day outdoors without makeup but definitely not ideal for wearing under makeup
  8. Great for sensitive skin


    This is THE sunscreen. It is so difficult to find SPF that doesn't react to my sensitive skin. Although it is heavy (good for more dry skin types), it stays on with no reaction. Any La Roche product is definitely worth a shot for those struggling with skin reactions.
  9. Papaya

    Light sunscreen

    This is a really nice sunscreen for oily/combo skin. Easy to apply and leaves a glow, not a greasy mess like most sunscreens I’ve used. Another great thing is this sunscreen has nearly no smell which is a huge relief from that overpowering sunscreen smell. One fault: it’s a lot smaller than I expected! The bottle is only just bigger than my palm. A bit pricey but I would definitely buy again.
  10. good choice


    A super easy-to-use sunscreen, the sunscreen effect is really great. After applying it, the skin is very moisturizing, non-greasy, refreshing and sunscreen, and the effect is very good. It makes people feel at ease!
  11. BIG YES


    I've found it, this is the sunscreen I've been looking everywhere for! It is so light, comes out like water I wear it everyday on top of moisturizer and under make up. My skin genuinely feels like velvet when I have it on, does not feel oily at all.
    I am fair and use products that make me more sensitive to the sun and I am so happy I found this product because I don't feel like I am cloggin...
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  12. love


    I have been using this sunscreen for some time now after my morning routine and I love it! I love how silky it is when applied and my makeup just glides on so seamlessly and it's super lightweight. Some might not like how it leaves a silicone feel to the skin, but I don't mind it. Doesn't leave me too oily either.
  13. Light Sunscreen, bit tacky


    The sunscreen really delivers on being a super light sunscreen, doesn't feel oily at all like most sunscreens I've used. The only problem I've had is if I use it straight after doing my skincare it gets really tacky on my fingers and pills up on my face. I have to wait about 30 minutes after doing my skincare to apply the sunscreen, which is not ideal if I'm running late for work etc. Other than ...
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  14. Very impressed


    Received a sample of this and will definitely be purchasing. Really impressed with the texture, absorbs quickly and doesn’t have sunscreen smell. Sits great under makeup and isn’t shiny.
  15. Sunscreen for life!


    I love trying different sunscreens as I am a a sunscreen lunatic. I must say this particular sunscreen of La Roche Posay is the best among their range. It's super light and does not leave quite cast at all. This is also an amazing choice for sunscreen beginner.
  16. Great for everyday


    I was a bit hesitant when I first read the reviews on this product but on my dry skin the sunscreen has really made it feel nice and soft despite it being a sunscreen. No white cast and looks great under makeup - would recommend
  17. Light weight friendly with makeup


    Easy to apply,no sticky,quick absorb, can apply before makeup.
  18. Good for acne prone


    I was initially worried about the watery consistency of this sunscreen but found that it sat well under my makeup and did not have a white tinge when I wasn't wearing makeup. I used this when my skin was particularly acne prone and do not feel that it made me break out. Despite the small bottle, the product goes a long way. Small bottle also makes it easier to carry with you to ensure regular appl...
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  19. average


    This sunscreen is a light and fluid texture but it rubs off my skin like dead skin would. Sometimes works great but mostly rubs off
  20. Overhyped


    I'm sorry but their products are very overhyped, especially this sunscreen. It leaves my face super greasy and I can't stand the way it feels on the skin. There are heaps of other good facial sunscreens out there that don't make you feel like an oil slick.
  21. Wow, not worth the money


    Wow this product is not worth the money in size or quality. The bottle is TINY (which d I’d be ok with it if the product was any good). Also, this sunscreen is NOT light. It is heavy and extremely greasy. It’s disgusting feeling to put on the skin. Absolutely will not repurchase. Will go back to the matte facial sunscreen from the supermarket for half the price when on sale.
  22. Why do I get a white cast

    Mumma Jules

    I read lots of reviews both on this website and in a Facebook group I'm in and the majority of people said it doesn't leave a white cast. Unfortunately both my daughter get a white cast for it. It is good in the sense it has no fragrance and feels nice on your skin though.
  23. Suitable for sensitive skin


    This sunscreen is one of the few that doesn't aggravate my skin. It's light and easy to apply, the only downside is that the bottle doesn't have much. Definitely a staple in my bag when going out.
  24. Very light


    Really light and easy to apply, spreads nicely and feels moisturising. Has a bit of a funny smell, but that goes away as it sinks in. Doesn't leave me looking oily or greasy which is great.
  25. Happy customer


    Finally tried a LRP sunscreen and get what everyone's been talking about. This absorbs right in and never makes me oily. Loses half a star because it makes me a liiiiiittle dry. I want to try the tinted one next!
  26. Great SPF


    This has the same kind of consistency as the UV Queen Screen, but it has some ingredients that I don’t think are reef-friendly. Yet it’s a really nice SPF that is light, rubs in well and doesn’t leave a white cast or make my eyes sting or pill on my skin.
  27. Finally, one that doesn't make me break out!


    My skin's really sensitive, and I've hunted for so long for a sunscreen that doesn't cause me to break out into tiny little whiteheads. This goes on really easily under my make up and works beautifully on my skin. When it came I thought it was quite a small bottle, but it actually lasts ages.
  28. Shine free sunscreen!


    Though it's rule of thumb to wear sunscreen on the daily, I was always hesitant as I have extremely oily skin and couldn't imagine anything worse than adding extra products under my makeup. I was given the suggestion to try this sunscreen from my cousin, and I have been so impressed with it since! I wear it every day under my makeup, and it doesn't make my skin oily throughout the day. It also mak...
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  29. Good SPF


    Happy with this product! It is really lightweight which I love however I find it does pill sometimes which is frustrating. Overall it's an affordable, quality SPF so I would probably purchase again.
  30. Best sunscreen ever!!


    This stuff is amazing! It doesn’t cause any breakouts, it’s the right level of moisture without leaving your face greasy. Works so well under make up too!
  31. Sinks into the skin


    I tried a sample of this sunscreen and was immediately impressed. I patted the sunscreen into my skin over all my actives/ moisturiser and it absorbed into my skin almost immediately. This sunscreen feels so light and works well under my makeup. No white cast, no strong smell of sunscreen and semi dry touch finish. Really happy. Only wish it came in a bigger bottle!
  32. Unpopular opinion - oily finish


    I was excited to try this but it just didn't like it. My skin is fairly normal, leaning more dry and I found this too oily. If you're applying the correct 1/4 tsp amount to your face the very oily shiny film sits on your skin all day. If you're not wearing makeup you feel like a greaseball but face makeup slips around on your face. Similarly, this irritates and stings my eyes if its sitting close ...
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  33. Great under makeup


    I have been using this suncream for a few years now and it's my absolute go-to. It glides on the skin well, Sits well under makeup and has never caused any issues or break outs on my sensetive skin. Highly recommended!
  34. a must!


    definitely love this product, feels so good on the skin after applying moisturiser and doesn't leave a white cast at all! I sometimes just wear this without any make up and my skin still looks amazing
  35. Lovely & Light


    This is a great sunscreen for the face. It is really light and does not feel sticky. The only downfall is the price and how small the bottle is.
  36. Awesome protection


    Amazing sunscreen. I wear this on my face when I go running, and it's light, non greasy and really prevents my skin from burning
  37. Fave sunscreen


    Honestly favourite sunscreen. I have recommended all my fam and friends to use this sunscreen. I have fair skin and will always turn to be a burnt tomato during summer. However, with this product and constant use of it, I feel and look super sun-smart
  38. Best sunscreen


    Favorite sunscreen for my dry and sensitive skin - it doesn't sting, is lightweight, has no scent and sits well alone or under makeup.
  39. best sunscreen


    I have tried a few sunscreens, different brands and different lines. This is by far one of the best non-sticky sunscreen I found. It is so light weight and easy to apply. Works well under the makeup as well.
  40. Hard to fault


    I am picky when it comes to my sunscreens so was surprised at how much I liked this one. I received a few samples so have been trialing it for about 2 weeks and I cant seem to find anything I don't like about it. It goes on easily, doesn't smell bad and dries really quickly without leaving that greasy look that some sunscreens do. It means I can wear it on its own without makeup if needed but also...
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  41. The best


    If you have oily or combination skin, this is the best sunscreen for that. It still feels a little greasy but compared to other sunscreens it is way better. For summers, I use the matte sunscreen from this brand.
  42. Exceptional spf!


    This sunscreen is really really good. Feels lovely on the skin, perfect balance of hydration without being sticky or oily. Plays beautifully under makeup and protects the skin so well! Doesn't leave a white cast and doesn't make my eyes sting. I'll always have this in my house or handbag!
  43. New Everyday Sunscreen


    I have tried so many facial sunscreens from really popular brands that just kept peeling. I must have skin that is susceptible to it, but I found this has been the only one that doesn't peel so often! I do have to be careful with how much product I put on (if I do put on too much it does peel), otherwise I don't have any issue with its compatibility with any of my make up products. I also really e...
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  44. By far the best sunscreen out there


    Recieved as a promotion and it's by far the best sunscreen out there. I was really lucky to get it because it's one recommended by my dermatologist so I was feeling pretty happy! It's light feeling but strong lasting. Definitely recommend
  45. Great


    Really nice sunscreen. Love the texture and the way it sinks into skin. Also works well under makeup.
  46. Perfect everyday sunscreen


    This sunscreen is the best. Non greasy and leaves my skin looking dewy and plump and feeling protected and moisturised. Sinks in really quick and is a great base for make up. I'm really picky with sunscreen and this one ticks all the boxes. Just wish I could order it by the Litre. A little pricey for the size but so worth it.
  47. light weight


    this facial sunscreen feels great on your skin. not oily at all and great for senstive skin!
  48. Nice texture


    Really like this sunscreen. Has no odour and absorbs easily. Completely non-irritating on my sensitive skin.
  49. Light weight sunscreen


    Love this sunscreen, it’s very light weight, and non greasy.
  50. Love


    Love love love, so light on my skin under makeup for work
    The bottle is a lot smaller than I thought it would be though
  51. The best sunscreen


    I recently bought this product to wear underneath my makeup everyday. I am extremely pleased with it so far. It is non greasy and great because it’s fragrance free! I have acne prone skin and I have had no reactions or breakouts after use.
  52. Best sunscreen


    I received this as a free sample however I regularly purchase this sunscreen. It's fantastic because it's light and smells lovely. It doesn't cause any harsh whiteness on the skin and goes on well under makeup. I have dry skin and it is hydrating without being too greasy.
  53. Great product at a great price!


    I went from using a very expensive sunscreen to this one from La Roche-Posay and am loving it. The SPF protection can't be faulted and the formula is non-greasy. I also feel there is a small amount of tint that comes from the product which evens out my skin tone ever so slightly.
  54. Great for oily skin


    I purchased this for my younger sister who refuses to wear sunscreen daily and says that it makes her look oily by the time its lunch. This product is more lightweight in texture and absorbs fast into the skin so it doesn't feel like she has anything sitting on the skin. I haven't heard her complain in months and she still diligently wears her sunscreen even indoors now.
  55. Absolutely love!


    Love this sunscreen. I used to not like wearing sunscreen as I have acne prone alone but this is super lightweight. A little goes a long way, last over 6 months and I wear it everyday. Would recommend to anyone
  56. Light consistency sunblock


    perfect sunblock for daily use and the consistency is so light so it doesn't feel oily
  57. My new favourite!!


    Got this as a sample, which came in perfect time as I was running out of sunscreen and the I like to switch it up. But this sunscreen, non scented, non greasy, light weight sunscreen is the best. The price point too is so good! Worth it, and the bottle is cute.
    The texture of the sunscreen surprised me but I really like how liquid-y it is! So nice to put on. Will purchase the full size next...
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  58. Light perfect consistency for everyday!


    This is my HG sunscreen! I use this everyday and have repurchased probably more than 5 times. The consistency is so light unlike your typical thick sunscreen and it’s so comfortable to wear. I also use this under makeup with no issues.
  59. Love


    This does not feel like sunscreen, which is why I love it. Facial sunscreen can be daunting but this is a lovely product for sensitive skin like mine. I use this after my normal moisturiser and before my make-up. It spreads well, quickly absorbs, does not leave a white film, is not greasy, and it does not break me out. Plus I love that its 50+ SPF
  60. Blends well


    Love this! It's thin and blends well, and really works with combination/oily types of skin. Highly recommend.
  61. Fantastic


    A really great sunscreen for sensitive skin. I have mild rosacea and use it every day without any problems! Doesn’t leave skin oily.
  62. light weight sunscreen but peel-off under make up

    Amy H

    I read so many good reviews about this sunscreen, my first bottle was good, but since I put more layers in my morning routine (including Vitamin C and HA) it starts to peel off terribly.

  63. Good!!


    I really like the finish of this sunscreen but have noticed it mixes poorly with some moisturisers I use on my face. If applied first before moisturiser I don’t seem to have this issue. Overall I like this product but the pilling can be an issue at times!
  64. the best


    this is amazing, it is spf 50, isn't irritating and this is such a good size
  65. Not oily


    This is the best sunscreen you could ever buy. Put it on your face, your body, everywhere! It is amazing. It’s not oily, you can put makeup over the top and the coverage really works great, never burn again!
  66. Great alternative to Ultra Violette


    I loved this product. I had been using Ultra Violette supreme queen which is fab but i use SPF everyday so go through it a lot! This is a great slightly cheaper alternative!
  67. Better than expected


    Better than expected. It's light and easy to blend in without having white streaks all over your face.
  68. Ok


    It's ok- obviously sun protection is super important, but this is still too thick and sticky for me personally. It's also such a small bottle. Price is fine.


    If you are in the market for a sunscreen that is light weight and looks good under makeup would 100% recommend. I don't find it oily or that it makes my other skincare or makeup pill. The product size is also great for travelling and putting in your handbag.
  70. Great everyday sunscreen


    This is such a great product! I have re purchased multiple times! Big fan
  71. Overall a good sunscreen


    I received this as a sample and it's one of the better sunscreens I have tried. It is lightweight and not too heavy on the skin in comparison to other sunscreens however, I did find it to be a little greasy for my skin.
  72. Great SPF, beware of oiliness


    I have combination skin and while I love most La Roche Posay products I find this a little bit too greasy for everyday use. Prefer Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face sunscreen as it is a more matte finish.
  73. Good but not amazing


    I wear sunscreen every day and had heard a lot of hype about this sunscreen. I gave it a go, but just didn't love it for under makeup. I felt it left me a little shiny and greasy, and I generally have normal to dry skin. I Think it's one of those personal preference things, and sunscreen seems to be so personal! Fortunately I've found others I love.
  74. It's good to have an SPF, but..


    I bought this product because of Melissa's Wardrobe recommendation from IG (melmademedoit).

    I read that the bottle was unexpectedly tiny but whew, it is REALLY tiny. With that being said, it's a great size to keep in your handbag.

    Secondly - it's smelly. When I first tried it I was a bit shocked, it smells like glue. I'm used to it now so it doesn't bother me.

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  75. Love It!


    Congestion is a big problem for me and this does not block my pores at all. It is a bit shiny initially but i don't mind considering its not blocking my pores. I've always hated the feeling of sunscreen on my face because its thick but this doesn't feel bad at all and dries nicely
  76. Good sunscreen


    This sunscreen is lightweight and less greasy compared to other sunscreens I have used. I would reccomend
  77. love this


    I love this, it goes on so well and is so much less irritating than others I have tried
  78. Broke me out in spots


    Not a fan. Smelt a little weird and I got a huge acne breakout after using it. It is lightweight, but leaves a sticky residue. However have friends with similar skin to me who swear by it!
  79. Nice & Light


    Love this sunscreen because it doesn't have the strong typical sunscreen smell, it's like on my face and absorbs nicely. This sunscreen is more on the higher end of things, you can get cheaper sunscreens.
  80. A light sunscreen that doesn’t block pores


    This is a really simple sunscreen that doesn’t feel heavy or give you a white mask. Also doesn’t break me out.
  81. amazing sunscreen don't know how many bottles I've repurchased already


    This sunscreen is so good, 50+, recommended by my dermatologist and works great, especially for the Australian sun. I can't even count how many bottles I have repurchased. Only thing is that sometimes around the hairline it will leave white specks in your hair or eyebrow so pay attention when you're working the sunscreen in. Probably wouldn't recommend for really oily skin types but great for comb...
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  82. Great sunscreen


    A great sunscreen, with a pleasant satin feel on the skin. It is slightly pricey for its size though. Might last a month -2 months at most using everyday.
  83. Best drugstore sunscreen


    I love this product. At first I thought the application was a bit greasy but it absorbs within 15 minutes (quite normal for a chemical sunscreen).
    The spreadability is amazing, it goes on like silk. It is a very high SPF which I prefer for aging prevention, and protection against the sun.
    Though the product does bunch up into little white balls if the sunscreen is applied before pre...
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  84. A good alternative to Ultra Violette!


    I tried this as an alternative to Ultra Violette as I was looking for a cheaper option. I don’t like it has much as Ultra Violette but it doesn’t irritate my skin or break me out at all so I am sticking with it!
  85. Best for sensitive skin


    This is the best sunscreen for sensitive, eczema-prone skin. It does not irritate at all. It offers strong and effective protection from the sun. It also works beautifully under makeup. Simply and flawless product at a reasonable price.
  86. Favourite daily SPF


    I wear this SPF daily - rain, hail or shine. Makeup or no makeup, this SPF is perfect for all occasions. While it is moisturising I do apply a serum and lotion before following up with a generous amount of the Anthelios SPF 50+. The texture is so light and the perfect consistency for a satin/glowy finish. I love that it is fragrance free and does not irritate my sensitive skin.
  87. Lovely product


    I originally tried this as a sampler but wound up buying the full product because of how much I liked it! It's so light on the skin and absorbs super quickly. It feels moisturising and doesn't give me the pale look other sunscreens give me. The bottle looks really small, but you don't need to use very much for your face, so it should last a long time. Overall, I'm very happy with it and will conti...
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  88. The best!


    My absolute favourite sunscreen, use daily without fail. Works well alone and also with makeup. So easy to spread and no white cast! I have repurchased this already.
  89. one of the best sun protection


    I don't remember how many bottles I have used. It's good, non sticky and doesn't leave white marks. The only downside is that it contain alcohol but it's OK for me.
  90. Meh


    I wouldn't repurchase this product. I used it a few times for daily use and it left pilling all over my skin, stripping my other face care products. I tried changing my daily skin care routine, followed the instructions to a T an still got pilling. I wouldn't recommend this product.
  91. Invisible


    Sinks right into the skin. My makeup goes on flawlessly over the top!
  92. Fave sunscreen


    This is my holy grail sunscreen. I have quite oily and sensitive skin and struggle to find sunscreens that suit me. It initially goes on quite oily but after about 15 minutes it sinks in beautifully and can’t tell I’m wearing sunscreen at all, literally is invisible. I love that it isn’t fragranced as this is something I like to avoid in all of my skincare. I also get no eye irritation from this p...
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  93. Great SPF, potentially caused breakouts


    I was really excited for this product but it didn't hit all my expectations. I love high SPF face products as I've been using AHA's and need that extra protection. I am not sure why but everytime I use this sunscreen, I get white heads. And the pilling of the product is hit & miss. Sometimes it stays put, other times I'm rolling it off my face like I've got peeling skin.
  94. Really good for oily skin

    Jess M

    This is the first sunscreen I have used that does not feel greasy on my oily skin, it absorbs really well and is very thin. It also sits very well under makeup
  95. Just not as good as what I thought it would be


    I have quite sensitive skin when it comes to sunscreen. Previously I have stuck with SkinCeuticals but wanted to try and find a cheaper alternative... this is my third attempt and I had high hopes on this brand based on other reviews from people who also have sensitive skin.

    Unfortunately it pilled on my skin, so cannot be used underneath makeup, and within 5 hours my skin was oily an...
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  96. Great sunscreen for the price point


    I love this SPF, it makes my skin glow but not greasy and ghost like. I have oily skin and would usually use the anti-shine one on hot humid days, and this one on cooler and not humid ones. It works great under makeup and I always carry around a bottle in my handbag to reapply during the day. Oh, and it doesn't make my skin breakout :)
  97. Best antiageing product


    This sunscreen I know use daily it is lightweight and not oily. I have used this for a few months and have noticed a huge difference, not as much freckles and wrinkles. Great product, I love it
  98. great for breakout prone skin


    only sunscreen i've found that doesn't break out my sensitive skin, also isn't too oily like other sunscreens.
  99. Best sunscreen


    Was given this product by a friend as a present and I am absolutely in awe. Doesn’t sit on your face and feel gluggy, nice and light!
  100. Good


    This sunscreen applies well but it can pill sometimes just like the ultra dry touch sunscreen
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