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Advanced innovation. Clinically proven ingredients. Premium natural skincare. Welcome to the beauty of La Flôr Cosmetics. Founded by two visionary sisters, Bora and Jihyun, who had previously worked for international cosmetic corporations and research universities as skincare experts, cosmetic engineers and consultants, these sisters were motivated to create their own range. Inspired by the natural beauty of “flores’, combined with dermatological science, and the art of beautification, a stunning, premium skincare range, La Flôr Cosmetics, was born.


Engineered to redefine your natural beauty, La Flôr Cosmetics utilises advanced, innovative dermatology-based skincare that are specifically designed to be enjoyed by all skin types across all geographic regions. Their philosophy is to stay true and faithful to creating safe and uncompromised products that maintain the highest quality standard, using only all-natural and clinically-proven ingredients.


La Flôr Cosmetics hero product is their professional two-step skincare regime that aims to create a refined and luminous complexion through a powerful sheet mask and serum. Step one is the Pearl Luminous Brightening Mask, an ultra-fine sheet mask comprised of micro-fibres that is infused with vitamin C, pearl powder and niacinamide to encourage a replenished, radiant, and glowing complexion. When this luxurious face mask is paired with their Rejuvenating Gold Ampoule, Step 2, magic is made. Skin is richly infused with a powerful serum containing hyaluronic acid, ceramide, essential fruit oil and colloidal gold to repair damaged and weekend skin, boost skin’s ability to heal itself and replenish skin. This two-step skincare routine will repair and nourish your skin, to reveal a luminous, glowing, healthy complexion.  

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