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L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler [+Ha] Replumping Night Cream 50ml 50ml

4.3 of 59 reviews


4 instalments of $11.24

Or 4 instalments of $11.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.24

Or 4 instalments of $11.24 with LEARN MORE

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Fill, plump and firm your skin with L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler [+Ha] Replumping Night Cream. This luxurious moisturiser is enriched with hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves skin looking hydrated, smoothed and refreshed.

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GOOD - 50% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler [+Ha] Replumping Night Cream 50ml Reviews

4.3 of 59 reviews

50% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Fantastic product

Jaxma3 via BeautyCrew.com

Absolutely LOVE this product. Have just turned 40 and was looking for a suitable night cream (having never really used one previously!)
This is a game changer - leaves skim feeling amazing and smells beautiful,

Most Helpful Criticism

Silky soft hydrated skin..

Zarmina3 via BeautyCrew.com

"I got impressed by the shiny packaging and the stylish jar of this cream.
I like the texture and the smell of it. It's soft and absorbs easily in skin leaving no oil or greasy feeling.
I didn't like the color though..
I like the fact that it's a night cream mixed with hyaluronic acid which keeps my skin hydrated all night and skin feels so smooth and soft and ready for a new day next morning.
I would recommend to others.
Might buy it again if it was perfume free and color was better."
  1. Not my new night cream

    mummyG5 via BeautyCrew.com

    This cream has a fragrance to it and also sinks into my skin too quickly. I like a rich night cream and this just isn't it
  2. Good night cream for an older age range

    Maria5 via BeautyCrew.com

    I have never used LÓreal products before, so I was excited to use this night cream. I have used a lot of night creams & sort of know what my skin likes & doesn't like. I wasn't a fan of this night cream unfortunately, which was a bit disappointing, as it's a great price. I found it to thick & after it had dried into my skin, if I would run my hand over my face, little bits of product would still c...
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  3. Silky soft hydrated skin..

    Zarmina3 via BeautyCrew.com

    "I got impressed by the shiny packaging and the stylish jar of this cream.
    I like the texture and the smell of it. It's soft and absorbs easily in skin leaving no oil or greasy feeling.
    I didn't like the color though..
    I like the fact that it's a night cream mixed with hyaluronic acid which keeps my skin hydrated all night and skin feels so smooth and soft and ready for a new ...
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  4. Night Cream review - good effect on skin

    Mags19808 via BeautyCrew.com

    I liked the consistency and feel and it did seem to have a positive effect on my glow and tightness after a few days however it also made my eyes water a bit at first which was a surprise.
  5. great

    Mel129 via BeautyCrew.com

    Product was okay, can’t really tell whether I’m getting any results yet though
  6. Lovely night cream

    Krystalrenee3 via BeautyCrew.com

    I loved the smell and texture of the cream. It left a really nice feel on my skin and when I woke up in the morning my skin felt really soft. I have a few patches of skin at the moment that are suffering from a compromised skin barrier and in these areas it would sting. This issue is a consequence of using other products and not a consequence of using this and I just tried to avoid those patches w...
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  7. Luxury night cream

    Lorraineb1 via BeautyCrew.com

    Revitalift anti aging night cream was good to use. It had pleasant light scent to it and slight purple colouring to the cream. It definitely moisturised my skin and I’m sure as I continue to use it, the few wrinkles I have will become less. The concentrated hyaluronic acid ingredient is interesting and certainly helped my skin feel immediately fresher, as my skin has been dry over winter. Overall ...
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  8. Good results - it's OK

    Nicole4 via BeautyCrew.com

    Love the packaging, smell (although a bit strong) and texture. Application was easy and skin absorption was good. Used for approximately 2 weeks and definitely noticed softer skin, more even skin but no noticeable effect on wrinkles. Probably would not rebuy only as I've tried other products with similar results at a much lower price point.
  9. Great for eye area

    Kimba9 via BeautyCrew.com

    I have found that the dark circles under my eyes have started to reduce in the first week of trying. I did break out a little when using it on my whole face though.
  10. My lethal weapon

    ReviewerA9 via BeautyCrew.com

    The night cream was my secret weapon to wicked looking skin that i looked young and fresh like little red riding hood.
  11. deep, rich and moisturising

    kazz548 via BeautyCrew.com

    This was a nice, thick cream which felt really nice when applying it. I had to learn not to use too uch, as it was so rich a little goes a long way, which means it's good value for money too. I haven't noticed a massive difference in fine lines etc.. yet, however it's only 7 days so probably too early to tell. What i have noticed though, is the difference in the feeling of hydration of my skin in ...
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  12. Plumping and creamy

    natb834 via BeautyCrew.com

    Very thick and creamy, I did notice my skin felt plumper each morning after applying this cream at night time after a good cleanse and tone.
  13. One week in and lovin' it!

    Kirstygirl3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Even after just one use, I could feel my skin had become so lovely and soft to the touch. The smell is devine, it goes on so easily and you don't need a lot to smooth it all your face. One week, and my face feels amazing!
  14. Revolumising Night Cream

    Britt9 via BeautyCrew.com

    This face cream feels deliciously smooth to apply & feels lovely on my skin. Even though I've only been using it for 7 nights, I can already see an improvement in the appearance of some of the lines on my face
  15. Turning back time

    Zero30zero2 via BeautyCrew.com

    I was a little sceptical at first thinking really how much difference can a night cream make. I was pleasantly surprised that after only one week of usage my skin looked much more hydrated and my forehead wrinkles appeared smaller. I also no longer have dry patches on my cheeks.
  16. Good product

    Mish7009 via BeautyCrew.com

    I liked this cream, it absorbed well and had a nice, not overpowering scent. My skin felt softer the next morning. It's too early to tell if it had any anti-aging effect.
  17. L’Oréal Night Cream

    Chanbre3 via BeautyCrew.com

    I really like that it doesn’t leave me feeling like I’ve got a layer of cream on my face. The fragrance is subtle which I like also. I have noticed my skin appearing and feeling fresher in the mornings.
  18. Night cream

    Alice4 via BeautyCrew.com

    This cream makes my skin feel soft when I apply it and it still feels soft in the morning. It has a pleasant scent.
  19. Moisturize your skin beautifuly

    fussygirl6 via BeautyCrew.com

    I love the packaging, the size is just right, shape is really good, it looks very elegant and beautiful colour. The plastic thing on top of the product stuck into the lid which is great because I found other products in the past that taking it off each time when I use it was very annoying. Texture of cream/gel is absolutely great, not too sticky. Cream absorb into skin really quickly but skin does...
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  20. So far so good

    Meggz3 via BeautyCrew.com

    So far so good , I have noticed a slight improvement in my wrinkles and fine lines but I think after using the cream for a bit longer , the changes will be more noticeable .
  21. I am a big fan of this cream.

    Kristy9 via BeautyCrew.com

    The L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Filler ande Revolumising Night cream is fantastic. It feels nice and light on my skin. My skin has never felt so soft before and the softness seems to last most of the day. I normally have very oily skin and night creams can make it even more oily but this cram didn't. I can see a small difference in my fine lines and wrinkles after a week so I am very excited to see w...
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  22. Smooth and softer

    AmyO3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Loreal Paris revitalift filler made my skin softer and smoother after a couple of nights.. I’m not used to applying cream in an upward motion but you do get used to it.
  23. nice rich night cream

    saz265 via BeautyCrew.com

    Have been using for 2 weeks now. Haven't noticed a visible difference yet but the cream is rich and nice to wear before bed. So far loving it.
  24. Definitely worth trying!

    LauraJ9 via BeautyCrew.com

    After using this product for almost 2 weeks, I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin. It feels a lot smoother and wrinkles are less visible. I will continue using this product as I think that the longer I continue using it, the more visible the results will be. Not often do I get excited about a product, but this is one I really think is worth continuing to use
  25. A good night cream

    Amanda1 via BeautyCrew.com

    My first impression is of it was quite high, the packaging is a lovely shade of purple and the scent is perhaps I think it is a lavender smell, so visually and olfactory this just screams of night use (in a good way). I love the creaminess of the product, you didn't need a lot (a little goes a long way). Would I say it changed my wrinkles (I'm not sure), but I did feel like it made my skin less dr...
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  26. Cream to make you feel and look younger

    Yummymummy804 via BeautyCrew.com

    I could feel the effects straight away and you didn't need much cream so the tub will last for ages
  27. Must have if your 40+

    Madjenjoh3 via BeautyCrew.com

    As a busy woman in her mid 40's I love products that are good for my skin,reasonably priced and easy to use .L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Filler Revolumising Night Cream ticks all my boxes .My skin was in need of a pick me up and it delivered .
  28. Revitalised and renewed

    Madjenjoh3 via BeautyCrew.com

    After the first use my skin felt softer and refreshed. After using the cream daily for 2 weeks my skin was feeling more supple and revitalised. I received compliments about my skin, which I haven’t had in years.
  29. Good

    Tom10 via BeautyCrew.com

    This is a good product if u want to firm ur face up and eliminate some of the fine lines but it doesn’t last that long.
  30. Good results but a tad expensive

    Jess3 via BeautyCrew.com

    I tried this as I love products with hyalauronlic acid as it’s so moisturising and good for skin. And I also needed a good night moisturiser.
    I found this Olay very easy to apply, no greasy or oily as some night creams are. It absorbed very quickly and my face felt really smooth.
    I quite liked this product. The only draw back for me is the size and price - using it every day as you n...
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  31. Fantastic product

    Jaxma3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Absolutely LOVE this product. Have just turned 40 and was looking for a suitable night cream (having never really used one previously!)
    This is a game changer - leaves skim feeling amazing and smells beautiful,
  32. Soft Lavender Night Time Cream

    FridaD3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Lovely light lavender colour just perfect for that soft night time feel. The texture is silky soft. Not greasy at all. Absorbs into the skin just perfectly. It has left my skin amazing, plumped and noursihed. Best night cream ive used so far.
  33. Shall work over time!

    Mid30s6 via BeautyCrew.com

    It's really good once I got into a routine. My skin feels fresher and confident in the morning.
  34. Rejuvenating

    Ditty5 via BeautyCrew.com

    Easy and smooth. No harsh reaction and feels rejuvenating
  35. Amazing Results!

    Nat757 via BeautyCrew.com

    I was very surprised with this product. It felt beautiful on the skin and even in the morning my skin was smooth and hydrated! I would definitely recommend this cream!
  36. Tired skin no more!

    MsMvy9 via BeautyCrew.com

    I have tried the L’Oréal Paris revitalise night cream for the last week and I am loving the way my skin feels and looks in the morning. The cream feels light on your skin but at the same time luxurious. It is easy to spread on your face, non greasy (which I love) and has a pleasant scent to it. In the morning my skin feels hydrated, fresh, glowy and looks less tired. This is a creme I will definit...
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  37. Soft and non greasy feel

    Mouse2 via BeautyCrew.com

    The perfect night cream. I put on after showering and my face glowed. The L’Oreal Paris Rwvitalift Filler gives my akin a new lease on life
  38. Great night cream

    Kobie3 via BeautyCrew.com

    This cream is beautiful and thick and is absorbed well into the skin. It has a beautiful fragrance as well. I have been using it for a week and have noticed my skin is smoother and much softer.
  39. Luxurious cream with immediate benefits.

    Jadeybella10 via BeautyCrew.com

    This L'Oreal night cream feels luxurious when putting it on and rubs in nicely with no greasiness. It has a lovely fragrance and your skin feels immediately hydrated. My skin continues to feel soft and hydrated in the morning. My skin feels softer and healthier. I will definitely purchase this cream in the future.
  40. Silky soft perfection

    Bicey5 via BeautyCrew.com

    Amazeballs. This cream actually works. Your skin feels so high dratted when you wake up. It actually feels like you have had a face mask on all night. My skin is so smooth and the smell is divine. Where has this been all of my life.
  41. Amazing results

    KatB2 via BeautyCrew.com

    This night cream is absolutely amazing. I love the rich texture and how it leaves my skin feeling moisturised without leaving a greasy feel to it. I’ve been using for a week now and my skin is visibly smoother and clearer.
  42. Lines be filled

    Ami784 via BeautyCrew.com

    I loved what this product did for me. My face feels amazing in the morning and some of my lines have filled in. I am going to buy the range for the day creams as well.
  43. Refreshing and light

    LaBriezy4 via BeautyCrew.com

    I have been using the amazing L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler [+Ha] Revolumising night cream for the past week now and I am loving it. The smoothness it gives to my skin after applying is the best feeling and I have seen a slight decrease to my wrinkles on my forhead which is the area mostly effected along with under my eyes. I also love how refreshing and light it feels, as I have found some crea...
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  44. Great product - try it!

    MelZS2 via BeautyCrew.com

    I have been using L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler [+Ha] Revolumising Night Cream every night before bed. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth and it smells lovely. I have noticed that my facial skin looks plumper and my fine lines are less obvious. This product is also very moisturising.
  45. Bright and smooth skin

    Emcunnian1 via BeautyCrew.com

    I was really surprised at how lovey this product was. I’ve not had a cream that had left my skin feeling this good in a very long time!
  46. Would definitely purchase again

    MummaM7 via BeautyCrew.com

    The first thing I noticed upon opening was the colour and the smell, it looks and smells beautiful. With all of the recent wind and cold my skin has been incredibly dry. The first Two nights my skin soaked up the cream, by night 3 my skin felt smoother, nowhere near as dry and looked plumper than before.
  47. Best cream on the Market.

    Shazlick4 via BeautyCrew.com

    I just love this product ,the best on the market I have tried ,it smells nice and has no fumes like some other have had in the past that make you cry ,And I have definitely seen a difference in my fine lines ,makes my skin feel soft .I will definitely be buying this product again Thank you L'OREAL.
  48. Skin feels great.

    LeeLee6 via BeautyCrew.com

    I felt a difference from day one of adding this cream into my skincare routine. After using it for more than a week my skin looks plumper and more glowy. Fine wrinkles are definitely less noticeable. I feel like it's really made me look more awake and healthy looking. The cream goes on quickly and is pleasant to use. It adds moisture without oiliness.
  49. Moisturising, luxurious and calming.

    palmerj3 via BeautyCrew.com

    I really enjoyed using this. I have extremely dry skin and it is actually the only moisturiser that I’ve used at night time and NOT had dry flaky skin again in the morning. I usually have to use rosehip oil, so was nice using a moisturiser for a change. Haven’t noticed any visual changes yet, would probably need to use for longer.
  50. Best night cream

    Sonisoni5 via BeautyCrew.com

    I used night cream before, I found this cream is one of the best. Non sticky, non greasy, easily absorbed by skin,it gives you smooth and soft texture to skin.
  51. Great face softening face cream

    Melmum6 via BeautyCrew.com

    Have used cream for 7 nights straight and already I've seen a noticeable difference. My eye bags have reduced, same as my forehead wrinkles. The most noticeable and best change is how soft my skin has become, my skin was usually dry and now its beautiful and soft.
  52. Youthful again!

    Cazza2 via BeautyCrew.com

    The cream feels thick to touch, however dries well and does not feel thick on the face. My skin feels clean and moisturised
  53. Start in your 20's

    Megan3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Firstly the smell is amazing. Not too overpowering, which is good for a night cream. Thick formula but sits really nicely on my skin without feeling too thick or greasy. Absorbs into my skin quite well and a small amount goes quite far. I did find that my skin improved pretty quickly from using this night cream and I do have a pretty strict skin care regime so this will fit in really well, possibl...
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  54. Makes you feel younger

    Kath776 via BeautyCrew.com

    I love it how it makes me feel a bit younger, it is easy to use
  55. High quality night cream

    Jemma10 via BeautyCrew.com

    The L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Filler [+Ha] Revolumising Night Cream comes in an easy to use tub and is an absolute delightful texture that feels great on my skin. It has a nice but yet still subtle fragrance for use at night and hydrates my skin. I've noticed my skin is more plump and there are less lines noticeable, along with a more radiant and youthful glow. To touch, my skin feels soft and well...
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  56. Great

    Polly3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Thought I would give it a try. Sceptical, but pleasantly surprised by the result after 2-3 weeks, lines appear to have diminished slightly. Have to buy some more. :)
  57. Heavenly

    Mandy3 via BeautyCrew.com

    The first word that comes to me when I think of this product is Heavenly! I look forward to putting it on every night! The colour is so beautiful and it smells amazing! I have really noticed a difference in my skin and how fresh look in the morning! I have sensitive skin and it doesn’t cause me any problems at all! It soaks in so quickly and doesn’t make you stick to your pillow! Love Love Love it...
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  58. Good


    It absorbs easily into the skin and feels lightweight for my combination skin but I didn't notice any improvement in the wrinkles or lines.
  59. So so


    I didn’t feel much difference by using this product. Probably not for me.
    It is lite texture and easy to absorb. But I don’t think I will buy this again.
    For someone who wants lite texture moisture for their skin, you can try it. It will hydrate your skin. But this is just not for me.
    It is a good product for this price range.
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