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L'Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara - Black

4.2 of 132 reviews


4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $6.24

Or 4 instalments of $6.24 with LEARN MORE

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L'Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara delivers intense volume and spectacular lash length. Boost your lashes up to paradise! This volumising, thickening mascara resists transfer, for supernatural lashes that stay put.

What customers say

GREAT - 83% recommend

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L'Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara - Black Reviews

4.2 of 132 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Bold and Beautiful

Kimmba6 via BeautyCrew.com

I really enjoy using L'Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara from the first moment I put it on, it really made my eyelashes stand out and it feels so light as if I don't have it on.

Most Helpful Criticism

Okay but a bit clumpy for me


I didn't mind this mascara for the price however, I find it to be a bit too clumpy for me. If you like a thicker application and look, then this might be for you.
  1. Not Great


    Mascara was okay but quite clumpy. Did the job but with longer lashes it often rubs off easily or clumps. Not their best mascara.
  2. Wanted to love this

    Sarsar5 via BeautyCrew.com

    The first time I used this mascara I loved it, looked like I was wearing falsies. However the second time I went to use it, it had gone thick and gloopy and made a mess of my eyelashes, very disappointed
  3. L’Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara

    Melinda5 via BeautyCrew.com

    The mascara did give my eyelashes the extra volume and length but after a few hours it started to run and I had black mascara patches under my eyes. I have combination/oily skin so this happens to me all the time but may not happen to others.
  4. Disappointing

    Sozajo8 via BeautyCrew.com

    It's difficult to get on cleanly. Hard to get enough product off the brush so it doesn't go everywhere. My eyes also seemed to react to the product meaning I'm unlikely to reuse.
  5. Very clumpy

    Taylor8 via BeautyCrew.com

    Very clumpy and leaves a lot of thick product on your lashes and makes it very hard to get a nice clean look
  6. Thick & clumpy

    NicMorgan2 via BeautyCrew.com

    I found the mascara to be quite thick & clumpy, and I had to clean the brush before use each time
  7. Fine if don't have long lashes

    Tiffany10 via BeautyCrew.com

    The mascara brush is quite large so when applying curls the lashes. I found it to be not a good look for me as I have longer lashes they ended up rubbing mascara straight onto my skin where I needed to then remove makeup to tidy this up
  8. Good for some lashes

    Megan3 via BeautyCrew.com

    I found this formulation too clumpy for my lashes. I have quite long lashes naturally and while this definitely highlighted that and made visible every single lash, it made them look clumpy and tacky.
    The application was smooth and easy to apply, one coat was enough and it didn't leave any black undereye marks through the day like other mascaras can.
    I let my teenage children use thi...
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  9. Paradise Mascara

    Tracy2 via BeautyCrew.com

    I found the mascara quite think and clumpy on my eyelashes. Even my youngest child told me it looked like I had LOTS on and I only applied one coat.
  10. Great budget mascara

    Maria5 via BeautyCrew.com

    I have never tried LÓreal products before, but have always wondered how they are compared to other brands. It was a very nice mascara to use & very easy to apply. It felt smooth going on & didn't clump my lashes together. I did have a little fall out under my eyes from the mascara after a full day, but it wasn't to bad. I would buy it again, if I couldn't get my normal mascara & it's great to have...
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  11. Perfectly Plain Jane

    BecLashes9 via BeautyCrew.com

    It went on really smooth, was so nice to apply, no clumps, no sticking lashes. It was just really nice but it wasn't quite as black as i'd like and it didn't have any sort of effect happening, kind of boring like that. Also I like my mascara to be waterproof because i am an eye rubber and forever have watery eyes.
  12. Pleasantly surprised

    Zoe1236 via BeautyCrew.com

    The mascara went on well. Had to apply lightly or too much product was applied. I liked how the mascara didn't flake and end up under my eyes after wearing all day - a lot of mascara's do. I usually wear brown mascara as I find black a bit harsh for my skin tone, so would love to try a brown next time I purchase.
  13. Sleek and sexy

    Abrazosbesos8 via BeautyCrew.com

    First impressions- the tube is cute, gorgeous colour, compact and easy to carry around. First time using it I found it quick and easy to apply, no mess, no smears or excess around the eyes. Effect - instantly longer more voluminous lashes. Fab product.
  14. Long lasting, smudge free .

    Zarmina3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Surely it's something which can be added to your every day makeup routine. Affordable too..
    The packaging was nice and love love the color of its stylish mascara tube.
    It was very easy to apply and the mascara wand perfectly glides over the lashes leaving no smudges behind..
    Long lasting and smudge free..
    I would recommend to my friends.
  15. Mascara to make you lash look visible.

    Meshi9 via BeautyCrew.com

    I have very small lashes I put on this and I can see my lashes now important put on two coats.thanks
  16. Feather looking lashes...

    Tammyb7 via BeautyCrew.com

    I absolutely loved it! It curled my lashes at the same time as darkening and lengthening them. It made my lashes look like they were falsies!
  17. A great mascara for my long lashes

    Kvt762 via BeautyCrew.com

    Loved the ease of applying this mascara. No clumps or lumps and it didn't dry my eyes out as many mascaras seem to. Easy to wash off at night.
  18. Awesome Mascara

    MrsCBennett10 via BeautyCrew.com

    So good! After the second coat it is just amazing long and full lashes! Would definitely buy again!!
  19. Best mascara for all occasions

    KayGee6 via BeautyCrew.com

    Makes lashes look thicker without clumping and gives it a lift from root. Great for all day wear without flaking
  20. Stay put power in a couple of sweeps

    Jazza3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Finally a long wearing stay put mascara that's easy to apply and doesn't leave end of day panda eyes!
  21. Great mascara that glides on with ease

    Annie2137 via BeautyCrew.com

    A great liquid mascara that glides on over lashes and leaves them well curled, coloured and not at all clumpy
  22. Volume and Length!

    Carol8 via BeautyCrew.com

    This mascara applies quite wonderfully. It feels luxurious and smells great. It definitely adds volume and length to my lashes!
  23. Great budget mascara!

    Emina6 via BeautyCrew.com

    Loreal paradise mascara is agreat budget mascara it gave my lashes wonderful length and volume with only one application and can be easily layered for extra omph. I used a clean brush post application to remove any clumps.
    I loved the wand shape it has medium to large brush with a lot of bristles,however I did find that I needed to remove a lot of product from wand prior to application ( th...
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  24. Pleasantly surprised.

    Flea777 via BeautyCrew.com

    I was pleasantly surprised. It lengthens and volumises and looks great on. Will buy again.
  25. Great colour and length will buy again

    KateL2 via BeautyCrew.com

    I was pleasantly surprised when using the L'Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara. Previously I have been using a tube mascara so was interested to see what the development has been with modern mascaras. I was very impressed and happy with the length, colour and longevity of the L'Oreal Paradise Mascara and will be re-purchasing again. The only downside I found was that there was some fall out under my eye...
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  26. Mascara Paradise

    Princess9 via BeautyCrew.com

    It was an was to apply mascara that didn't clump and left my eye lashes looking brilliant
  27. Volume Lashes

    Jness7 via BeautyCrew.com

    Good mascara for volume but find it gets slightly clumpy. I just use another mascara to separate and it looks great
  28. This works like a treat

    Danica6 via BeautyCrew.com

    Very happy with this straight from the first use. Other mascaras have begun clumpy on the first few uses but this has good separation. Good lengthening and coverage
  29. Long, full lashes.

    LusciousLashes6 via BeautyCrew.com

    The first couple of days it went on smooth but after the 3rd day it was a little clumpy. However I did love the volume and length it gave my lashes and it lasted all day with no transfer into my skin, which is a big deal as I'm on my feet running around all day from air conditioning to outdoors with children. I would buy it again as the clumping was only minimal compared to the positive outcomes i...
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  30. Good staple mascara

    CamiS6 via BeautyCrew.com

    I only used this a few times as I've not had much need for makeup recently. Worked with no smudging, and didn't irritate my sensitive eyes and surrounding skin.
  31. Thick and long

    Holstar8 via BeautyCrew.com

    Easy application. Made eyelashes extremely thick and long. Product was a little gluggy and clumpy however eyelashes didn’t feel heavy after application.
  32. greeat

    joni2 via BeautyCrew.com

    i loove thiss
    it makes my lashes look a lot longer
  33. L’Oréal mascara

    Ally5 via BeautyCrew.com

    This mascara is stays very long no smudge gives nice volume to lashes gives natural look I use it for first time I love this mascara very natural good volume Nd eyes looks bigger must try
  34. Good overall

    BeautyReviewer9 via BeautyCrew.com

    Overall this mascara was good. However I wouldn't recommend for beginners. It is a little clumpy sometimes and could weigh down your lashes. However it makes them look great and will last the whole day. Keep in mind, if you have a strong sense of smell like me, you will be able to smell this all day.
  35. Quality mascara

    Mascara4 via BeautyCrew.com

    It was quite thick but didn’t go clumpy in my lashes. It stayed on and didn’t smudge everywhere so I would purchase again
  36. Good

    Good6 via BeautyCrew.com

    I really like the wand on this mascara. It's not too thick. The colour is really nice and it's not clumpy. The packaging is also really cute too.
  37. Bold and Beautiful

    Kimmba6 via BeautyCrew.com

    I really enjoy using L'Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara from the first moment I put it on, it really made my eyelashes stand out and it feels so light as if I don't have it on.
  38. Stunning Lashes

    Rosie5 via BeautyCrew.com

    Lasted all day, made lashes look full and thick, didn't smudge, not clumpy
  39. Converted!

    AmandaCal8 via BeautyCrew.com

    This mascara is wonderful! On the first application I was amazed at how thick it made my lashes without them looking clumpy!! I have been converted,very impressed. Love the colour of the tube too! Packaging is very pleasing.
  40. L'Oreal mascara

    Cathy1 via BeautyCrew.com

    I don't wear mascara very often but wore it every day for the trial. I found it worked well to give my lashes definition without getting clumpy. It also stayed on well - a few times I forgot I was wearing it and gave my eyes a good rub but the mascara stayed put. I enjoyed having a bit of glamour during stage 4 lockdown even if no one else saw it.
  41. Easy to use, makes your lashes pop

    karina9 via BeautyCrew.com

    The mascara is easy to use - the black liquid glides easily onto your lashes and really adds a lot of volume to them. I have typical stumpy Asian sparse lashes and this mascara transforms them from near-invisible to popping out! Made my eyes looks more vibrant. Most importantly also, it did not smudge during the day, I did not have panda eyes at 5pm. And it was not hard to take off with make up re...
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  42. Only like high end? New cheap fave here!

    Alison8 via BeautyCrew.com

    This blew me away! I've been a high end brand mascara buyer for years and did not know how this would then out.
    Oh. My. Goodness. I got lift, gentle curl and the blackest black coating.
    One coat is all that's needed for perfect coverage. Will definitely be buying again
  43. Amazing mascara

    DRamsay284 via BeautyCrew.com

    I was very pleased with the results of this mascara! It instantly provided volume, length and definition with just one coat. The brush is large and has a slight hourglass shape so it makes it so quick and easy to apply. The formula didn’t feel dry or flakey, and lasted well during the day without smudging. I was impressed that it kept my lashes curled and lifted for hours, and that it contains nou...
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  44. Lash extensions in a mascara formula!

    Hales10 via BeautyCrew.com

    I love the packaging first and foremost. The colour of the tube itself is really fashionable not boring. Opening the wand I was surprised how full the wand applicator was. The sizing is perfect. I applied one coat and it went on perfectly, no clumping, not too little and not too much liquid on the wand. I was shocked how much my lashes looked like I had extensions on with just one, so applied anot...
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  45. Definitely a visit to Lash Paradise.

    Kijo6 via BeautyCrew.com

    Love at first sight with the strikingly metallic Blushing rose gold packaging, beautiful amongst a sea of the usual colours from other brands. Easy to open and I love that the wand pulled out with the perfect amount of product on it as I hate when you have to keep double dipping. The mascara holds to the lashes well and is not clumpy. I wore it all day at work and didn’t need to reapply or keep wi...
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  46. Eyelashes really pop

    Elsie002 via BeautyCrew.com

    I received this last week and tries it straight away. I was really impressed with how long it lasted during the day and didn't smudge. It really elevated my eyelashes and probably one of the best mascaras i have tried.
  47. Mascara win

    Ptester10 via BeautyCrew.com

    Simple to use. This mascara was clean and effective. It did not clog. It made my eyelashes stand out. I was very happy with this product
  48. Highly Recommend

    Lis09871 via BeautyCrew.com

    I love this Mascara. It was very easy to apply, not messy or clumpy like other Mascara's that I have used before. Brush felt soft & smooth. The packet said that it would add volume & lenth to lashes & I found that it definitely lived up to this. This is my new favourite Mascara.
  49. Perfect Mascara Love your eyelashes

    JessD6 via BeautyCrew.com

    This product was Amazing it really does make your eyelashes longer and was beautiful to wear doesn't smudge.
    Would highly recommend this mascara
  50. best mascara ever

    hope1267 via BeautyCrew.com

    I have to say out of every mascara I have used this is the most effective and easy to apply i have even bought my daughter one to use it's that good
  51. WOW.. this is PARADISE!!

    laureneve5 via BeautyCrew.com

    WOW... as the same says this mascara is PARADISE. I love the rose gold packaging of the box and tube, making it look expensive and luxurious. The product itself is amazing, better than most of the expensive mascaras I have used. The wand is thick and glides easily over my lashes giving them a full look. I have straight lashes and using the wand as I curl it upwards it leaves them looking thick and...
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  52. L’Oréal Mascara

    JoE00034 via BeautyCrew.com

    Wow it definately makes a difference using this mascara, Great lengthening and volume and no clumping. Loved using it.
  53. Excellent

    Jenna4 via BeautyCrew.com

    I really love this mascara, it makes my lashes look thicker, blacker, longer and it holds the curl all day. I have very thin straight lashes and most mascaras just weigh them down, but I was impressed how this didn't do that at all. One coat works best for my lashes, otherwise they can look a bit clumpy and I curl them before and after mascara application. The only negatives I have are that it isn...
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  54. Fantastic staying power!

    Sacha7 via BeautyCrew.com

    I love how this mascara goes on. And it stays on! It has a pretty natural look and feel and didn't irritate my eyes at all. It didn't flake throughout the day and go panda on me like lots of others do. Only thing I can say is that too much comes on the brush when you pull it out - so have to brush it on the side to get excess off so it doesn't go on clumpy.
  55. Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara

    Irena10 via BeautyCrew.com

    As I've gotten older, my eyes are more sensitive to makeup, but I have found that this Mascara with it's soft bristles was easy to apply and didn't irritate my eyes. It thickened and lengthened my lashes, but didn't clump. I also love the Rose Gold colour. Definitely recommend.
  56. Cute pack

    Kelbel10 via BeautyCrew.com

    Great product, smooth application and made my eyelashes look fuller and longer. Added bonus is the cute bottle
  57. Very Happy

    MelW4 via BeautyCrew.com

    I am very happy with the L'Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara and I will be buying it again. It doubled the length and volume of my lashes. It did not irritate my eyes after wearing it all day every day as some mascaras do. It washed off very easily which I liked.
  58. Great buy.

    EKC01013 via BeautyCrew.com

    Love the Mascara. Works well, doesn't clump and looks great. Very happy with it.
  59. Best mascara

    Marwah3 via BeautyCrew.com

    This mascara is great! I've used it daily since receiving my sample. It gives good volume to my lashes and lasts throughout the day.
    I have found the formula gets thicker after extended use, so you have to be careful when you are building up your lashes.
    But overall this is a really great product, comparable to more expensive brands and I will be buying it again.
  60. I love it

    Manda5 via BeautyCrew.com

    I really loved it. The way it makes me look like I have fantastic eyelashes I will probably buy it myself
  61. Gorgeous long lashes

    Madjenjoh3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Very long lasting wear, visibly longer lashes. Easy to apply and smudge proof.
  62. Love love love

    Mynewmusthave5 via BeautyCrew.com

    I love, love, love this mascara it is truly amazing. I use it in conjunction with an eyelash serum and so many people ask me if I’m wear false lashes because they look amazing. I fully recommend this product. I do run a clean, dry mascara brush through my lashes after applying as I find that helps so I don’t apply too much product.
  63. My fave!

    Saraht1 via BeautyCrew.com

    My fave mascara! Absolutely love it. Make my lashes look thick, long and luscious!! Highly recommend
  64. So Good!

    Jess9 via BeautyCrew.com

    I purchased this on whim and i love it! Makes my lashes look so full and long, everything you want from a mascara. Also doesn't leave my lashes feeling heavy or like there is a lot of product on them. Also like the packaging.
    Would recommend to my friends to try!
  65. It was great

    Brianna4 via BeautyCrew.com

    The mascara is easy application, doesn’t clump together like most mascaras. Generally happy with this product
  66. Great product

    Emma3 via BeautyCrew.com

    This is my favourite mascara and beats all the expensive brands I’ve tried! The formula is nice and easy to apply and remove and makes my lashes look so much longer and fuller.
  67. Great Lashes

    Reggie4 via BeautyCrew.com

    I bought this product because I felt I needed to plump up my eyelashes. As long as I allow time for it to dry my eyelashes look considerably thicker and longer. I would highly recommend.
  68. like it


    I bought this when it was super hyped and wasn't disappointed. However, it smudged over time as my oily eyelids sadly do to mascaras. Might try the waterproof version
  69. Volume for days


    This really does give you amazing volume and live up to the hype. Unfortunately however, I discovered with this product that I really don't like that look and prefer lengthening as voluminous can read as clumpy with simpler eye looks. A small com of this is that it dries out quickly due to the drier formula that makes it perform so well initially.
  70. Volume for days


    If you love voluminous lashes then this certainly will give you that, i can understand why its so hyped. Unfortuantely however, I discovered that I do not like that look on me. A small con to mention of this is that it also dries up and gets clumpy quicker then some other mascaras due to the drier formula that makes it work so well initially.
  71. Pretty decent mascara


    Pretty good product for the price - gives good definition without clumping. Brush is good shape for easy application. Dramatic effect that lasts without becoming flaky.
  72. So volumising


    This is such a great mascara, comparable or even better than many more expensive mascaras. Since you're meant to throw out mascaras after a few months I feel it's a waste of money to spend too much on them.
    This is so volumising and lengthening!
    It does get a little clumpy if you try to later too much but it's so good you only need one coat.
    It lasts all day with no smudging or f...
    Read More
  73. Great


    Nice mascara to use, not sure if it is as good as some of the others but it does the job.
  74. It's ok.


    This mascara is ok but I don't like the shape of the wand or how big the wand is as it makes it difficult to apply especially to the inner lashes. The formula can be a bit hard to work with and can be a bit clumpy if you're not careful. It does make the lashes thick and long but it's definitely not the easiest to apply. I prefer Loreal's voluminous mascara.
  75. Affordable


    Nice affordable mascara. Has good coverage.
  76. Okay


    Goes on the lashes a little clumpy but not too bad. The applicator is a bit big so it's difficult to apply a nice coat from the base. It's pretty good at first but it transfers and I end up looking like a panda after a few hours.
  77. Smudges on my water eyes


    I have very dry skin but slightly watery eyes - this definitely transfers easily underneath my eye (but I apply top lashes only). Despite that, totally love how epic, large, thick, full and awesome this makes my lashses. Keen to try the waterproof version.
  78. Texture


    I found it quite thick and I wasn’t sure how it would work, it did work well and made lashes look longer but the texture was clumpy
  79. Not bad


    I like the applicator and the volume it provides. It does go flaky on me though if I do two coats of it. Not bad overall.
  80. Volumising but does flake off


    A great mascara for huge volume, could get a little bit clumpy if you get overboard but I don't mind that. I will say that it does flake on me which is a shame, but the volume is excellent and people ask me if I'm wearing false lashes :D I'm going to try the waterproof version in the hopes it doesn't flake.
  81. Okay but a bit clumpy for me


    I didn't mind this mascara for the price however, I find it to be a bit too clumpy for me. If you like a thicker application and look, then this might be for you.
  82. great


    I love this mascara so much. I think I've gone through 4 of these. It like dupes for the too face one. This lengthens and adds volume to my lashes
  83. Beautiful at first but dries out quickly


    This mascara makes my lashes look beautiful and fanned out - however, the mascara will begin to dry out in a couple of weeks, and create clumps that look terrible on the lashes, but also make the container very hard to keep sanitary.
  84. Love the Effect


    Leaves my lashes very 'fluttery' and well defined. I love the effect it gives. It does smudge a little on me, otherwise it would have been perfect!
  85. Okay


    This mascara is okay, but not as good as I thought it would be. It has good coverage, but I find it a bit clumpy, and that it transfers easily.
  86. Good for a short amount of time


    This was constantly advertised on TV, so I gave it a go since I'm a mascara junkie. It worked at first, however it ran out very quickly and there was not much definition, volume or curl.
  87. 4th time puchasing


    This is my 4th time purchasing this mascara. I love it, it lengthens my lashes so much. Only problem is it runs out quicker than other mascaras.
  88. Great for the price


    Great product with an easy to apply brush. Gets a neat, clump free result with no fuss. I have minimal lashes and this gets good colour and definition without looking unnatural. And cheap too. Win.
  89. I love this!


    This is amazing! An affordable yet luxe mascara that lasts all day and is super easy to apply and create the look that you want. Love it! I've gone through a fair few of these!!
  90. Awesome


    This is the absolute best drugstore mascara on the market. It provides full voluminous lashes without being clumpy. The formula can be a little wet when you first open the tube but just dab some of the excess on a tissue.
  91. I would not call this 'Paradise'

    Lash paradise

    I'm not sure if I'm taking crazy pills but what's the hype! It looked ok (at best) on the lashes but It dried out after about 4 uses! I've used much better and cheaper mascaras than this so I wouldn't recommend
  92. best mascara


    There was so much hype over this mascara so I had to try it out myself and I've got say it does deserve the hype it gets. It doesn't clump my lashes. it gives me fuller and longer lashes.
  93. Really nice mascara


    I got this mascara as it was so raved about on youtube. However, I think this might be different to the Lash paradise sold in America. I do really enjoy this mascara, however it is not my favourite. Sometimes it looks good ut other days it can looks a bit clumpy.
  94. Worth the hype


    This gets so much hype, but I have to say, it really is as good as everyone says.
    It really pumps up my short straight lashes.
    I only need one coat, it really volumises and lengthens like no other.
    The only downsides are that it dries out quite quickly, and it can clump but only because it's so volumising.
  95. Yes worth it!


    Saw this on affordable product video on YouTube and purchased it really brushes out the lashes and gives them fine long fibres that boost any eye look. Great consistency. My go to affordable Mascara.


    I love the entire Paradise Extatic collection. This formula is much nicer than the waterproof equivalent and I find that its quite long lasting. The applicator is a little thick for my liking but I got used to using it pretty quickly so it hasn't been an issue.
  97. One of the best for the price


    I'm on to my second tube and it's pretty darn good if you dont want to spend $30+ on mascara. It volumises, is nice and black, and it lengthens a bit too so its a good all-rounder. Ive since discovered other mascaras that I like a bit more but if this is on sale and I run out of mascara (not in the near future!), I'll probably repurchase it again.
  98. The BEST mascara


    I swear by Paradise, it’s my absolutely favourite mascara. Gives me just enough volume and length, always get complimented on my lashes.
  99. Helps my boring lashes


    My lashes barely do anything, hardly keep curl etc but this always comes up a treat. Tried it because I heard it was a dupe for a Too Faced mascara. Weirdly, I’ve snapped the wand twice when sort of twisting it around which has never happened with other mascaras so if you never skip arm day be warned!
  100. hit and miss


    This confuses me so much because somedays it creates the best lashes but every once and a while it sill be super spidery and flake all day :( i think ill move back over to maybelline
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