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L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation 35ml


4 instalments of $7.49

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4 instalments of $7.49

Or 4 instalments of $7.49 with LEARN MORE

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Infallible Matte is an easy to spread, lightweight, liquid emulsion that is never dull and never cakey. Infallible Matte resists sweat, stress, heat and humidity with no shine and no mask effect.

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GREAT - 78% recommend

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L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation Reviews

78% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Perfect full.corvage foundation for oily skin


Been using this product for years great colour and coverage for oily skin

Most Helpful Criticism

Good foundation but not my fave


I know a lot of people love this foundation but I just did not see the hype. It is a nice foundation but did not always sit nice on my skin. I have combo skin and some days just could not get this to work.
  1. Full coverage but could last longer


    The coverage on it is absolutely amazing but I find it doesn’t stay as long as some of my other foundations like my Marc Jacob’s Remarkable, obviously completely different price bracket so it’s amazing for the price but it isn’t 24 hour wear like it advertises
  2. Great


    I use this under make up as a primer/concealer and it covers well and acts as a good base for foundation.
  3. Not the best


    This foundation can be quite patchy and streaky at times, it doesn't go on very smoothly. It also dries very quickly as well. There are much better foundations out there than this.
  4. It's very matte


    Not a fan of this. It might work for someone who wants very full coverage, but for me it felt mask-like and so dry. I have oily skin, so I found that when I wore this through the day, the oils in my skin broke up the product around my nose and chin and cheeks. But I think if you had dry skin, it would be way too matte.
    The packaging is convenient and hygienic, with a squeezy tube, but feels...
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  5. Super long lasting!


    I have super dry skin and as a result, most foundation I wear usually end up flaking off in a couple of hours. However, I can wear this foundation for 8 hours at work and come home and it still looks great. It’s a very affordable product too which is great!
  6. amazing


    I had seen a lot of people talk about this. I had to try it myself and I've got to say I like this foundation a lot. This foundation is very matte.
  7. Good foundation but not my fave


    I know a lot of people love this foundation but I just did not see the hype. It is a nice foundation but did not always sit nice on my skin. I have combo skin and some days just could not get this to work.
  8. just lovely


    used a s a primer when they updated my foundation and it needed more coverage. would recommend
  9. Perfect full.corvage foundation for oily skin


    Been using this product for years great colour and coverage for oily skin
  10. Nice, but maybe not for oily skin


    I loved the finish when I first applied this - full coverage, but still satin.
    I have combination skin so I found that throughout the day it became a bit more oily looking around my T-zone and cheeks.
    Very build-able, can mix with a moisturiser or tinted sunscreen to make it more natural.
  11. Colour matches well


    Very Matte results for oily skin- can use as a base too for application of thicker foundations. A great product.
  12. Matte finish


    Gives a smooth shine free complexion ideal for oily skin
  13. Great drugstore Product


    Good full coverage foundation for the price. Also stays on relatively well. Great for oily skin but can be drying.
  14. Great drugstore Product


    Good full coverage foundation for the price. Also stays on relatively well. Great for oily skin but can be drying.
  15. Not bad


    It doesn't have the best coverage and it isn't buildable on my skin but it lasts all day for sure.
  16. Good coverage. Not very dewy.


    Okay so great coverage but not good for dry skin. I have the infallible oxygen technology liquid in a bottle component and I find the oxygen technology better for my skin type.
  17. Actually so good!!!

    Emma Loves Makeup

    I bought this after watching Nikkia Joy's makeup recommendations for Oily skin and I've never looked back! I've repurchased this multiple times and have never had any issues. It works so well with the Infallible Primer and the shades match my skin nicely when I have a tan and don't. And also great is the price!
  18. vanilla


    it is a good foundation to be used everyday i would not recommend it for party wear. it gives a good coverage but it is not long wear.
  19. go to


    i dont use liquid foundation often but when i do i always reach for this. It is full coverage for my skin and can be thinned out a bit with moisturizer if you want a more day friendly foundation.
  20. Just beautiful!


    One of my favourites that I keep going to !Full coverage with no blemishes on the face!
  21. Good but not for my skin.


    This didn’t work very good for my skin, it made it look very flat. But I think this would work wonders on someone with very oily to oily skin and like the matte look. Full coverage and lasted all night
  22. like it


    I got a perfect match in a chemist store, so i am happy with the good start. It is very matte which I like.
  23. Amazing


    Favorite foundation ever. It really does last all night without getting gross, and looks really wonderful on.
  24. great foundation


    This foundation is very matte which I like. It has a great shade range which amazing.
  25. Lovely foundation !


    Full coverage with no blemishes on the face! One of my favourites that I keep going to !
  26. great foundation


    I bought this product after reading and watching many reviews. This is foundation is matte which I like and give you medium to full coverage and a beautiful finish.
  27. Broke me out


    I love the shade range on this foundation, I got an almost perfect match. It is very matte which I like and sometimes I would mix it with my moiusturiser for a BB cream effect. Unfortunately this clogged my skin and broke me out badly even though I am good with my skin care and with makeup removal.
  28. Best full coverage foundation


    I love this foundation. It's easily buildable and gices fantastic coverage. No matter how much you apply (or how you apply it) the finish is very natural looking. I was using double wear but switched based on recommendation and haven't gone back
  29. Really good everyday foundation


    With a good primer and skincare routine, I’ve found that this foundation lasts all day on the skin. I usually get a 12-15 hour wear. If I was to go somewhere after work, I’d have to take it off and put a new face on. But it doesn’t require touch ups during the day, even for someone with oily skin, like myself.
  30. Great for Oily Skin


    I love this foundation and use it almost daily along with a CC cream to add a little bit more coverage. I alternate between a few colours depending on my tan at the time. It mixes very well, applies nicely and lasts all day. I generally get oily through the day too and I find this to be one of the best foundations I have tried to keep that at bay.
  31. Very matte


    This is a great foundation, it’s very matte which is great for oily skin. Beware though - it doesn’t play well with others, my concealer doesn’t sit nicely underneath, nor does my powder sit well on top (not that the powder is needed anyway). Still very happy though, would definitely repurchase.
  32. Perfect for oily skin long lasting


    Perfect for oliy skin long lasting
  33. Cheapest foundation


    Cheapest foundation, not really good for my skin
  34. Great coverage and lasts all day + night


    This is the best foundation for a night out when I need my makeup to last all day. I mix it with Mac strobe cream and it looks amazing!
  35. High end foundation for cheap


    Perfect for oily skin and it’s just like a high end foundation but for a lot cheaper
  36. full coverage drug store foundation


    the undertones for this foundation are a bit off, i tend to go a little orange after it subsides, i find that using concealer in appropriate areas pulls away from this and makes it not so noticeable.
    the only other issue is if you have combination skin like me, after a few hours the T-zone can be an issue.
    other than that its bendable and really easy to use for the price.
  37. Matte!


    Woah this is extremely matte! A little too matte for my liking but If you are super oily I recon you would love this. It’s full coverage and doesn’t budge a bit
  38. Oxides - a real shame


    This foundation is ok. However the undertones seem a bit off my for colouring. The foundation wears well but the colour selection could be improved.
  39. Perfect for oily skin


    The shade range could be better, but apart from that I highly recommend this foundation for oily skinned people. It keeps your skin nice and matte, so much so that you don’t even really have to use powder to set it, which I love considering I always have to apply a lot of powder to keep the oil away. I don’t think that people with dry skin should use the matte version of this foundation, but the d...
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  40. Matte


    Great matte look for my night outs
  41. avoid if you have textured skin


    the formula seemed promising however once applied to skin it made my skin look extremely textured. The foundation also oxidizes and doesnt last all day
  42. good foundation


    it applies easy but it is not long wear. after like 8-9 hours of having it on i feel it started creasing and getting patchy.
  43. Holy grail


    This is my absolute holy grail foundation. I've tried near everything, high end cheap you name it but this is it. Gives me a matte but not flat finish. Doesn't cake. Last all day. Doesn't separate. Covers everything.
  44. Far out, matte!


    Far out this stuff is very Matte! If you’re oily skin you will loved this! I however did not, a bit too matte for my liking
  45. very good


    one of my favourite foundations! great for oily skin or any skin in general.
  46. Good value for money


    I found this foundation quite good. It is very matte so I found as I have aged that I’ve gone back to their original formula. Good coverage, however do be wary if you keep it too long, it will oxidise.
    Overall, would definitely recommend, particularly if you’re on a budget.
  47. Oxidizes


    This foundation is alright. But it oxidizes like crazy. I would suggest getting a shade lighter then your usual skin tone
  48. Thick


    A thick foundation, better for oily blemish prone skin
  49. Decent


    Terrible shade range, alright formula.
  50. Wouldn't recommend


    For a foundation that thick, when i blended it out, it had hardly any coverage for the amount of cakiness i felt. The colours all looked a little orange as well, and i found it really patchy and hard to work with. would not buy again.
  51. So so..


    This foundation is ok. However the undertones seem a bit off my for colouring. The foundation wears well but the colour selection could be improved.
  52. blendable

    perfecting skin

    a very nice hydrating and blendable foundation. i have used this for a very long time. it has always done the job and given me a nice coverage. i have a light to medium skin complexion and i used the shade 11 vanilla. i use it with a blending brush because beauty blenders does not work for me. i have dry skin but this foundation does not makes my skin dry.
  53. Great


    Provides full to medium coverage that lasts all day without powdering throughout the day. Is great for people with slightly oily skin as it controls it and stays on for a long time
  54. Great and affordable


    A really good affordable foundation that is full coverage and very buildable. The formula is very nice and great for oily skin.
  55. Great and affordable


    A really good affordable foundation that is full coverage and very buildable. The formula is very nice and great for oily skin.
  56. Shade range needs work


    All the shades seem too orange. maybe I am just too pale but usually I can find my shade in foundation! The formula seems great though, just wish they would make pinker/lighter shades
  57. Good matte foundation for the price


    But too matte for my liking but still a really nice foundation and I would recommend people with combination/oily skin to try this as it's a good one for the price
  58. Great drugstore product

    Kylie Q

    This is a great drugstore foundation for oily skin girls. If you like matte and medium to full coverage you must try this.
  59. quick drying time


    The product is quite thick, has great coverage and gave me a flawless base. I love colour range (easily to find a shade that matches when wearing fake tan). I love a matte finish and it definitely is matte however I found that it was quite difficult to blend because it dried too fast. I work in small sections and blend out before moving onto the next to ensure there is no patchiness.
    The pac...
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  60. Great matte foundation


    Buildable doesn't oxidise. Stays matte. Do have to touch up once a day but I'm a T-zone oil slick so I don't think it's the products fault. Highly affordable and variety of shade range available. I would recommend trying it!
  61. Very matte, longwearing


    Quite a nice foundation if you like matte and full coverage. I like this for events or going out but not so much for every day wear because it is intense full coverage.
  62. Patchy!


    My skin did not like this foundation at all. Every time I would apply it with a damp sponge it would dry so quickly and lift off as I’m blending. It also darkened straight away which made certain areas very patchy. It made it almost impossible to create an even layer on the skin. To top it off it also clung to my dry patches. I’d only suggest this foundation for those with very oily skin and if yo...
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  63. Good


    good foundation. A little thicker than what I usually like.
  64. Good formula, needs more shades


    So nice and matte but I unfortunately got the wrong colour and it doesn't go any lighter so there isn't a shade light enough for my skin tone, and I'm not even that pale. The formula is great and long lasting, particularly for oily skin but I wish they would expand the shade range.
  65. Decent


    I've used this only a few times but so far it seems good. Nice finish and easy to use.
  66. Great product


    This is a great “drug store” foundation for my oily skin. I really like the packaging it’s easy to use and hygienic. The foundation itself is great when set with a powder. I just wish it was slightly higher coverage. Great for oily skin.
  67. Average


    I heard about this foundation through beauty youtubers raving about it. However when I tried it I was disappointed. It looked very chalky on my skin, even though it was the correct shade. It also settled into fine lines over time, and broke up slightly on my oily T-zone. However the second time I used it I mixed it with my Becca backlight priming filter (any luminous primer/liquid highlighter woul...
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  68. matte and stays all day


    i have extremely oily skin and after the mixed reviews was nervous to try however with a good primer and setting powder it looked beautifully matte but not drying on my skin, if your skin isnt that oily it may be drying however. stayed all night and didnt cause me to break out!
  69. Great matte foundation for the price!


    I used this on an everyday basis when I didn't want to use expensive foundations but still wanted medium coverage with a matte finish. I have oily/combination skin and this foundation worked well for me when set with powder
  70. Very Drying


    I wanted to try this after hearing so many positive reviews. However, it just did not live up to my expectations and I totally regret buying it. It has good coverage though I found the formula to be very drying and hard to blend, it also oxidised while wearing it so it made my skin look orange.
  71. Absolutely love!


    I’ve always had fairly oily skin with large pores. I’ve been using L’Oreal infallible matte foundation for 3 years now and won’t use anything else.
  72. Great for price


    This foundation offers good coverage and definitely has a matte finish. I have oily skin on my nose area and find this product lasts several hours before separating on the nose area.
  73. doesn't work as great


    I wanted to love this after hearing so much good things about it. I have pretty oily and acne prone skin. The foundation didn't last past 5 hours and started breaking up and floating above my skin despite using a primer and a powder to set it. The shades didn't match my skin tone as well either.
  74. Was my fave


    This was my absolute favorite for a good year. I highly recommend this to everyone.
  75. Great coverage for oily skin


    I was lucky enough to find my colour in the range avaliable. This is a great foundation of you have oily skin as it is very matte. I have normal to dry skin so I generally mix this with the infallible pro glow which gives me both coverage and glow.
  76. Great foundation, not enough shades!


    This is a great foundation and works so well on my super oily skin. It lasted a really long time and was great coverage. Worked better than many high end foundations I’ve tried. But the shade range is terrible! The lightest shade is slightly too dark for me, and I am not very fair compared to many others. I need to use a mix in with this to get the colour to match me. Please add some lighter shade...
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  77. Good coverage, Bad Color Range


    I tried this product when it first came out, and due to me being so pale, unfortunately the range of colors didnt go light enough to match my skin tone. However, the coverage was lovely, smooth, easy to apply and stayed all day, even in heat.
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