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L'Oreal Paris Excellence Permanent Hair Colour - Natural Brown 5.0

4.2 of 115 reviews


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4 instalments of $5.69

Or 4 instalments of $5.69 with LEARN MORE

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A permanent, at-home hair colour with 100% grey coverage. Comes complete with post-colour shampoo and a nourishing mask.

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L'Oreal Paris Excellence Permanent Hair Colour - Natural Brown 5.0 Reviews

4.2 of 115 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

excellent colour

judy via BeautyCrew.com

beautiful colour and the after colour shampoo sample is the best i have used and want to buy some to use every day

Most Helpful Criticism

a change which is not for the better

Anie via BeautyCrew.com

I have been buying and using L'Oreal Excellence creme for years. Today I used the "new" one and am very disappointed that the gloves seem to have been downsized to the piont that I could not even get them on. I am not a large person but had to dye my hair without the protection of the gloves. L'Oreal, please go back to giving usable gloves!
  1. Dissapointed

    Pavi via BeautyCrew.com

    Loreal Paris Nex Excellence cream did not work to my hair and did not give the results as it mentioned.
  2. Downgraded such a great product.

    Laryssa via BeautyCrew.com

    I always use the L'Oréal excellence range and am disappointed that it has changed. I loved the surum, now it's gone. The colour is different, it turned my roots gingery. I am really annoyed as I have been so greatful to find the right product finally, only to have you change it for the worse. The shampoo is lovely, but the serum was what really sold me, that and the good colour, if I wanted ginger...
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  3. Terrible and incredibly disappointed.

    VSG 1 via BeautyCrew.com

    Excellent number 5. I used it for years. It was spot on, but L’Oreal have changed it. To my shock my hair now looks totally fake and ginger. It’s completely different, the product was thin and runny to apply, it stung my scalp and the result is now horrible. It’s completely changed from the original number 5. I now have to go to the barbers and get a number one close cut. Yes Im a guy. Shocking ne...
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  4. Very dissatisfied

    Sharon anne via BeautyCrew.com

    Used for yrs but never colored the gray now the colours have changed
  5. Hair color app dose not work

    Jade via BeautyCrew.com

    Seen it on tv and went on web site and it dose not work, all lies
  6. Fast to finish

    Alli2 via BeautyCrew.com

    I didn't use this shade but I used the Black 1. It didn't last in my hair at all. I'd be dyeing my hair every 3 weeks as my greys would be showing by then. Unfortunately thinking it was going to be good, I had bought many. I just really wanted to finish using them... which dyeing my more often helped me do so. Not a good dye and I won't be buying it ever again
  7. The advertised colour was totally wrong!!! HELP

    Bretta via BeautyCrew.com

    I am a light brown....I purchased the 5.03 warm golden brown (full of highlights!) and turned BLACK!!!!! It did cover my greys but a 74 yo with Black hair looks soooo weird. Scary even!!! Can you advise how I can rectify and get back to a Warm Golden Brown
  8. Don't like the change either

    Loza via BeautyCrew.com

    I bought my normal Light Ash Blonde 9.1 which actually was in the wrong packaging (wrong picture and wrong name 'Ash Blonde) with no sticker to correct the mistake and no real apology when I wrote to Loreal to make sure I bought the right colour. The supermarket also made no effort to show the mistake. Could have been a bad mistake for someone going by the picture and name and not the number. Now ...
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  9. Change for worst

    Nara via BeautyCrew.com

    I use excellence for many years and the change isn’t good, not sure if the liq is thin compare with the old one or the tip of the tube changed but while you are dying your hair, the cream keep dripping which is very annoying. Oh, and it become more expensive as well.
  10. Useless Gloves

    LynB via BeautyCrew.com

    I bought the same product as usual and found shampoo instead of the protector liquid.
    Then I tried to put the gloves on. Hopeless!! I tore one and was more careful with the second, but had to cope with it only half on which caused dramas as the colour was applied. Please quality control the gloves with real women and I dont have large hands.
  11. missing developer

    Tina via BeautyCrew.com

    I have used this product before and found it very good, but last time I bought the packet was missing developer so could not use for 6.30 light golden brown very disappointing as could not return without docket.
  12. Does not cover greys

    Tjtanya via BeautyCrew.com

    Tried the colour 5.3 golden brown. Left it on for the specified times. It does not cover grey hairs. Disappointed.
  13. Not bad

    Jaxma3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Not too bad. Didn’t cover greys as well as it claimed it would
  14. Disappointed

    Gingermeggs5 via BeautyCrew.com

    I was disappointed that it didn't cover greys like it said it would.
  15. a change which is not for the better

    Anie via BeautyCrew.com

    I have been buying and using L'Oreal Excellence creme for years. Today I used the "new" one and am very disappointed that the gloves seem to have been downsized to the piont that I could not even get them on. I am not a large person but had to dye my hair without the protection of the gloves. L'Oreal, please go back to giving usable gloves!
  16. Good colour, bad smell

    Kmcrae8 via BeautyCrew.com

    The colour is good and I like the shampoo and conditioner that comes with it, but the ammonia smell is terrible and made my eyes water
  17. red tinge

    kelly6 via BeautyCrew.com

    I tried this haircolour a few days after I received it but I found that I had a redish time in my hair a few weeks after witch I really didn't like
  18. Converted sceptic. Loving it!

    Skippy1 via BeautyCrew.com

    I love this product. I was very surprised with the ease of the bottles and the ease of the application. I wouldn't purchase this colour but I love how it smells and feels and how I've finally found something to cover my grey hair!
  19. Somewhat dark

    Hairdyedarker2 via BeautyCrew.com

    Shade is nice... but tends to be darker than shade on box. Left hair feeling soft and shiny.
  20. Quality has gone down

    Greycover8 via BeautyCrew.com

    I have been using l’oreal products for hair colouring for many years . These past few months i have noticed that the colour does nor catch well and i am left with grey hair still showing dont know if the company has changed the formula.
  21. Good coverage

    Ams3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Colour is a match and has a good coverage. I think the colour hasn't lasted as long with this product as with others but over all is good, no nasty smells and easy application. I would use again.
  22. Nice colour

    HairColour1 via BeautyCrew.com

    The court is really lovely but fades fast so my roots are lighter after a couple of washes.
  23. Great Product But

    sunny coast via BeautyCrew.com

    I have been using this product for long time. I would like to suggest that, this product needs to add extra tap to seal, cause sometimes losses the conditioner or others inside, the conditioner is the best part of this product. I need to mention about the gloves, they are getting too small for normal fingers. I like to see the improvement.
  24. the first but not last

    Ninapashmina8 via BeautyCrew.com

    I really loved the Gray coverage it provided, I found the container content enough for my length hair and my hair felt softer and moisturised. thank you for this great product it wont be my last.
  25. Effective and easy to use

    DRamsay284 via BeautyCrew.com

    I have visible grey/white hairs and was excited to try L'Oréal Paris Excellence Crème (5 Natural Brown) as the colour looked very natural on the box. The hair colour was very easy to mix and apply, with the application bottle included in the box. The colour develops in less than 30 minutes and rinses away well. The included post-colour shampoo and treatment work well to leave the hair soft, smooth...
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  26. Super easy

    Jadelbee1 via BeautyCrew.com

    Super easy to use, great coverage of greys! I loved the. Omg attachment for easier application
  27. I Definitely will buy again

    Kaz779 via BeautyCrew.com

    L’Oréal Paris excellence creme was Good and cover 100%grey hair but colour did noticed after a couple of washes the colour start to faded
  28. Good buy!

    Ree838 via BeautyCrew.com

    Easy to apply and true to colour, will definitely buy again!
  29. Easy to Use

    Ferral765 via BeautyCrew.com

    Found it easy to apply and it definitely covered the greys. Will use again
  30. Natural Brown 5 hair dye reviews

    Mumma404 via BeautyCrew.com

    L'Oréal Paris Excellence Creme 5 Natural Brown was really easy to use it had a choice of using a combination type lid to distribute it and I found this was less messy way to use it. The colour develper was a little strong but the shampoo and hair mask smelt really fresh. The colour coverage for grey hair was fantastic i now have no greys showing and the brown is now even all over. After using this...
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  31. Great home-salon style hair colour.

    Jules0110 via BeautyCrew.com

    I used the L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme 5 in Natural Brown over the weekend and thought it was a great home-salon product which covered my grey roots pretty well. I have medium length hair and decided to use the whole product rather than split it into a two-time use; which I sometimes do with other hair dye brands. The directions were easy to follow and the required time was sufficient to cover ...
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  32. Natural, Shiny, Greys Be Gone

    tamarajbaird10 via BeautyCrew.com

    Covered my grey hairs 100% and left my hair soft and shiny and very natural looking. One packet was plenty for my shoulder length hair and the shampoo smelt amazing! The hair mask is an added bonus too
  33. Covers grey with a nice natural colour

    melanie504 via BeautyCrew.com

    It covers grey and the colour is very natural looking. I had some difficulty at first trying to work out what to use and when because the quantity of bottles was a bit confusing. Overall, really great product but too many steps made it a bit overwhelming.
  34. Easy to use

    Hilhan6 via BeautyCrew.com

    Easy to use , just like I expected. It would be one of my choice to choose the hair colour
  35. Great easy to use hair colour

    Meve7119 via BeautyCrew.com

    It was a very easy product to use which also had a pleasant smell. My hair felt really nice after and also had a great shine and all over colour
  36. Easy to apply

    Emilya5 via BeautyCrew.com

    Really impressed by how simple this was, especially compared to the last home colour I used where I had to wet my hair three times. Applying to dry hair is so much easier and makes the process quicker. Still find the mixture stinky but it wasn't too messy. Gives good grey coverage and is a good match for my hair colour.
  37. Easy to use, nice results!

    KatMeow664 via BeautyCrew.com

    I found this due to be very easy to use. Although it didn’t give me the vivid colour difference that I expected, I found it to provide a nice even coverage and definite appearance of freshly coloured hair.
  38. Hone hair dye

    KMC7652 via BeautyCrew.com

    I really liked this colour and it has been long lasting. It was an easy to use home hair dye. Instructions were clear.
  39. Natural hair colour matches nicely

    Kristy10 via BeautyCrew.com

    Colour is great. It matched my colour really well. I have fine hair and the amount of conditioner provided will last me 3 washes. The hairdye doesnt have a strong smell and covered my greys really good.
  40. Natural colour

    Nessa6 via BeautyCrew.com

    I wasn’t sure about the colour as my hair was dark blonde (brassy) with light brown & grey regrow this of about 2”
    The colour was easy to mix, application was easy too. It did have that hair colour smell but nothing overbearing. I’m not too sure about the post shampoo because it’s never been something that comes with packs I’ve bought before, however I liked the idea of washing scalp of any...
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  41. Good product

    Timmy9 via BeautyCrew.com

    I like loreal hair color range. It works well on my hair and is less damaging than other brands I used
  42. A new favourite

    Kellie9 via BeautyCrew.com

    I have fine hair so had plenty of dye to cover. It left my hair soft. The colour was nice
  43. Good hair dye

    Elissa7 via BeautyCrew.com

    The hair dye was good and easy to use. No different really to any other colour. The bottle design was good and appreciated the shampoo and conditioner
  44. Lots of colour

    Griflune3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Great colour, easy to use, lots of highlights, would recommend
  45. Great product

    Pammie3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Loreal Excellence is a nice product that takes care of your hair.
  46. Good product

    Sash2 via BeautyCrew.com

    I like this product! It is easy to use at home. It works very well in gray hair coverage. My scalp doesn't dry out after use. Also I like the shampoo/conditioner that's included. Definitely recommend to others.
  47. Grey no more

    Sandi4 via BeautyCrew.com

    Like this product but doesn't totally cover my grey hair
  48. GOOD

    Goel9 via BeautyCrew.com

    It came as a very lovely, natural looking, rich brown colour. Very smooth and shiny too. I'm loving it!
  49. Liked the colour

    Kel3 via BeautyCrew.com

    I was impressed for a box dye it was great. I love the colour!

    It lasted and didn’t even damage my hair! I would recommend this to people and would definitely and would buy it another again when I decide to dye my hair again
  50. Nice hair colour

    hair1 via BeautyCrew.com

    Great coverage, easy to use. Left my hair feeling soft and beautiful.
  51. Good coverage

    Colours1 via BeautyCrew.com

    Found this Hair dye was very good for my grey hair , the aroma wasn’t to strong as I feel it’s important not to strong or I feel
    dizzy . I’d recommend this product
  52. excellence creme

    buffy10 via BeautyCrew.com

    great feels like you haven't coloured your hair silky smooth
  53. Hair colour review

    Maria7 via BeautyCrew.com

    I found this product to be an excellent choice to use to prevent colour fading as well as to get rid of grey hair.
  54. Easy colour

    Meredith8 via BeautyCrew.com

    Easy to use and good colour match. Covered the greys and left hair nice and shiny.
  55. Good but dry

    NewlyinAus2 via BeautyCrew.com

    We have recently moved and I am trying all new products. I tried this one to cover the grey, and the coverage is great (minus my tinting skills) but it made my hair extremely dry- like straw, until I used the conditioner. Other then that it looks great now!
  56. excellent colour

    judy via BeautyCrew.com

    beautiful colour and the after colour shampoo sample is the best i have used and want to buy some to use every day
  57. L’Oréal hair colour review

    Ritziest1 via BeautyCrew.com

    The colour is gentle on hair and has a good shine finish , 100%grey hair coverage for me and I liked the natural brown shade.
  58. Definitely a 10/10 dye

    Katrina5 via BeautyCrew.com

    I love it! It is such a gorgeous brown.
    The application brush was amazing. Made it super easy to get all the fine hairs near my ears.
    The shampoo that you use after rinsing, OMG! I've waited forever for this to be a thing! It helps rinse away all the excess dye that doesn't want to rinse out on it's own, it smells amazing and feels great too. And the smell of the conditioner is just ...
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  59. Goodbye greys

    Aisha2 via BeautyCrew.com

    L'Oréal Paris Excellence Crème was easy to apply, gave great coverage of my greys and left my hair looking shiny and healthy.
  60. Super easy to apply!

    Natooley3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Easy to apply! Smells nice! Colour is amazing, hope it will last for a long time!
  61. Love it

    Lovely1 via BeautyCrew.com

    L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme 5 Natural Brown is really good. Much better than expected. Doesn't have strong chemical smell. Easy to use at home. The comb tip is a bonus feature. I will definately buy and use this again.
  62. Soft and subtle colour

    Mouse2 via BeautyCrew.com

    A lovely soft colour that hides all of thr greys. The shampoo smelt wonderful and the overall experience was perfect and gave my hair a youthful look and feel
  63. Definitely buy again

    Lauren3 via BeautyCrew.com

    The dye was easy to use and provided a great colour. My hair is shiny and conditioned and the colour looks very natural. I will definitely use this again.
  64. Natural-looking, excellent grey coverage

    Josie1 via BeautyCrew.com

    I was so thrilled to receive this L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme in 5 Natural Brown to trial. It's a wonderful product that gave me excellent grey coverage. It was easy to apply and didn't have an unpleasant odour when I was using it as some hair colourants have. I really liked the shampoo and mask to use after colouring as they left my hair feeling soft and nourished, which doesn't normally happe...
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  65. Great product!

    Bethany7 via BeautyCrew.com

    I haven't dyed my hair myself for about 3 or 4 years and since then, I have started getting a few grey hairs. I really like the addition of the gentle shampoo in the pack! I found that the gloves were a little awkward but the instructions were easy to follow and the product easy to use. I have quite thick hair so was glad that there was enough product to cover all my hair, even though I may have m...
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  66. Happy with L'Oréal Paris Excellence!

    Grace6 via BeautyCrew.com

    very easy to apply to hair, simple instructions, no strong smell of chemicals, the colour came out nice and even, did not cause any damages or dryness to my hair. Will definitely recommend.
  67. Easy to use product

    Nickstar5 via BeautyCrew.com

    I love the easy application it had, was easy to use, its a nice feeling with the creme product, the colour is a nice brown.
  68. Natural Brown

    jat2110 via BeautyCrew.com

    L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme 5 Natural Brown was easy to use and apply. It provided good coverage and my hair felt great afterwards
  69. Smells great & leaves hair soft!

    sjdautzy8 via BeautyCrew.com

    Ok smell for at-home hair colour.
    Nice smell for the shampoo and mask.
    Was easy to apply, did not drip, smother on well and plenty for my chin-length hair.
    No itching or burning while on hair/scalp.
    Rinsed out nicely, did not take long.
    Once rinsed, hair felt smooth and soft.
    After shampoo washed well, hair was very soft and smooth after.
    Mask was s...
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  70. Loreal Excellence Creme hair colour

    Irena10 via BeautyCrew.com

    I love how Loreal is always looking to better their products. I wasn't that keen on some of their previous ones as the smell was quite strong and it turned me off so I hadn't used theirs for some years, even though the colour turned out great. This version is sooo much better and I love the little applicator brush, which made it easier to apply. The instructions and safety instructions were easy t...
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  71. Lovely coverage

    Susiep4 via BeautyCrew.com

    Beautiful creamy easy to put lovely courage. Nice smelling very good
  72. simple and easier to use love it

    kelly5 via BeautyCrew.com

    i love this brand and was the same one i normally buy when i have to do the monthly touching up of my gray roots. it is so easy to apply and do yourself i find the colour come out the same each time which is great it easy to blend and do.
    i have no trouble blending it together which means i dont have to dye my whole hair each time
  73. Beautiful me

    Manda0058 via BeautyCrew.com

    Easy to apply, beautiful natural colour once my hair was dry. The creme conditioner left my hair so soft and smells amazing. I love that there is extra conditioner to keep my hair in soft easy and manageable condition. It’s beautiful and makes me feel confident.
  74. True Excellence

    NikiT5 via BeautyCrew.com

    The L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme is fantastic. Easy to use, not messy, colour develops in 30 mins and the colour comes as it states on the back of the box (depending on what colour your hair is before you dye it).
  75. Excelling in Excellence!

    Netgirl7 via BeautyCrew.com

    Upon looking at the package, I was intrigued as to what the triple care system entailed. I opened the box to check the contents and read the enclosed leaflet. One question I always have with hair dyes, do you have wet hair or dry hair? That question was answered in the leaflet quickly which was helpful. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand and follow. The gloves, way too small a...
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  76. Great colouring product

    Nelly3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Nice packaging, easy to unbox and see what we had. Simple instructions, nice products, left my hair soft and shiny.
  77. Easy, clean application

    Scariijane7 via BeautyCrew.com

    The process was simple and easy, application went very smoothly with little bleeding. Would love an option for “large” sizing based on hair length and thickness, but over all really good product.
  78. Best grey remover ever

    FlickMacca5 via BeautyCrew.com

    everything you need is located in the box it's a really great product plenty of product even for after care I really like it because it's made my lot of grey hair disappear love it love it love it it's a product I will definitely be going back for instead of paying the over price you pay at the hairdresser just to get her hair colour change. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try out this ...
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  79. Vibrant and deep colour

    Tristia5 via BeautyCrew.com

    I found this hair colour easy to use with low odour and it didn't irritate my scalp like some other brands do. The colour is rich and vibrant and has great grey coverage. I will definitely purchase it again!
  80. A big tick of approval

    Mel467010 via BeautyCrew.com

    The product was so easy to use, and I love the end results. Covers grey so very well. Makes my hair feel great. Looks natural too. I would use this product again and again and again.
  81. Does the job well

    Melishappy9 via BeautyCrew.com

    This product is so easy to use. It doesn’t drip while you’re waiting for it to work. If you get some on your skin, it comes off easily and it doesn’t have an overpowering smell like other brands do.
  82. Great coverage

    Nicole10 via BeautyCrew.com

    The colour coverage was great and easy to use .i will definitely buy again
  83. Very happy

    Tand4333 via BeautyCrew.com

    I have been dying my hair for years and was really happy with L'oreal Paris creme5 natural brown .It wasn't strong smelling , and didn't dry my hair out and best of all actually covered my stubborn greys .
  84. Triple Care Cover

    BeautyLover3 via BeautyCrew.com

    After a natural look, I used L’Oreal Paris Excellence Shade 5 and I was really happy with the result. I love the after care post colour shampoo and nourishing mask, making the product great value.
  85. Great Results

    ZanMar via BeautyCrew.com

    Used during lockdown as I was desperate to colour my grey hair. Absolutely happy with the results... Greys all gone!
  86. Great product with good coverage

    C_Hair via BeautyCrew.com

    I found this product after struggling with dry, straw-like hair after using other brands. I have fine hair and it works well. I love the comb applicator which helps easily apply the product. I recommend creme excellence!
  87. Excellent product

    Dolphin8 via BeautyCrew.com

    I really like thus colour and last long.It matched my colour very well. I would definitely recommend
  88. Easy to use, good color

    Mumof36 via BeautyCrew.com

    i have a thick dark hair, i love the color lightens my hair. It is nice on hair, make it smooth and silky.
  89. Surprised and impressed

    Hilea4 via BeautyCrew.com

    During Covid I’ve missed the simple things. Like a hairdresser.
    This hair dye was easy to use and worked a treat and made me feel like I Visited the salon.
  90. Nice hair colour

    Jenumalek4 via BeautyCrew.com

    A beautiful shade of brown. Also, the shampoo n hair mask left my hair soft and silky, unlike other brands I've used before.

    Joannie4 via BeautyCrew.com

    Great product. I use every month as it covers all grey, leaves my hair shiny. Best on the Market.
  92. so soft on hair like natural

    me110 via BeautyCrew.com

    so soft on your hair a nice natural shine like it is not even been coloured thumbs up! love this product easy and simple to use!
  93. Natural and easy to use

    Nancy2 via BeautyCrew.com

    Great product and easy to use. Hair looks great afterwards and with a shine and lovely colour too. Hides all the greys too!
  94. Great Product

    Lilmalteaza5 via BeautyCrew.com

    Leaves my hair super soft. Definitely recommend. The colour is rich and stays in my hair for weeks.
  95. Hair Colour

    HelenA7 via BeautyCrew.com

    Easy to use. Does not drip when applied to hair. Gives an excellent colour which is long lasting.
  96. Perfect

    Tanya3 via BeautyCrew.com

    Great coverage great packaging not a strong smell leaves hair soft
  97. Colour

    Kaz2 via BeautyCrew.com

    I have brought this product for along time
    I love the colours and how it leaves your hair soft and shiny and the colours covers grey
  98. Excellent

    Tess8 via BeautyCrew.com

    Quality is worth recommending to both male and female. It is very good for home done colouring and the hair is soft and silky.
  99. Excellent Grey Coverage

    Nikk8 via BeautyCrew.com

    This brand has always been my "go to" for as long as I've had those magical grey hair appearances. Easy application , great coverage results that always leave my hair feeling soft and manageable. This particular colour, for me, is perfect ❤️
  100. Excellence hair colour

    Excellencehaircolour1 via BeautyCrew.com

    Good Coverage, easy to use. Gets you out of trouble if unable to get to a salon. Not an overpowering smell and I didn’t find it burning to the scalp. Easy to wash out and I really enjoy the conditioner it comes with.
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