Kusco-Murphy Beach Hair

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Kusco-Murphy Beach Hair


Kusco-Murphy Beach Hair is the next best thing to a day at the beach! Beach Hair gives you that tousled, textured, bed-head look. Separates and defines curls, gives body and texture to straight hair. Created by Kevin Murphy for a Sports Illustrated 2000 cover shoot, to give the model sexy beach hair.

Note: This product contains crushed bamboo, which may be visible and undesirable in very dark hair.

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Worth the investment - 05-07-2014 by

I have been looking for a product like this for years. My hair is fine but wavy with a tendency to frizz. With other products I find I might leave the house with my hair all beach waves but by the afternoon it's either poofy or weighed down and looking greasy.

This product gives me beautiful beachy mermaid hair that lasts until my next wash. It took a few goes getting the amount needed right (it was less than I thought).

It is expensive and I was hesitant to invest without having tried it but it's worth it. A little product goes a long way. I have already recommended it to lots of my friends

Yes. Just YES! - 27-03-2014 by

Oh my goodness!!
I have searched high and low for a product like this and Adore Beauty is pretty much the only place I can find Kusco Murphy!

The smell transports you to a tropical summer's eve, with fragrant flowers and pina coladas, watching the sun set over the sea. Ahhhmazing!

You only need the tiniest dab of this and it will work wonders for beachy waves and effortless style. It took me a while to learn how to use it and not get crunchy, lumpy hair.

What I do is towel dry my hair, warm a tiny bit between my hands and finger comb and scrunch Kusco Murphy Beach Hair through my hair. Then I use a diffuser on my hairdryer, doing quick sections at a time. If my hair's being particularly unruly, I add some after it's dry, scrunching upwards from the ends. Then voila! Beachy wavy hair that smells delightful!

I love this stuff!! - 18-03-2013 by

Ive been using this product for years now- smells like summer days at the beach and gives me control of my hair style with a softness to it.

Great product, easy to use, smells great and gives a great beach hair look. - 09-01-2013 by

I have light brown hair with blonde highlights and live on the Gold Coast so I was after a product that gave me a carefree, beach hair look without too much commitment.

KM Beach Hair is easy to use, smells gorgeous and does the trick. I don't use much, just enough to tame my wavy tassles and achieve a beautiful beachy summer look.

It tames the mane! - 26-12-2012 by

I've been using it for a couple of years on my wild mane. This is the only product like it on the market. Keeps my hair from flying away but doesn't flatten it. A miracle really!

Life for fine limp straight hair - 12-12-2011 by

I have fine straight hair that quickly acquires a greasy limp appearance within hours of washing.
This product gives my hair added thickness and volume without adding any weight or stickiness, and it still looks light and soft the following day! Didn't believe it to be possible;)

- 16-10-2010 by

I have very thick hair with frizzy curl, people commented on how nice my curl was. It stops the friz and defines the curl. I love it

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