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Kusco-Murphy Hair Care merged together ancient philosophies and contemporary technology to create a simple, anti-hype hair care line. Simplicity is the leading necessity. Kusco-Murphy believes textured hair should be simple—all you should have to worry about is washing, conditioning, and treating. The brand focuses on allowing customers to indulge in their haircare without having to worry about complicated products and ingredients—you will always know what’s in your haircare products.
Kusco-Murphy hair products are not tested on animals, and are 100% vegetarian. They keep it simple by only using vegetable-based ingredients and essential oils in their products. All Kusco-Murphy’s packaging is recyclable. The brand takes the “environmentally friendly” label seriously, believing it is their job to encourage customers to recycle. They developed their line of products in order to make it easy for customers to enjoy luxurious haircare without causing unnecessary damage to the earth. Kusco-Murphy advocates taking care of the earth and cherishing all it has given us, and they infused this vision into their products. All of the brand’s products are manufactured in Australia.
The Kusco-Murphy setting lotion is one of the most popular products from the line. The brand receives positive feedback from health conscious customers thanks to their dedication to protecting the earth, animals, and consumers who purchase their products.


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After years of watching hair brands develop hyped-up, trend-led and synthetic haircare products, two top stylists from Melbourne decided to team up to create a natural and simple haircare brand which didn't just give into the trends. In 1995, Kusco-Murphy was founded.

Instead of packing their products full of quick-fix synthetics, Kusco-Murphy have developed a range of haircare products which use the highest quality essential oils, minerals and vitamins. All of their products are 100% vegetable based as they aim not only to treat the hair but "embrace the purity and beauty of nature, promoting harmonious feeling of tranquility, uplifting and invigorating the mind, body and soul."

The Kusco-Murphy O-ssential range is one of their signature collections, covering the first two steps of their three step system. The O-ssential Wash contains a blend of botanical extracts to cleanse the hair, whilst essential oils from ylang ylang and rose geranium soothe and repair damaged cuticles for naturally shiny and healthy hair. The O-ssential Rinse is enriched with cocoa butter to smooth and soften hair citcles whilst nurturing damage.

The best-selling Lavender Hair Creme is a versatile pomade which can be used wet or dry and on curly or straight hair. It helps to de-frizz curly hair and add shine to straight hair, whilst setting locks in place for a light and flexible hold.

Another favourite is the Dry Hair Leave-In which is an easy-to-use intensive spray treatment which detangles hair whilst strengthening locks for up to 24 hours. Its lightweight feel is perfect for fine, over-processed and dry hair.

Kusco-Murphy don't just create simplistic but effective haircare products, they also pay a great duty to the environment. All of their products are made from fully recyclable materials and heavily encourage their customers to recycle. Their products are also 100% vegetarian and have never been tested on animals.

Based in Melbourne, Kusco-Murphy are a proud Australian brand and continue to manufacture and develop their products in Australia.


Kusco Murphy Cocktails

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Kusco-Murphy Bed Rocker by Julio Romano of Estilo Salon, Los Angeles CA

"Mix two parts Rockster to one part Bedroom Hair, apply to damp hair and turn upside down and dry to almost dry, flip it and rock on!"


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