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Kryolan Glamour Sparks - Copper

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Kryolan Glamour Sparks - Copper by Kryolan Professional Makeup


Kryolan Glamour Sparks are translucent powders that create show-stopping effects when they hit the light. Your best friend for applying over the top of your makeup, this high lustre loose powder has a copper coloured reflect perfect for adding that wow factor.


Kryolan Glamour Sparks come in a range of iridescent colours that twinkle when they move under light. This sparkling powder can be applied intensely on the eyes, over top of lipstick, or lightly applied high on the cheek bones for a glitzy highlight. To achieve the most 'pop' from this professional effect, try layering over the top of a light or deep toned shadow.


Kryolan Glamour Sparks - Copper looks beautiful when used on the inner corner of the eye, over a light shadow, or on the centre of your eyelid over a deep, black or brown smokey eye.

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Truly outrageous (but not coppery) - 16-11-2018 by

Does anybody here remember Jem, the cartoon from the 80s? Because Jem would like this.

Me, I thought this might be a kind of coppery version of the Kryolan satin powder (which is so gorgeous) i.e something I could use in place of the satin powder on darker skin, but there isn't much colour to this powder at all and I certainly would not call it copper. In fact the powder seems more like a translucent carrier for the titular 'glamour sparks.'

These refractive pigments are somewhere between a fine glitter and a shimmery shadow for the intensity of the sparkle, but comparing the effect to glitter doesn't really do it justice as the selling point is how dazzling it is in motion. I know this might sound like hyperbole, but I speak as someone who has used diamond powder to polish things, and the way this refracts light is very much like powdered gemstones, rather than glitter.

Now I probably wouldn't buy it again myself simply because I focus on makeup for still photos and this is a much more dynamic product, but I could see it being used to good effect in runway or stage makeup or for for anyone going out who wants their look to have a dazzling, dynamic finish Also I'm not saying you couldn't use it in a still photo, but the effect it provides when 'still,' is not the same, and is a bit nichey. I probably won't be reaching for it often, but when I do I know it will be very dazzling.

It is easy to apply, blends very nicely, and you can blend it out to an extremely sheer finish. When applied like that it could probably be used as a more subtle alternative to body glitters. Also finally I haven't tried using it with any high-quality brushes because I'm afraid it may be like glitter, and prove impossible to wash free from natural fibres. So I usually dab it on with a silicone brush/blender (you could use your finger as well) and then blend it out with a lash fan, though again you could probably use your finger just as easily.

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