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KORA Noni Glow Skin Food 7 Day Pack 7 x 6g


4 instalments of $4.99


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4 instalments of $4.99


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The KORA Noni Glow Skin Food 7 Day Pack contains potent, nutrient dense superfood supplements for your daily beauty and wellness benefits, inside and out. This Vegan vitamin boost is smooth and has a delicate fruity taste with no added sugar, artificial colours, artificial flavour or preservatives.


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53% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My skin is looking great!!


I purchased Noni to try and I noticed that after a few days my skin was looking more glowing and really lovely so I definitely will be re purchasing it .

Most Helpful Criticism

It’s good but not sure if 7 days is long enough


Not long enough to decide if it’s effective. It’s still nice though!
  1. It’s good but not sure if 7 days is long enough


    Not long enough to decide if it’s effective. It’s still nice though!
  2. Glowing inside out


    I got a sample from the Kora website and I absolutely love it. I usually add it with milk. It taste great and all the ingredients are healthy.
  3. My skin is looking great!!


    I purchased Noni to try and I noticed that after a few days my skin was looking more glowing and really lovely so I definitely will be re purchasing it .
  4. Similar to Beauty chef glow


    Pretty similar taste to the beauty chef glow powder. Similar price. Has some great nutrients in this and im sure my body is loving me for it.
  5. Berry


    This glow skin powder reminds me very much of the 'Inner beauty powder' by the beauty chef. Has a very similar consistency and taste. Has little floaty bits so would be better to drink in juice or smoothie and not just in water. Taste is okay but has that aftertaste. As for the benefits - has heaps of good ingredients and nutrients.
  6. Great health benefits


    I dont like having to drink supplements in water - personally I find them a bit gritty and just uncomfortable to drink and end up having to force myself. I purchased this a few weeks ago and added the powder into vegan/vegetable clear capsules so that I can easily take one with water before work each morning. Makes it easier and more convenient to take for those who are time poor or dont like drinking it. I purchase mine on eBay but make sure they're 100% vegan or vegetable capsules and not synthetic. So many health benefits from the ingredients in these.
  7. Not worth the price tag


    I have been a long time user of the beauty chef’s glow powder, I gave these a go to try and mix things up a bit. While the taste is okay, I didn’t experience any of the benefits (digestive etc) that I get from the glow powder, and immediately switched back. The only upside is the ease of the sachets, but other than that I don’t see how these are any more beneficial than eating some fruit or taking some regular noni juice in water.
  8. Tastes Great


    I've received a few samples of these over the last few months and as a huge fan of the kora skin care ,I was excited to try them.
    The product comes in a shimmery blue green sachet with one serve in each sachet. The powder is a brownish color.
    They are a bit hard to blend with the water and a lot gets stuck at the bottom of the glass (an issue I have with most of these types of products ). I actually think they taste pretty good! I like the interesting superfood ingredients as they are definitely not part of my regular diet and I like adding as many fruits and veg varieties as I can to my day.
    I would drink these all the time if the price wasn't a factor!
  9. Not the best flavour


    I was really excited to try this when I got it as a sample as I am really into health foods. I added it into my morning smoothie but found the taste to be quite overpowering even when mixed with a fruit smoothie. I'm not sure I could drink this everyday as there are other powders on the market that have a much more pleasant taste.
  10. Easy to drink


    This is something I wouldn't buy normally. When I received it as a sample I almost threw it away as I usually don't like powders that get added to drinks thanks to my fussiness around food and drinks. I finally bit the bullet and added it to a cup of Ovaltine (made with cold milk). The Ovaltine still had a bit of crunch as it doesn't mix entirely with cold milk, and surprisingly the Skin Food supplement also didn't mix too well and also had a bit of crunch. Normally this would probably make me gag, but I absolutely loved the berry-like flavour I was getting, mixed with the chocolate flavour! I don't even like or eat berries! I gave this four stars as I found it was super easy to drink and loved the taste, the way I had it. I removed one star only because I cannot vouch for any health/skin benefits after just one sachet, and also because the price would make it difficult to take this as a regular, daily supplement.
    If this is the type of product you're after, definitely give it a go. If I had extra cash to spare, I'd give it a go daily for a couple of weeks to see what happened.
  11. Didn't love it.


    I tried this out to see if it does what it says on the packet. In truth, I probably wouldn't recommend it to my friends. The taste was difficult to handle and it was super grainy when I had it mixed in water. It might be better to put it in a smoothie as it would mix it up better and you would taste it less. I don't think a week of use is enough to tell if there has been in change in my skin. In truth I would probably purchase from The Beauty Chef as their ingredients seem to be better and the supplements taste good.
  12. Good results for pre event glow


    I have tried a few beauty drinks and this one is very effective! The taste is a bit rough, I drank it in water following the directions. I found to avoid the real grainy yuck part, it was a better texture after leaving to sit for a few minutes.
    Then just smash it down, just get it in haha.
    I had this once daily for 2 weeks prior to being a bridesmaid, and my skin was amazing. Had a really excellent glow, my skin was clear as well.
    It's pretty expensive, so I would only purchase as part of a beauty routine leading up to an important event but if I was a rich girl I would have it every single day!
  13. Undrinkable


    I have been considering buying this for a while, and was very happy to receive this as a sample with a previous order. However, I am glad I did not end up buying this as I couldn't drink it at all. I found the taste way too sweet and the texture very thick and grainy. Perhaps mixed with almond milk or yogurt it may taste better but with water I could not have more than two sips.
  14. Bad Taste


    I got this as a sample from one of my previous adore beauty orders. I mixed this in a water bottle which made the water quite a dark brown. Unfortunately, I did not like the smell or taste of this. This might go better with a smoothie or milk.
  15. So easy to drink


    I was SO pleasantly suprised by how tasty these things are! I've been mixing my noni glow skin food with almond milk every morning which is so yummy. They even taste great alone in water!
  16. Surprisingly tasty!


    I bought this as I have been toying with the idea of 'beauty drinks' but have in past bought brands that were really.hard.to.drink.

    I'm pleased to say that this tastes perfectly fine just on water, and the powder dissolves really easily, so theres no gritty texture. I feel conflicted about the sachets though, like its convenient not to have to measure it out, but it does feel wasteful.

    Having only bought the 7 day pack, i cant comment on how much of a glow it provides, but I would definitely consider buying this again, if only for the easy to drink vitamins.
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