Klorane Quinine Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray

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Klorane Quinine Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray by Klorane


Klorane Quinine Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray is a three-month treatment designed to help thinning, lifeless hair by providing essential nutrients to the core of the hair fibre. Revitalise the scalp and hair affected by fatigue, seasonal changes and post-pregnancy.


Inspired by the latest methods in micro-nutrition, Klorane Laboratories have created this spray containing keratin, quinine, caffeine and B vitamins. The quinine caffeine complex tones the skin and when combined with an energising massage technique promotes a healthy looking scalp. Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B8, in combination with keratin, help hair to look stronger and more beautiful. Klorane’s plant-based keratin contains amino acids similar to those that make up the keratin found in the hair, helping to strengthen weak hair. From the root to the tips, hair is left stronger and visibly healthier.


Suitable for use on all scalp types, this formula is non-greasy and non-sticky.


Why Will I Love Klorane Quinine Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray?

  • Strengthens thinning or weak hair 
  • Delivers nutrients to the core of the hair fibre 
  • Contains keratin, quinine, caffeine and B vitamins 
  • Use on scalp and hair 
  • Non-greasy, non-sticky formula 
  • Suitable for use on all scalp types 
  • 125ml

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Works well after time! - 03-12-2018 by

After a little over a month, I noticed my hair wasn't falling out in wads like it was before. After 2 months, there is hardly any hair that comes out while shampooing and conditioning and brushing. Follow the directions to a T though. If you don't, it will make your hair and scalp yucky greasy. It can be a tiny bit time consuming, but so worth it

Better hair condition - 30-10-2018 by

Klorane Keratin Strength spray is the solution to my hair fall problem. I use this product in conjunction with the matching Klorane shampoo and conditioner.

Upon first application, I notice that this product does not make my roots become oily and it gives added volume to my hair. I spray the product to my roots after towel drying, massage the product on my scalp and leave it to air dry (I try to avoid using heat on my hair to avoid more damage). I'm happy to say that the product also does not make my hair looking frizzy after my hair dried up, in fact, it does makes my hair feels soft.

Nice product - 18-10-2018 by

I have quite fine hair and was looking for something that might help some of the finer areas grow a little thicker.

The product is nice, easy to use and doesn't leave any residue or build up on your hair.

I don't think I use it regularly enough to notice any difference but it certainly isn't doing it any harm.

Smells nice and encourages me to have a nice scalp massage!

Volumising and Non-Sticky! - 12-03-2018 by

I really like this scalp treatment. The texture is great - it isn't sticky and it doesn't make my oily roots become oily faster. It actually gives the roots some great volume, which is an added bonus! I think it works to strengthen hair, but it's hard to say... as long as it is preventing hair from breaking at the roots and stimulates new hair growth, I'm happy! I'd repurchase this product because it isn't very expensive but it feels like a treat for your scalp and hair!

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