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Klorane Ylang Ylang Protective Oil 100ml 100ml

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4 instalments of $3.74

Or 4 instalments of $3.74 with LEARN MORE

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Shield hair from the drying and damaging effects of UV rays, salt, sand and chlorine with Klorane Protective Oil With Ylang-Ylang. This lightweight, multi-use oil helps to protect hair against damaging environmental factors while deeply nourishing and helping to prevent colour fade.
  • Vegan

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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Klorane Ylang Ylang Protective Oil 100ml Reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Good for beach babes to protect hair from the elements and prevent dryness

Most Helpful Criticism

Smells beautiful, not sure if it is worth it though

Bridget Bass

This product smells divine, but I didnt feel like it did anything for my hair. Did not hydrate my ends like a normal oil would.
  1. Smells great


    verified purchaser
    Not entirely sure what this has done for my hair apart from acting as a perfume - having said that I do really like it and for the price point it's a bit of a winner!
  2. Great for summer, beach hair


    verified purchaser
    I use this in summer when I'm swimming a lot (either pool or beach), in the sun or washing my hair more often. Smells lovely and is great to use when my hair is stressed. Just use a few sprays and comb through for soft, lovely smelling hair.
  3. Nourishing


    Good for beach babes to protect hair from the elements and prevent dryness
  4. Lovely and light


    An oil that is lovely and light, so very good for my finer hair. A little goes a long way for more tamed hair and it smells lovely too. Also nice to pop a few drops through your hair before you wash it
  5. Oily not shiny


    Unfortunately I found this oil to be...really oily? I used it sparingly (2-3 spritzes) on damp hair (I have long, thick hair), through my mid-lengths and ends, but after blow-drying found my hair looked oily and lank. My hair generally tends to get dry/frizzy, so it was weird to see it look like that. It was truly a very oily/greasy effect, not at all smoothing or nourishing like I hoped it would ...
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  6. Smells beautiful, not sure if it is worth it though

    Bridget Bass

    This product smells divine, but I didnt feel like it did anything for my hair. Did not hydrate my ends like a normal oil would.
  7. Good product


    I use this after washing hair during summer and notice hair stays softer. I spray more on before I go to beach and hair seems to not go straw like as beach usually makes it
  8. Amazing


    verified purchaser
    Amazing spray that hydrates my dry hair and gives a really good shine. So easy to use and smells nice.
  9. Hair Oil Spray

    Oil Fusion Spritz

    verified purchaser
    Beautiful Yang Ylang essence was excellent it is a extra in your daily hair regime added lustre and shine daily
  10. Like it


    I did not expect much, but rather impressed.
    One spray gives out a decent amount of product and covers very well. I could see that my hair turns more shiny and smooth.
  11. LOVE this


    if you have dry, frizzy, damaged and treated hair (like myself) you will LOVE this hair oil because, unlike other hair oils, it really stays within your hair and the effects continue to last without having to reapply every single day. it's a nice, thick oil that adds beautiful shine and smoothness. I, however, don't recommend it for people with thin hair as you will find it a bit heavy.
  12. Helps keep hair from damage from the sun , helps get rid of sea salt !


    I love it. It smells like ylang-ylang and it makes your hair shiny. I spritz a little on the shafts and ends in the morning after my shower while my hair is still damp.It protects against UV rays and wind. All the things we need protection from when hanging out in the sun or on the beach. And it’s for every hair type, Makes my hair really soft !
  13. Like the scent


    Love the scent of this. Unfortunately I don't feel it does much for my hair but I like to use it as a hair perfume.
  14. Use in moderation..


    This hair oil took a little bit of trial and error, but now that I've worked out how to make it work for my hair, it is a nice product. It is much more affordable than others on the market, and smells rather pleasant.

    It is probably best suited to thicker drier hair, and works best if applied to the hands and worked through the hair (as opposed to spraying directly onto the hair).
  15. Must have in your beach bag!


    Nice protective oil that really helps to detangle hair and protect it from breakage. I think it works to help protect sun from UV rays... it definitely helps to counter-act the dryness you get from swimming in the ocean or pool. The scent of the oil isn't too overpowering either (I was worried it would be). I love the reasonable price too!

    I'd purchase it again - so I hope it's not b...
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  16. works well


    can tell this product makes a difference. it doesn’t leave my hair feeling gross and does a great job of protecting my hair.
  17. !!


    A little goes along way that is for sure and make sure not to use too much! overall great product and my hair feels great, less dry
  18. Excellent for the price point

    Dee Pillai

    I’m a huge fan of the dry shampoo, so when I saw this on sale I thought I’d give it a try. I usually use fairly expensive oils, but this one worked just as well - instead of spraying it directly on my thick, wavy hair, I sprayed the product onto my palm, warmed it up and applied it with a light touch to the ends. Hair is looking good!
  19. good


    good to give that shine without making hair too oily. smells nice too.
  20. A lovely leave in and beautiful smell


    A really nice leave in oil for hair that is on the thicker side, plus it has a really nice smell that is not too overpowering, just pleasant! Price point is great too! :)
  21. Great Oil heat protection


    Decent oil I must say, after I wash my hair I put some in just before I blow dry, hair is feeling more soft and supple with a nice shine. Also helps with heat protection.
  22. Little too oily


    I wouldn’t get this product if you have fine hair but for thicker hair types I’m sure in wonderful
  23. Very oily!


    The product smells like a dream, but its super oily! Its a spray bottle, so naturally you are inclined to spray straight onto your hair but i recommend spraying it onto your hands and massaging in, to control how much you use.
  24. good for dry hair


    i had very dry, straw like hair and after using this product i noticed a dramatic change to soft and flowy. I would keep in mind to use this sparingly as it is rich
  25. Nice smell but very greasy if you use too much!


    Lovely smell but my goodness it's greasy! At least if you use too much like I did. I have naturally oily hair, so I only need a little bit of this stuff on. I have sprayed it on dry hair but I think it would work better on damp hair. Nice creamy smell which reminds me of summer. But if you have oily hair be careful not to overdo it.
  26. Lovely Oil


    Great oil to use during the day when out and about by the pool or the beach. Leaves hair feeling soft and protected. I'm not sure if it's go sunscreen in it (I don't think it does) so this addition would make it perfect! Great for fine hair.
  27. Great for preventing split ends


    Great for preventing split ends and keeping hair hydrated.
  28. Must try


    Really good at protecting my hair from those dry split ends! It doesn't feel heavy or greasy and weigh the hair down either! A good product
  29. Perfect for dry hair!


    The sun dries out my hair easily and this spray has drastically helped protect and restore moisture!
  30. Great


    Smells good, kept my hair soft and less straw-like after going into the pool and being in the sun all day. My color treated blonde hair never got green from the chlorine.
  31. long lasting hair


    as soon as i get my hair coloured i use this daily. i feel its keep the colour from fading so quickly , especially when i do alot of swimming weekly
  32. Easy


    The spray is super easy to use so your fingers don't get as oily. I like how it tames flyaways or splitting ends. Super light so your hair doesn't feel too greasy
  33. Smells lovely


    This Klorane hair oil is really nice and smells lovely. It keeps my hair well maintained and silky smooth. It lasts a while, as you only need a small drop per application.
  34. Great for a day at the beach


    I pop it in my ends for a big day out at the beach and wrap my hair in a bun so that the product holds. I find that my hair isn't as tangled and dry when I get home that way. Must admit that I have actually gone to the beach this summer since using this product!
  35. Greasy residue


    This is the first hair product I've tried that i don't like. No matter how little i use on my thick coloured hair it leaves it feeling greasy. I also don't like the smell, however i could tolerate the smell if the product wasn't so greasy.
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