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Klorane Nettle Dry Shampoo 150ml

4.6 of 66 reviews


4 instalments of $4.00

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4 instalments of $4.00

Or 4 instalments of $4.00 with LEARN MORE

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Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle is oil control.

Thanks to its original and patented formula, a unique blend of nettle extract with proven oil control properties combined to micronized powders with intense absorbing properties, this dry shampoo absorbs excess sebum and enables the spacing out of liquid shampoos.

In just few minutes, hair is lighter and displays renewed volume.

Paraben-free, colorant-free, sulphate-free.

  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s

Hair Concern:

  • Oily hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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Klorane Nettle Dry Shampoo Reviews

4.6 of 66 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Perfect dry shampoo for in between washes, I have a sensitive scalp and this is gentle enough to use.

Most Helpful Criticism

Light on the hair


A lot lighter on the hair than other dry shampoos, can’t notice it in your hair. Could of had a better scent though.
  1. Caito


    Perfect dry shampoo for in between washes, I have a sensitive scalp and this is gentle enough to use.


    I used to be a wash-my-hair-every-day kind of gal just cos it would be shockingly oily (I know... your hair gets better over time, and I managed to push it to 1.5 days eventually..). But ever since I found this beauty, a good spray not only gives me fluffy and fresh hair, but also non-itchy scalp! Highly HIGHLY recommend!
  3. good


    this is a good dry shampoo, it is not too harsh on my sensitive scalp and it has a nice fresh smell
  4. nice


    Great shampoo that gets oil under control
  5. Lightweight


    Klorane's range of dry shampoos have been my favourite dry shampoo for some time now but this is my first time giving their nettle version a go. I find this product to be really great for the warmer months when the hair can become more oily than normal since I feel it to be a more heavy duty version of their regular oat milk line. The product doesn't leave that much of a whitecast and also doesn't...
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  6. Love it!


    Best dry shampoo I’ve ever used - gives lift on day 2 and 3 post wash. Doesn’t itch or flake.
  7. Best dry shampoo


    I've tried a lot of brands and the other klorane dry shampoos, but the nettle one is still my favourite! It gets oil under control without a lot of product, the powder brushes through until it's invisible and it just smells really nice and fresh.
  8. Amazing!!


    Loved it, fresh scent, no chalky residue, quick and easy to apply.
  9. Light on the hair


    A lot lighter on the hair than other dry shampoos, can’t notice it in your hair. Could of had a better scent though.
  10. Performs as well as it claims


    Low fragrance, no irritants. Left hair feeling cleaner, without any noticeable residue.
  11. Fresh


    Have only used this one for a few days as my delivery was very late arriving but I must say I do like it so far. Doesnt take as much as some other brands to make my hair look less oily and freshest. I am really enjoying use it. Cant wait to compare the pricing to thst of other brands I have use because it will be at the top of my list if the price is right.
  12. Minty fresh


    Love the minty smell. So much better to have a non floral smell. Could see it make my hair loos that oily appearance also most instantly after rubbing it though only a few times
  13. Best shampoo for oily hair


    The scent isn’t my favourite, it’s a bit woody. However, I will overlook that for how well is refreshes my oily hair. Using this dry shampoo I can get an extra 1-2 days before I have to wash it.
  14. Handy pocket pal


    I liked the scent, it’s was refreshing. Slightly powdery
  15. Absolutely Love It

    Bekky E

    Really liked this dry shampoo! The smell is very subtle and it didn’t leave a white cast residue all over my head. This will be my new go to dry shampoo for sure.
  16. Great natural dry shampoo


    Absolutely loveee this Dry Shampoo!
    Having fine hair that gets oily very easily Dry Shampoo has become my hairs best friend to avoid having to wash everyday. I’ve been on the hunt for a more natural dry shampoo due to such regular use and this is definitely it! Really impressed with the spray nozzle (seems to come out better than other I have tried) and also the lightweight feeling of the fo...
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  17. Your hairs best friend


    The Nettle Dry Shampoo worked wonders for my hair. I used it while I was in hospital it made my life so much easier. My hair felt soft and I couldn’t notice any oil in my hair which I’m prone to get.
  18. So fresh and useful


    Loved the smell of the dry shampoo, so fresh. Didn’t leave white powdery residue in my blonde hair which was nice. Have my hair an extra 2 days
  19. Did a pretty good between wash job


    Felt nice in the hair, did a pretty good between wash job.
  20. Volume, absorbent, fresh


    Loved this product! It was light, fluffy and didn’t have an overbearing scent. It made my hair have more volume and didn’t cake or flake.
  21. Awesome new product


    I liked the subtle smell of this product. It felt good in my hair once I brushed it. It freshened it up.
  22. Love this Product


    Love It!! Oily nearly ruined my day and this product saved it. I love that it is naturally derived. Not like some that I have previously used, that have irritated my scalp.
  23. Amazing


    Was fantastic, gave volume and left it looking full of life.
  24. Suprisingly good scent


    I was not sure about the nettle version prior to testing this but I was suprised by how much I actually liked it. The oil control was amazing and I tested this on hair hair that was in serious need of a wash and managed to get a few more days out of it!
  25. Super Light & Natural Saviour


    Absolutely loveee this Dry Shampoo!
    Having fine hair that gets oily very easily Dry Shampoo has become my hairs best friend to avoid having to wash everyday. I’ve been on the hunt for a more natural dry shampoo due to such regular use and this is definitely it! Really impressed with the spray nozzle (seems to come out better than other I have tried) and also the lightweight feeling of the fo...
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  26. The best!


    A really nice product - very happy with it! Lots of other dry shampoos don’t work as effectively as this one. It doesn’t leave residue or colour deposits and it smells and feels lovely!
  27. Average product for oil control


    The product clouded me in a white mist. It called for brushing my hair when I have curly hair and don’t normally brush it so ended up looking like a lion. Some good oil control but wouldn’t use it regularly.
  28. Fresh


    Great dry shampoo. Helped reduce my very oily scalp. The smell is not too intense.
  29. Nothing compares to Klorane Dry Shampoo


    I love all Klorane dry shampoos, but the tinted is a must for brunettes. The nettle has a slight scent compared to the plain oat milk version. I normally don't like anything scented but this is very fresh and subtle, and doesn't linger all day. This product absorbs oil instantly and gives hair back some volume.
  30. Great for oily days


    I love this dry shampoo in the warmer months as my hair gets really oily, and this dry shampoo can really help my hair go the extra day. It absorbs extra oil and makes my hair look cleaner so quickly.
  31. Smells and feels good


    I like this dry shampoo a lot. It smells great, makes my hair feel good without over drying and leaving product on my scalp. Much better than the products I have bought at the grocery store before. Only downfall is the size of bottle for price. I don't feel it lasts very long at all, they need a bigger and cheaper bottle.
  32. Ye old faithful


    This product has always been a cheaper alternative and staple in my hair care routine. I found it adds volume, and lengthens time in between shampoos. Definitely a great product which doesn’t break the bank.
  33. Klorane Nettle Dry Shampoo


    Has a very refreshing smell that most dry shampoos dont have but leaves my hair slightly sticky every time i use it. Also the price tag is a bit of a turn off.
  34. Wonderful


    Nice and fresh. I love it! I use it pretty much everyday and I think it works really well.
  35. Great


    I love this, it’s so fresh and clean and make my scalp feel like it has been given a lovely, fresh boost. I’m really impressed and think it is so nice.
  36. I liked this


    I really like this, it does the job and didn't leave my hair too powdery or gross to touch. The only thing that is off putting is the price point compared to other brands.
  37. Oil Zapping


    Great for oilier roots when you need a little more 'oomph'! I use both this Nettle version and the original depending on my hairs needs. Never irritates my scalp and the formula is still light and not too powdery.
  38. Works well enough


    I found this to be pretty good but no better than others.
    I think i only prefer Batiste because i use their tinted version but this brand also makes one so might try that next time.
    No white marks is a plus.
    It did however make my hair quite dry and tangled - if you dont wash the product out and you sleep on it.
  39. Good but overpriced


    The dry shampoo works well. I have European hair that I have to wash every second day so a dry shampoo is a blessing. I like that it does not leave any residue, lifts the hair slightly from the roots and can be easily brush through but overall, does not do anything more or anything better than a cheaper shampoo. Worth a try but for this price I Would not buy again. It lasts for 8-9 uses which is n...
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  40. Does what it should!


    A really good product that mops up my '4th day not having washed my hair and in a rush' oily scalp without the powdery feeling some dry shampoos give you.
  41. Great Results


    I have been using this product for a few years now and extremely happy with the coverage and texture, it makes my hair look as if it has already been cleaned and washed.
  42. Simply the best


    Klorane dry shampoos are simply the best. Not only are they super effective, but they don't leave a huge white residue or irritate my scalp like a certain popular brand does.
  43. Bye bye oil


    This dry shampoo works wonders for keeping my oily hair at bay. I wash my hair every second day and use this product on alternate days to keep it looking fresh. I find the nettle shampoo works better on my oily hair than the oat milk shampoo - will definitely be purchasing again!
  44. Works great!


    Perfect for 3rd day hair! Adds some volume and texture. I have dark hair and this dry shampoo doesn’t leave white residue behind! Price point is also great! Highly recommend it!
  45. Great


    This is one of the only dry shampoos that will work for my oily roots and fine hair. No build up, only need a tiny bit, nice smell and I find I don't get an itchy scslp like some of the others.
  46. Even better than the original


    I've used the Klorane oat dry shampoo for years and love it. I think I like this even more as it feels light and almost unnoticeable in the hair but still is super effective at improving the texture when my hair starts to get a bit oily a day or so after washing.

    Zara (Adore Beauty Staff)

    After using supermarket dry shampoo my whole life I just assumed it was meant to make your hair feel dry and cakey. After trying this I realised I was just using terrible product beforehand lol. I spray this all over my scalp when my hair starts to feel greasy and I don't need to keep applying it every morning after that - it keeps my hair oil-free with no topping up!
    My only issue is that I...
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  48. Love this


    I straighten my hair every week. After going to the gym, I find that my hair is very oily after two days. I don't want to wash it and straighten it every day. So I use this and my hair is transformed. Although it becomes sort of matt after that, I can get away usually not washing my hair for a week but continue to have straight, clean looking hair that smells great too.
  49. one of the BEST dry shampoos!


    I have dark hair and find that this doesn’t leave any white/chalky residue, and is really volumising! Revives 2nd and 3rd day hair, and great to have in your car or bag if you get greasy and/or flat hair throughout the day.
  50. Great upgrade on the original Klorane


    Loving the nettle dry shampoo, it feels so much more nourishing and doesn't leave a chalky drying residue. Great price point and nice dupe for the oribe gold lust dry shampoo
  51. Great dry shampoo - but unsure if worth the $


    I do like this dry shampoo and it is very effective, but for the price I'm unsure I would continue to buy over a more economical brand.

    I'm not a huge dry shampoo user though - only when I'm desperate! So maybe I'm happy with something simpler for my occasional use?
  52. Best dry shampoo


    I have extremely oily hair and used to wash my hair every single day. This dry shampoo is a life saver, it has a light scent and absorbs oil very well. It does not leave a weird scent or white powder in your hair like other dry shampoo brands. I wash my hair every 2-3 days now.
  53. This is a good dry shampoo.


    This dry shampoo works, I recommend it!
  54. Best Dry Shampoo


    This is the best dry shampoo I've used. Normally I'd buy a cheaper product, however this is still reasonably priced and far superior. It sprays on clear and doesn't feel powdery at all. A few tousles with my fingers and my hair looks and feels clean and the texture is great for styling.
  55. Best!


    Best dry shampoo I have ever tryed
  56. The best of the best!


    Nothing beats this dry shampoo! Have tried so many brands, and this is the only one that absorbs oil and gives your hair volume! It may come out quite white, but rub it in really well and it creates beautiful volume and banishes an oily scalp.
  57. One of the best dry shampoos. Definitely a must-have, highly recommended!


    One of the best dry shampoos. Definitely a must-have, highly recommended!
  58. No white residue


    This dry shampoo is priced slightly higher than some supermarket brands (Batiste for example) but wins out because it doesn’t leave the white chalky residue that most others do. Smell is pleasant enough.
  59. Great for fine hair


    This is definitely the best dry shampoo I have found for fine hair. I’ve tried lots of other brands but they just don’t soak up the oil as well as this, and it adds a fair bit of volume without making it look dull or powdery.
  60. Only one that works for me!


    I have tried so many dry shampoos and this is the only one that works for me! I gym regularly and sweat a fair bit so I wanted to find a good dry shampoo for days when I don't want to wash my hair - as I try to keep it to a minimum so that I don't overwash my hair. My hair gets really oily and flat and this product works amazingly, the smell is nice and it sucks up all the oil without leaving any ...
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  61. Ooooh lovely!!!


    All the dry shampoo I’ve used in the past dried my hair or like crazy and left a lot of product buildup. This one thankfully doesn’t do that and has a subtle pleasant smell. Will definitely repurchase! I have pretty thick, straight hair that gets oily quickly and this has been great.
  62. Best one i've ever used!


    Super texturising and nice!! Leaves your hair feeling freshly washed!
  63. Holy Grail!


    This is my ultimate dry shampoo, after trying so many over the years I have finally found one that adds volume, takes away oiliness and doesn't leave my hair sticky or full of residue. And it's great value for money as you only need to use a small amount.
  64. Best dry shampoo ever

    Kylie Q

    Best dry shampoo ever - the title explains all. I am so glad I found this. It’s such a great product - with this in my kit I can get away with washing my hair only once a week which is such a time saver.
  65. Good!


    Smells fine and does a good job absorbing the hair oils! Works better than my batiste dry shampoos, lasts throughout the day as well. Fresh and works well.
  66. Amazing


    Love the smell of this dry shampoo and it works perfectly fine!
  67. The best


    This is officially my oily hair’s best friend. I have to say this is the best dry shampoo I have ever tried. Beats Batiste hands down. I like this non coloured version just as much as the tinted option.
  68. Smells great! Works great!


    This is the first dry shampoo I've used and I don't think I'll try anything else. I have sleek black (Asian) hair, which can look really oily after just one day of not washing, I find that I don't need to apply too much of this stuff to have clean hair again. Also it smells fantastic!
  69. Best dry shampoo


    I have tried so many dry shampoos and this is by far the best. I use it for both a quick fix on days I don't have time to wash, but also to add texture to my styles (great for beach wave curl style). Would recommend 100%
  70. Perfect for everyday!


    I usually do not like dry shampoo, but this one met all my expectations!

    Didn't feel heavy, no overbearing set, just perfect. I use this everyday second day for a refresh.
  71. Everyday dry shampoo

    Danii (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is a great dry shampoo for everyday, at an affordable price. Klorane make mild hair care products and this one is no different - the Nettle version is for particularly oily roots (which I have). A fine mist is all you need, and imperative if you have dark hair as the fine powder is white (not coloured).
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