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Klorane Desert Date: Repairing

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Make dry, damaged and brittle hair a thing of the past with the Desert Date range from Klorane. Using the kernels of the desert date, this botanical collection will rehydrate and repair damaged hair for luscious looking locks.

Klorane are constantly expanding their product ranges and exploring new botanical ingredients to use. The Desert Date range was launched in 2012 and has been designed to combat dry and damaged hair and focuses around the date kernel.

The dates used are cultivated in the Sub-Sahel Africa desert, and when the collection was launched, Klorane joined The Great Green Wall project which involved planting 10,000 Desert date trees per year for three years and financing research into the impact of the Desert date tree. This would help improve the impoverished region which has been at the frontline of climate change for years.

The Desert date was chosen for its high concentration of fatty acids and proteins which can help repair and rehydrate dry and damaged hair. Each date has to be manually picked and delicately de-pulped and is the main ingredient of the haircare range. The extract restores and strengthens natural keratin, regenerates dehydrated hair and prevents and repairs split ends.

Start off with the Desert Date Shampoo to gently cleanse hair whilst retaining the natural balance of the scalp, then use the Desert Date Conditioner to restore hydration and strengthen to the brittle hair. The Desert Date Leave-In Cream is a heavy-duty treatment which will completely transform hair leaving it supple and silky.

Klorane don't overcomplicate their products and they haven't with their Desert Date range. Harness the powerful hydrating and strengthening effects of the date kernel to repair your dry and damaged hair.

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Klorane Desert Date Leave-In Cream

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