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Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream 50ml 50ml

4.6 of 411 reviews


4 instalments of $12.75

Or 4 instalments of $12.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.75

Or 4 instalments of $12.75 with LEARN MORE

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Tested against even the most extreme conditions, this Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream will keep your skin hydrated all day long. Created with Squalane and Imperata Cylindrica, this facial moisturiser will replenish skin with hydration by absorbing moisture from the air and improving skins ability to retain the moisture. Added Glacial Glycoprotein Extract works to protect skin and as a result, this lightweight face cream is particularly good at maintaining well-balanced skin in harsh weather conditions.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream 50ml

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream 50ml

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Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream 50ml Reviews

4.6 of 411 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good facial cream ever


This signature facial cream works well for me , it is lightweight and hydrating and produce well balance on my skin

Most Helpful Criticism

Good, but it didn't 'wow' me


This cream after 2 months, has hydrated my skin and sat well over multiple brands of serum. The jar has lasted, and a little goes a long way, so in terms of longevity I would class this as reasonable value for money. I got a free kheils brand free items with this purchase, so it was really nice to try out the brands other products. The foundation I am using didn't sit as well when I applied this cream beforehand so I have preferred to use this at night or on no make up days.
Would I purchase again? No, simply because I have found other facial moisturizers equally good, or better, for far less money.
  1. ultra facial cream


    quite hydrating but can make me look greasy by the end of the day
  2. It definitely goes


    I don’t get very dry skin that often but I copped this as a sample & it ain't bad at all. More of a clearly corrective fan myself, but on them odd, dry days - lookout UFC!
  3. Good facial cream ever


    This signature facial cream works well for me , it is lightweight and hydrating and produce well balance on my skin
  4. Amazing hydration


    Bought a 50ml tub and it lasted me a while and was super hydrating! When I finished I went back to my drugstore moisturiser and noticed a huge difference and immediately went online to buy another one of these!! Will continue to rebuy this!!
  5. One of my favoruties


    This is one of my favourite creams for my dry skin. It effectively combats flaky patches that I often develop and I definitely recommend this if you have similar issues and if your budget permits. My only criticism is the price as this sadly isn't sustainable for me personally.
  6. simple and easy


    This cream does the job! Very light and not greasy! my go-to after shower. simple and easy.
  7. decent one


    This is a hydrating and light day time moisturiser
  8. Light weight + Hydrating

    Claire Mac

    This is my go-to day moisturiser, I absolutely love the Ultra Facial Cream. The cream is light weight and absorbed incredibly quickly and leaves my face looking bright, clear and hydrated. It seems to be working really well for my skin type.
  9. Great reliable moisturiser!

    Lily K

    I absolutely love Kiehls for my skin (combination). This moisturiser absorbs really well, and makes my skin feel very hydrated. I have tried the other Kiehls moisturiser (in the purple container) which is nearly double the price, and the ultra facial cream is as good I would say!
  10. Excellent moisuriser


    I love Kiehl's and this is an excellent, reliable moisturiser. My skin is quite sensitive and this moisturiser has that great balance of being thick enough but not too heavy.
  11. Very hydrating


    At first I thought it was greassy amd that I wasn’t going to use it. I gave it a second chance and Im glad as my skin needed all the extra hydration. Started trying more products of this brand and I have loved them all so far.
  12. Good, but it didn't 'wow' me


    This cream after 2 months, has hydrated my skin and sat well over multiple brands of serum. The jar has lasted, and a little goes a long way, so in terms of longevity I would class this as reasonable value for money. I got a free kheils brand free items with this purchase, so it was really nice to try out the brands other products. The foundation I am using didn't sit as well when I applied this c...
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  13. best cream


    the best facial cream i've ever used, Especially when I have dry skin in winter, it is the best choice
  14. A decent moisturiser, but was expecting more for the price.


    It's a good night moisturiser, however I felt that the moisturiser was just "sitting ontop" of my skin instead of absorbing into my skin. I did not see any difference in the overall, so I'm unlikely to repurchase this product again
  15. Great all year round moisturiser


    I was hesitant to try this moisturiser purely because of the price, but as it came highly recommend I thought “treat yo self”. At first it felt heavy on my skin but over the next few days of use it’s quickly become something I don’t see my skin being without! It’s a beautiful smooth texture that would be great to use either day or night!
  16. The cream I never knew my face needed!


    I wasn't overwhelmed with this product when i first used it and tried to give the remaining bit in the pot away. However after two nights of using another cream my skin was looking less hydrated and plump. I quickly asked for the tub back and continued to use it!!!! I will not go without this cream at night again. Super nourishing and seems to help my oily skin.
  17. Nice moisturiser


    Hydrating well. Not greasy or heavy. Good value too.
  18. love


    great moisturiser not greasy and so so hydrating
  19. Good


    Bought this for my mum as a Mother's Day gift, because its just a basic cream that can't go wrong. She really likes how smooth it is and how its not too thick.
  20. Good

    Regi K

    Good product. Very hydrating and not greasy like other moisturiser.
  21. Another winner from kiehl’s

    A Law

    This currently my husband’s go-to moisturiser. He has dry, and sensitive skin and it’s perfect for his skin type. It’s light weight and absorbs quickly without leaving residue - and most importantly delivers all day hydration. It’s fragrance free and causes absolutely no irritation to his highly reactionary skin.
    This is very much a hydration/moisturising product and wouldn’t work hard enou...
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  22. Can’t get enough


    Hands down one of the best daily facial moisturisers I have come across. My skin is combination and I have never been able to find a moisturiser that I can use both in summer and winter until I started using this. Keeps my skin moisturised during winter and oil free during summer (without over drying) also great to put on top of my night serum. Love it and will buying it again.
  23. Great basic everyday moisturiser


    This is my tried and true, go-to moisturiser. It's so light and keeps you moisturised throughout the day without feeling like you've got a tonne on your face. It goes on smooth and absorbs more easily than most other moisturisers I've tried, but I find that I run out of the 50ml jar too quickly if using morning + night. It is a little expensive, but there are many more expensive, less effective mo...
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  24. Great moisturizer


    Creamy and light texture, ultra-hydrating and not greasy. Love it.

  25. a lovely light moisturiser


    This is nice and light on the skin but also leaves you feeling very hydrated. Perfect for summer months but also hydrating enough for winter. No overpowering smell and easy to apply.
  26. average


    this is okay, nothing special but it did hydrate my skin
  27. good choice


    The things are very good, the application is very delicate, the whitening, moisturizing, oil-controlling, moisturizing and moisturizing effect is very good, I like it very much, the price is not expensive, and the quality is very good. Because the skin was a bit dry before, the moisturizing effect was okay. After using it for a few days, the face became whiter and tender, and the whole face was no...
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  28. In love!


    I received this as a sample and cannot wait to purchase the full size. It feels so moisturising without feeling heavy, is unscented and makes my skin feel so good in the morning when I use this at night. I can tell this will be a go-to when summer rolls around - nourishing my skin which tends to dry out, while still being lightweight.
  29. Very moisturising


    I was lucky enough to receive this for free from a Social Soup campaign. It was one of the first things I tried from the Kiehls range (from my litte box of freebies).

    It is quite light and very easily absorbed. I found that my skin was quite hydrated and soft from using this moisturiser. I’m quite impressed with it. I do have combination skin and it had serve my face well.
  30. Hmmm


    Not my favourite, it gave me a rash. I don’t think I’m a fan of this brand and I prefer my other skincare. Bit of a shame! It’s quite expensive.
  31. Rich and creamy


    A really nice, rich and creamy moisturiser that is both lightweight and moisturising. Really nothing bad to be said, really great for sensitive and dry skin and has gotten rid of any dry patches on my face that I may have. Would totally recommend
  32. Great day cream and primer!


    My favourite moisturiser! Hydrates my dry skin all day and is fantastic under makeup as a primer. I have tried lots of different day moisturiser and always come back to this.
  33. Amazing finish, leaves skin super soft


    This is a lovely moisturiser! It has such a beautiful finish and sinks in easily, leaving my skin soft and smooth. I pair it during the day with Ultraviolette Supreme Screen and its the perfect base for makeup. I find I need a bit more hydration overnight so I don't use this in the evening, but its the perfect daytime moisturiser for my combination skin.
  34. Must need in winter


    Love it. My skin will be very dry in winter. Especially I live in Tasmania. I tried many other creams before they didn't help a lot. Then I bought Kiehl's! I have to say it really helps.
    I would definitely buy it again next winter.
  35. great


    Use this facial cream in the evening, on the next morning the skin is very watery, moisturizing effect is good.
  36. moisturising


    This leaves my skin softer and gives decent moisture to it.
  37. Fantastic


    This cream is so hydrating. It makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated without making it too oily.
  38. great, but...


    look, it’s a great moisturiser. it doesn’t have a scent which i really love for my face and will keep you hydrated all day. i just think there are comparable products that are a lot cheaper and do basically the same thing, such as the embryolisse lait-creme, innisfree green tea range or even the ordinary moisturiser.
  39. big yes


    ever since i purchased this, my face is always smooth and hydrated! i always use this before my makeup and my face always feels fresh even with my makeup on. a small amount goes a long way too!
  40. Your new best friend


    I've lost count on how many times I've repurchased this. It's your go to, never fail moisturise. Great under makeup and reliable. Also at night when my skin is a little dry, I put a few drops of Argan Oil and it feels heavenly. I just wish they would release an SPF version with the same texture and I would be loyal forever.
  41. So hydrating


    my dry winter skin loves this, I am due to repurchase - it does sting a bit if my skin is extra dry or irritated but it drinks it up. LOVE. I will comment on the packaging, I don't love the sanitation factor of a tub - but, i'll still use it.
  42. Very good on a cold day


    A lovely and very richly and deeply moisturising facial moisturisng that is great for drier skins or when your skin needs a hydrating boost. I love this cream on those cold days when I go running and my skin really cops a beating with cold weather, strong cold winds and rain, this cream is very nourishing.
  43. Hydrating moisturizer


    It’s a nice hydrating cream for those with younger skin..
    Recommended to use if your under the age of 30 ..
    Coz it’s hydrating but not rich enough if you have dry skin and mature skin..
  44. average moisturiser

    carol htoo

    I bought this as I tried the ultra facial cleanser first, hoping using two of them together would my skin. To be completely honest, this is an average moisturiser. Even though it's lightweight and feels amazing once you put in on your skin, it did not really help my skin improve. however, it feel amazing to use it before wearing your makeup as its not a overly thick cream. I would recommend this f...
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  45. Love this moisturiser


    It is a little on the expensive side but it feels so good on your skin and really hydrates it
  46. Perfect everyday facial moisturiser


    It's not oily, but it nourishes and moisturises deeply. It's fresh and light, just what you want for a facial moisturiser.
  47. Nice moisturizer


    I like this product, felt a bit of a tingle when applying but caused no irritation to my dry/sensitive skin. Skin looked plumped and hydrated - created simular results to FAB. At time i thought it needed to be more hydrating, but this was fixed layering with an overnight mask, but this could be due to my dry skin.
  48. Fantastic moisturizer


    This is a staple in my routine. Great for day time and night time use. Lovely formula
  49. Nourishing Moisturiser


    A nice winter moisturiser. It's not my favourite smelling moisturiser but great for dryer climate.
  50. Super nourishing


    Really happy with this product. Very rich and hydrating, non-irritating, perfect for winter!
  51. Not rich enough for my dry skin


    I have used this product about 2 years ago and loved it, and decided to repurchase. Unfortunately it is not as good as I remember. My skin is dry/combination and as it is winter at the moment, I'm finding this moisturiser just isn't cutting it and I am using an oil underneath for added hydration. This may suit less dryer skin types.
  52. Pricey


    I’m always looking out for great face creams. Recently I always read the reviews. Unfortunately I was disappointed with this cream. It doesn’t deliver the same as other top face creams which I’ve purchased from Adore Beauty. It’s just OK. On the up side. It isn’t tacky, doesn’t leave residue on my skin. Just very small and too pricey. I’d say it more suited for normal skin type and younger s...
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  53. Great for damaged skin


    I have been searching for a good daily moisturizer that helps my dehydrated skin, without being greasy. I have been using the Clarins gel moisturizer, but found as the weather has become colder and more dry that I have to use excess just for my skin not to feel tight.
    I thought i wouldn't like it initially because it felt very lotion-y, aka greasy, but I am amazed at how silky, plump and bri...
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  54. A Nice Middle-Road Moisturiser


    This moisturiser is really nice, light and hydrating. It's good for summer months when I don't want something heavy, however I find myself gravitating to other brands. This one is a good start for sensitive skin.
  55. skin is soft


    I love this stuff I have brought it a few times it's so nice on your skin and I feel like it doesn't strip your skin. LOVE IT
  56. Simple Moisturiser


    I was looking for a simple moisturiser for night time use, which the ultra facial cream fulfils. The texture is great and it absorbs well. It leaves my skin feeling soft and plump through the night.
  57. THE BEST!!!


    I have been using Aspect Photostat for quite some time and was on the hunt for something more affordable. THIS. IS. IT!!! Honestly such a similar texture, I think I actually love it more, and so does my wallet.
  58. Lightweight!


    I bought this for myself but it slowly became my boyfriends moisturiser; I do like it but I fell for the Aspect Phytostat which I love more. My boyfriend wants to buy it over and over again. He has oily skin and it works really well for him. I may repurchase in the future, who knows!
  59. Light weight cream and still hydrating!


    I have oily skin and this works perfectly on top of my serums. It's super lightweight - which is what I look for in cream and it still provides great amount of hydration! I LOVE
  60. Fantastic moisturiser!


    This moisturizer is one of the best I've used. It feels really soothing and hydrating. It applies a little thick so I use it mostly as a night cream as I don't have time to wait for it to dry in the morning. Perfect for winter!
  61. Nice, but does not wow me


    This moisturiser is quite nice, goes on smooth, makes me feel nice and hydrated. However, for the price point, it does not really do anything special and I feel as though there are moisturisers for much cheaper that would achieve the same results.
  62. Best face cream!


    Hands down the best face cream that provides extremely positive results with my skin.
  63. Basic, but super effective and non-irritating moisturiser! Couldn't live without


    Honestly such a good all-rounder moisturiser - couldn't live without it now after trying it for over 6 months! Super light-weight but really hydrating too! Love the consistency so much and doesn't feel heavy even though how hydrating it is! Great skin-prep option for before applying make-up - I now use this over priming now cause it does the job so well prepping the skin! 1000% recommend. I also h...
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  64. Love this face cream, it's within a good budget but feels bougie. It's soft and silky and would recommend to anyone.

    Sarah Glee

    It's a great go to face cream, only downer is no the spf so I use it as a night cream. It's light weight and doesn't leave a creamy feeling afterwards.
  65. A great moisturiser


    This moisturiser is a great all rounder. I use it both morning and night as it feels light enough on the skin to sit well under makeup, but also has a thickness to it that makes me feel like my skin is getting moisturised during the night. Would repurchase.
  66. The perfect winter moisturiser


    This moisturiser I only use when the weather starts to get cold as its super hydrating and sits well under makeup. I've been using it for so many years even when I've gone to try a new one for winter I always come back to this. The price seems a up there for some but a little goes a long way! Even my hubby steals it :)
  67. Forever Favourite


    Over the last 10 years this moisturiser has been with me through the trials and tribulations of combination skin and the process of having oily teenage skin to dry-sensitive skin in my twenties. I've also used moisturiser from La Mer, Drunk Elephant, Darphin, Bare Minerals and Kate Somerville to name a few but the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream has been one I've always turned to as an amazing all-roun...
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  68. Soft skin


    This is very moisturising and does not feel heavy. Leaves my skin feeling soft
  69. A little goes a long way


    I was a bit hesitant due to the price tag, but you only need to use a small amount for the cream to go a long way. It has a really nice, lightweight feel and sinks in almost straight away. Makes my skin feel really smooth too.
  70. Love


    So hydrating, sinks in within a couple of minutes, no scent, leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day. A new staple in my morning routine.
  71. Obsessed


    I have very red sensitive skin so have to be careful what products I put on my face. This moisturizer is so buttery and hydrating and barely makes my face blush. Perfect for my night time routine!
  72. Melts into your skin


    Love this. A little goes a long way, feels so lightweight and soaks right into my skin always feel so fresh and bright after using this day and night. Will definitely be buying again :)
  73. Lightweight and super hydrating


    I love this moisturiser. You only need a tiny amount as it spreads well and is super hydrating without feeling heavy. My skin feels light and fresh after using this moisturiser.
  74. Every girl who sweats through cream's dream


    i have been so happy with this product. so light weight and hydrating. it doesn't make me shiny and my skin can still breathe.
  75. Dry skin saver

    Loz Delosa

    This moisturiser has been great for my dry skin. Leaves it with a nice glow. It’s also good value for money, as it lasts a long time and you only need to apply a small amount.
  76. Light weight high efficacy!


    So far the best moisturizer cream I have purchased. Not oily like some creams which can create white bumps, this product is so light at the same time does a good job! My skin is so plump after using!
  77. Love it


    feels beautiful on my skin and locks in the other serums and oils from my routine. nice texture and not too much scent if any at all. I prefer this over the bottled moisturiser
  78. A very moisturising moisturiser!


    This cream is great for the colder months. The formula is super hydrating without being oily. I could recommend this for those with dryer skin or in between seasons. I use this as a day cream, it's lightweight and protects my skin from the elements. If you are looking for a gentle hydrating moisturiser add this one to your cart :)
  79. Fave moisturiser


    I ordered this about a month ago and it has quickly become my favourite moisturiser I've ever used. A little bit pricey though unfortunately.
  80. Deep hydration not oily


    Love how hydrating this is without being oily. It’s perfect for winter and night time.
  81. Impressed


    I was cynical about the hype surrounding this moisturiser but I am a total convert. It feels thick and heavy but it sinks in completely and sits well under makeup.My skin looks clear and glows after using it for about a month now. I will definitely repurchase this.
  82. Moisturising and thin - nice feel to it


    I was trying new moisturisers as I have very dry and sensitive skin from ezcema and was looking for a new one. This was nice and didnt irritate my sensitive skin however I feel like I need something longer lasting moisture wise so I wont be repurchasing.
  83. Best of the best


    This is without a doubt my favourite moisturiser. Whenever someone asks me what moisturiser they should start using I recommend this one!
  84. super moisturising


    this is exactly what i expected. super moisturising, smells divine and makes my skin so so soft. definitely recommend
  85. Smells great!


    A gorgeous moisturiser which is good for sensitive skin and makes my face feel super soft!
  86. Indulgent without the price tag


    I have a 3 month old baby and for the last 3 months my skin care has taken a backseat to being a parent - and now my skin is in the worst shape it’s been in for years. I have dry, combination skin and I’m starting to get fine lines around my eyes as well as bags (thanks sleepless nights!) This cream is thick and indulgent without being overly heavy on the skin. It seems to melt into your skin rath...
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  87. Best daily moisturiser ever


    This is my second purchase of this product. It is light, blends in so smoothly. No sticky/oily residue after applying and keeps me moisturised all day. An absolute pleasure to use and makes me feel like I am really taking care of my skin.
  88. Fave face cream

    Claire A

    This is my second jar of this and I can say that I love this moisturiser. I have normal skin which can be dry at times and this cream is super hydrating and always makes my skin feel awesome. It’s a little on the heavy side but absorbs quickly. Doesn’t have SPF but sits well under sunscreen and make up. Love it and will be buying again!
  89. Suitable for all skin types


    It’s very lightweight yet lovely texture. Slides on smoothly to the skin, it’s not tacky at all instead very creamy. Can be suitable for all skin type as it provides lovely hydration.
  90. Moisturising without feeling thick


    product is moisturising without feeling thick, a good cream formula. i have dry-nromal sensitive skin with some closed comedones on my forehead but did not find this product to aggravate it
  91. My favourite


    I always come back to this moisturiser. Super hydrating but soaks in perfectly. i have oily skin and love using this cream at night, I wake up with refreshed plump skin! Definitely recommend!
  92. The Best Moisturiser


    I've been using this moisturiser for the past 5 years or so, after a friend recommended it. Ever since I refuse to use any other moisturiser. I truly believe this moisturiser got rid of my pimples! My skin always feels so much better after using this. I just use it in the morning before doing makeup - its amazing. My sister had some dry spots around her eyes from an allergy and it cleared it up af...
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  93. Beautiful and light


    Promised a lightweight and long lasting product. Has not disappointed. I love this. Applied for me, everyday with a serum prior it is perfect for my combination skin. I don’t wear make up, and this leaves an almost dewy finish. I would highly recommend x
  94. Love


    I have been using this moisturiser every day for two years. I particularly like it because my mineral powder foundation sits very nicely over this moisturiser and the primer I use.
    My skin feels hydrated.
  95. Lovely and creamy


    A lovely, moisturising and hydrating cream for the face and neck, without any feeling of richness. The cream is lovely, soaks in quickly and is good for all skin types.
  96. The best


    Only recently started using this as my morning and evening moisturiser and am super happy. feels super smooth and rich going on but still light weight and never feels heavy. Just a tad pricey!
  97. Good value moisturiser

    Bridget B

    This moisturiser is nice - it's very hydrating and pretty good value. However, on application it did sting my sensitised skin a little bit. Would recommend for dry skin types, it might be too heavy for oily skin types.
  98. Good


    My skin is moisturised after using this cream and it layers well underneath makeup
  99. Love love love


    Have been using day and night!! Would recommend for extra hydration
  100. Wonderful!


    It's really hydrating and doesn't make my skin feel too greasy after applying it.
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