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Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml 30ml

4.5 of 185 reviews


4 instalments of $18.00

Or 4 instalments of $18.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $18.00

Or 4 instalments of $18.00 with LEARN MORE

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For healthier looking skin use the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Suitable for all skin types, this luxurious night-time elixir works to support and nourish your skin while it works to repair itself overnight.

What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml Reviews

4.5 of 185 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Rich and Nourishing


Really great formula with amazing results. Acts like a concentrated serum for the face that really nourishes any dry areas on the skin whilst giving a great glow for the face. Would definitely recommend.

Most Helpful Criticism

I think it broke me out


Its a great oil bit i think the botanicals in it broke me out. It's also smelled nice at first but the lavender smell gave way to like a grassy smell
  1. Rich and Nourishing


    Really great formula with amazing results. Acts like a concentrated serum for the face that really nourishes any dry areas on the skin whilst giving a great glow for the face. Would definitely recommend.
  2. Great facial serum to calm, moisurize and nourrish the skin overnight


    There are definitively many good reasons why this Midnight Recovery Serum in one of Kiehl's top sellers. Once you have tried it, it is hard to find something better. I was wondering how its oil texture would work on my skin, and if it would make it oily or gluey. Actually, its formula is amazing. It's a dry oil that only leaves a moisturized and smooth feel on the skin. I also really like its scen...
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  3. I like it!


    I have this serum for couple of years- little goes a long way! And it still smells great!
    I use it on top of my moisturiser ( the same as aspect probiotic mask) and it works amazing on me! I love it in winter. I wake up refreshed and hydrated the next morning!
  4. unlike


    I don't like this product. It's too greasy and doesn't absorb at all.
  5. Smooth!


    I do really like this product as I do have quite dry skin and needed something to hydrate overnight. This does really work but it does have a heavy oily feeling, however serums and oils that don’t, don’t have as good of a result.
  6. love the scent


    love the scent and feel soothing. I like to use it in winter as a message oil and apply other skin products if required.
  7. Beautiful night time serum


    A beautiful lavender concoction that is beautiful for your skin at bed time. It soothes your skin and also helps you sleep as you breathe in the lavender. I like to apply a few generous drops to my skin, and gently pat it in, It is a lovely serum like product that feels beautiful on the skin and helps you rest well, and awake to more refreshed skin.
  8. Amazing!


    Lovely light textured oil that smells great. I always wake up with soft glowing skin
  9. Not my fave product


    Given this was recommended by a friend and the rave reviews I had to purchase! I wanted the skin that everyone said it provided however I wasn’t overly impressed.
    It’s been 2 weeks now since I started using this product and while yes my skin feels nice I didn’t get the wow factor from it.
  10. Great Oil Cleanser, though not my favourite


    Beautiful botanical scent, leaves your skin feeling clean, rejuventated and plump rather than stripped - like any oil cleanser. I do however prefer the Tatcha Camelia Oil Cleanser over this product, as I find it better at removing eye makeup, nicer feel, and generally more luxe for the same price point. Can't really fault the Tatcha one.
  11. The miracle oil


    As a longstanding Kiehl's customer, I expect a luxurious oil that delivers to its promises. And this does not disappoint. A lightweight night oil that smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling nourished. Love it. Will continue to buy it and recommend to all my mates.
  12. Good but not great


    Ive been using this oil 3-4 nights a week for around 7 months. Whilst I like this oil, there are many better options out there. The results are not immediate, although I was told it helped restore the skin barrier.
  13. Amazing!


    I have been using this product for 2 weeks now and I have already started to see results!! After applying it my skin feels so smooth and fresh and it instantly hydrates my skin- also has a great scent!
  14. Midnight Delight


    The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a great and easy product, with just a few drops you can feel the relaxation settle in. Simply massaging three drops into the skin, was it that easy this whole time? Since using this concentrate I have seen a huge improvement in my skin. I suffer from rosacea and from the one time application, I noticed a dramatic improvement. not only does this product leave yo...
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  15. Bedtime Routine Essential


    This is the 3rd time I’ve bought this face oil, and it will be staying a part of my night time routine for a long time to come.

    I have normal/oily skin, and hormonal acne on my chin. this face oil is so nice and lightweight it doesn’t make my skin too oily, and I find it helps calm my acne when it gets bad.

    I use 2-3 drops of this nightly following my serums, and look f...
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  16. Not the best for very dry skin

    Bridget B

    This concentrate was not hydrating enough for my very dry skin. It is more of a dry oil rather than an oil that creates a barrier on the skin. Probably better for combo or oily skin types.
  17. Not for sensitive skin


    My friend has nothing but good thing to say about this product and I too, wanted to love it so badly but unfortunately it is not for me. I have tried this product a few times but I still didn't like it. It feels quite oily for a serum and I have a feeling that this is the cause of my breakout (Note that I have acne prone, sensitive skin)
  18. Obsessed


    I have been using the Kiehl’s midnight recovery oil for a while now. I love putting it on top of my retinol products, to keep my skin hydrated. for quite
  19. Oily Skin's Best Friend


    I have acne-prone oily skin and this face oil is absolutely oily-skin friendly! Not only does it hydrate my skin and helps me looking awake and refreshed, it also doesn't make my oily skin even oilier! If anything, its hydrating benefit helped my oily skin to produce less oil!
  20. 10/10 always come back to this product


    I use this as a morning and night moisturiser. It smells amazing, soaks in easily and doesn’t leave me sticky or oily, so I can build my make up on top. I’ve mixed it up with other serums but always come back to this old fave!
  21. LOVE IT


    I use this almost every night or at least every second night, for about a year and a half and love it. My skin is natural dry so works wonders apply a little bit and it also last for ages had the same one for around 4 months cause you don't need to use that much. Would highly recommend.


    I added this product into my nightly face skincare routine and have really enjoyed using it. It's very light and nourishing to apply and the scent isn't overpowering. I'll definitely be using this in the future as part of my night time routine.


    I added this product into my nightly face skincare routine and have really enjoyed using it. It's very light and nourishing to apply and the scent isn't overpowering. I'll definitely be using this in the future as part of my night time routine.
  24. Average Oil


    This oil feel nourishing but unfortunately it broke me out. Not good for oily or acne prone skin types. It also feels too heavily fragranced for me. For the price, there are much better oils out there.
  25. Good


    Nice product and texture. Lovely smell that is not overpowering.
  26. Gorgeous relaxing scent, it worked wonders overnight!


    Beautiful. It goes on really smoothly and smells gorgeous, but it's not overpowering. I have been trouble sleeping and this is a calming nightly ritual with soothing scent. . My skin looks and feels amazing in the morning. I have combination to oily skin and it doesn’t look greasy when I put this on, it soaks up the product in minutes and it feels amazing on skin. Small amount is enough, so it las...
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  27. I think it broke me out


    Its a great oil bit i think the botanicals in it broke me out. It's also smelled nice at first but the lavender smell gave way to like a grassy smell
  28. Great


    This plumps and repairs my skin overnight but prefer if it was fragrance free
  29. Love!


    This oil fixes all my skin promblems I swear! Very light oil so I can use in the morning before makeup if my skin is looking full and dry. Much prefer this over the pricey drunk elephant facial oil
  30. Nice smell, so-so performance


    This concentrate certainly has a beautiful smell that is perfect for applying before bed, but the actual performance left me a bit disappointed, as I expected something quite spectacular for both the price, the hype and the beautiful bottle itself. It's not a bad product by any means, but after using it for a month I didn't really notice much difference, plus the oil seemed to just sit on the surf...
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  31. Glow in a bottle


    I love this oil. My flatmate told me to use hers one night and I woke up the next morning looking absolutely glowing. It's not a heavy oil at all, so good for those with skin on the oilier side that don't want anything too heavy. I do only use it about 3 times per week though as an oil is too much for my skin every day. The light lavender smell is very calming and great for bed time.
  32. Beautiful, effective night oil


    Love this oil! It is lightweight, smells amazing and leaves your skin hydrated, glowing and fresh. I hate the feel of heavy oils on my face but this one makes my face feel hydrated but not oily at all- the texture is divine. I’ve also definitely noticed it helps plump my skin and my skin tone is more even. Will definitely repurchase!
  33. Nighttime routine game changer


    Have always loved this product! Simple yet so effective! I love having it in my night time routine as the smell just sets you up for a good night sleep!
  34. Silky


    Incredible silky texture, instant and lasting hydration. Smells amazing but very active, use sparingly/alternately on delicate skin.
  35. Go to


    Gorgeous face oil for night time when you wake up your skin feels absolutely soft and glowing amazing
  36. Great for acne!


    It has made my occasional acne flare up diminish quickly. It leaves my face feeling so hydrating but not oily.
  37. Love it!


    This is a facial oil but it is so lightweight and doesn't feel greasy. You only need about 1-2drops and press it into the skin and the next morning your skin will look so rested and brightened! I love using it before bed too as the lavender scent is just so pleasant and relaxing
  38. love it


    my very favourite one! This serum does the job! Very light and not greasy i usually have it put on before bed time.
  39. super hydrating


    super hydrating and helps repair skin. reduces redness and inflammation from acne
  40. Good but not amazing


    Lovely smell and feels nice on my skin but I wasn't wowed by the results and have since found products that do a better job and don't cost as much. I also won't buy it again because Kiehl's is not cruelty free.
  41. Love the smell of this


    I love this oil. The smell is divine and it is very moisturizing. It was gifted to me and I enjoy using it. However since it is not a cruelty free brand, I would prefer to support other brands.
  42. Good, not Great


    This is good. It does the job. It's hydrating, plumping and makes your skin look better than if you used nothing. I won't repurchase, there are better products on the market around the $50 - $60 mark
  43. Almost convinced...


    I've gone through two bottles of this, and apply it after my moisturiser. Finding myself going to it less and less these days though as I don't see results any more. I've had really dry skin throughout winter and found this wasn't nourishing enough.
  44. Amazing


    Delivers just as it says! Smells divine, and works overnight to moisturise and hydrate. Love!
  45. Nice, but not a neccessity


    I decided to try this serum as it has been hyped up by a lot of beauty bloggers, but that’s all i felt it was, just a hype. It does a good job; it is hydrating and soothing for a night serum, but i probably wouldn’t purchase it again as I didn't feel amazed by this product.
  46. amazing


    great to apply at night for dry skin and wake up in the morning with soft and plump skin without any excess oil production. doesnt clog the pores either, very absorbant
  47. Luxe night serum!


    I often use this when flying and travelling and my skin responds very well. I feel like it soaks in and really works to hydrate and leave me glowing. I have sensitive skin and this works really well for me under a moisturiser. Pair with a little eye cream too and You’re set to wake looking healthy.
  48. Plumped up skin


    I received a deluxe sample of this and it was really good for plumping up my fine lines and rehydrating my skin! Would definitely consider adding this to my routine and was on par with my fav night serum Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair!
  49. hydrates so well


    my favourite overnight treatment - I always wake with soft, plump skin after using this one
  50. Great for relaxation


    This product probably wasn’t the best choice for my skin type as I have oily skin. I can see this product being particularly great for those needing relaxation and sleep because of the lavender. It would also be good for those with dry skin as it hydrated the skin really well.
  51. Gives me new skin in the morning


    This makes my skin feel incredibly soft. When i use this with the calendula toner my skin looks so fresh and clear in the morning. I haven't noticed a big difference in helping to reduce my pores or evening out skin tone but i feel like my skin cells are being repaired with moisture overnight.
  52. Nice


    This is a really nice oil. Love the scent it's so beautiful.
  53. Amazing oil


    This is just such a good facial oil. Smells incredible, hydrates, plumps and reduces redness. The dropper is so nifty too and always dispenses the right amount of product so there's no wastage.
  54. i love this facial oil


    tried the sample and brought it straight away, its makes your skin so soft in the morning.
  55. A well priced serum, great for daily use


    A well-priced serum, great for daily use. Very high quality and well priced. I recommend trying it.
  56. Makes me sleepy


    This oil is putting me to sleep in no time because of the lavender content. I recieved a sample from AdoreBeauty and have been using this oil for about a week and can see how soft my skin is next morning. I am not sure whether this oil is targeted for specific skin concerns and ages but I think it will benefit everyone. This is a little expensive as I use the Ordinary Squalane to save my Kiehls o...
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  57. Best thing I've ever put on my skin...


    Hydrating. Smells divine. Plumping. Calms redness. And I also feel like has definately helped with my acne and acne scaring.
    I look forward to putting this on my face each night and have gone through so many bottles of this since discovering it!
  58. Go to


    Gorgeous face oil for night time when you wake up your skin feels absolutely soft and glowing amazing
  59. Revived my skin


    My skin tends to get very dry and dull in winter. I use this at night with my night creams and it just adds that extra bit of hydration that my skin needs. It is so soothing and has helped my skin heaps
  60. Can’t live without!


    BIG fan of Kiehl’s products and this one is the bee’s knees! Smells amazing, I use it after my other serums and underneath moisturiser, and wake up with glowy skin! I usually have quite sensitive skin and this hasn’t given me any reaction!
  61. So beautiful!


    Gorgeous face oil for night time, very soft lavender scent is not overpowering at all. Skin feels great in the morning after use. I can’t live without a delicious oil at night anymore and this one is one of the best!
  62. Favourite face oil


    I LOVE this product, I have very dry skin and I use it every night in winter and always wake up feeling so glowy/dewy. Worth the price as you don’t need much so the bottle lasts forever!
  63. Okay but didn't work for me


    I tried this for a few months but noticed no changes in my skin so I stopped using it. I have combination, dehydrated feeling skin.
  64. Relaxing before bed


    Really loving this oil during winter as it keeps my skin so hydrated. It's a very light oil and absorbs into my skin quickly and doesn't feel heavy on my skin. I'm an oily skin type but still love using oils, especially in winter The scent is a beautiful lavender which is so calming before bed makes me feel so relaxed.
  65. Just beautiful


    I use this every second night (Alpha H Liquid Gold every other night). It smells awesome, it feels amazing. Follow with ASAP anti ageing night cream. My skin has never felt so good!
  66. Caused a rash :(


    I haven’t had much luck with this brand :( this broke me out in a rash and so did the moisturiser! Sucks so much because I really wanted to love it, as everyone else seems to!
  67. My Skin Needed "Recovery" Recovery


    I received a sample of this product as part of a Social Soup campaign reward. I really had high hopes for it but alas my skin didn't agree with it.

    I'm early 40s with combination/oily skin and boy did my skin go full gremlin after midnight with it!

    The texture, scent and application was good and it absorbed into my skin quite well initially however, in the morning my fa...
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  68. Favourite Skin Care Product


    If I could only buy one non-supermarket product for the rest of my life (currently!) it would be this.

    Such a divine product - smell amazing, reasonable price and I find glow after I use it.

    My skin is so smooth and clear after I use this product.
  69. Smells and feels divine, but...


    Yes, it does make my skin feel super hydrated and dewy the next day. Absorbs instantly BUT for an expensive concentrate the first ingredient is kinda cheap and makes me question the integrity of the brand. Owned by L’Oréal. Mid 30s, normal skin with some pigmentation and fine lines.
  70. New favourite facial oil


    Beautiful soft facial oil. Smells lovely and absorbs quickly in the skin without greasy residue. Better than other oil based serums i have tried.
  71. Best Night Serum


    I will never look back! This product is honestly the best night time serum I have ever used!

    'I have combo skin, in winter I am finding my skin is drying out super easy. Since using this serum oh my goodness! I am in love!

    I wake up in the morning and I feel like I have baby skin!

  72. holy grail product


    I love love love this product for every other night. So amazing you don't need to use every night so the product lasts forever, won't go on trips without it!
  73. Great product


    I love this midnight concentrate. Used it every night and made my skin supple and smooth the next morning. Little bit oily consistency,but will sink in before sleep. I used this on its own after skin routine. No moisturiser on top. Wasn't needed as it was moisturising enough for me.
    Recommended to others with dry skin.
  74. Beautiful skin


    I use this product first as a sample and loved it so much I purchased a bottle. I only use this at night time and after all day with make up on this is so beautiful on my clean skin. The smell is divine and you only need a small amount. Definitely work trying.
  75. Lazy Glow


    I use this when I can not be bothered to do the whole shabang and I always wake up with beautiful soft and refreshed skin after. If I do use it in a big routine I use it over my water based serum before bed, if I feel like I really need a boost I put a sleeping mask on top but even just the product alone on clean skin lets me wake up with a soft glow!! I have combo oily skin and this seems to bala...
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  76. Oh. My. God. I LOVE This!


    I've never really had high expectations for a single product, but this stuff... I got it as a sample and it absolutely blew me away! I put it on at night under a light moisturiser and the next day, my skin is so beautiful and soft! My breakouts are almost clear, or at least way easier to cover, and my overall skin tone is a lot.. just, nicer! I'll definitely be buying this.
  77. The softest skin I've ever had


    I've tried a few different facial oils in search for one that works really well for me. I was skeptical of this at first because I prefer to have an oil that I can use both day and night, rather than having to buy two. However, after using this for a few weeks I am definitely converted. The lavender is very soothing and subtle, and it's a super lightweight oil so it sinks straight into the skin. I...
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  78. repairing


    I've used this a number of ways, definately can't use it by itself because it's too rich, so I mix it with a lighter moisturizer and overnight I find it repairs my skin and I wake up rejuvenated
  79. My go to night time product!


    I used a scrub at night and follow up with a few drops of this before bed - it moisturises without leaving an oily feeling on my skin. Since starting to use this a few months ago, my skin has been looking more even, refreshed, and I have had far fewer breakouts. I will definitely be replacing when my runs out - better yet, it seems to last forever. Highly recommend!
  80. Favourite night oil


    I have used this oil for a couple of years now as I've found my skin needs a little extra hydration as I get older. It absorbs quickly and sits nicely under a night cream !
  81. Not a fan


    Bought this on based on the rave reviews and my mums success with it. Her skin looks lovely and glowing, best it has in years (67 years old). For me it did nothing of the sort. It made me look old, tired and congested. I have not bad skin but do congest easily, hormonal issues and scar easily. Was looking for something to brighten up my complexion and make it look alive again, got the opposite. En...
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  82. Yas


    I have oily combination skin u less it’s a season change and then my skin is suddenly scales -.-
    I received this a sample size month and months ago and had to buy some more. Gets my skin in amazing shape fast but if I use every night I can break out. So it’s hit and miss with that. But hydration wise it’s phenomenal!!
  83. a fresh start


    This is a beautiful night time treatment, but not one that is going to revolutionise your skin in a short period of time. I noticed that my skin felt firmer and smoother after a few weeks of use, and waking up in the morning my skin felt so great. Think I need to use it a little longer to gain full effects but would purchase again for sure.
  84. Nourishing, but made me break out


    No doubt this is nourishing for the skin, but I found it too oily and it made me break out! :(

    I use this now mainly when my skin is in serious SOS mode and needs a super nourishing rescue... but this is too oily for me for consistent use, unfortunately!
  85. Not sure


    I was expecting miracle overnight. certainly not a life changing product.
    also noticed if i use more than 3 times a week I break out
    but good serum post derma rolling.
  86. My favourite facial oil


    Smells beautiful, feels incredible - I've been using it for years, there's no oil that compares
  87. Love this product!


    Was given this as a sample and had to buy it. A little 30 ml bottle lasts months so use sparingly. I am 43, asian, and suffer dry skin and dermatitis.

    My face feels amazing the next morning, so soft and smooth. It also has a calm, soothing scent that is lovely to fall asleep to. I suffered dermatitis for many years on my face and can only use a few face products and this is one t...
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    This is my all time favourite serum!!

    It has the most beautiful lavender scent which is so relaxing!

    It is super dry and does not break me out or feel oily at all!

    I always layer this under my moisturiser or occasioanly add the smallest amount to my foundation to give me a really dewy finish!

    I am onto my third bottle now and will continue re...
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  89. Day spa in a bottle


    This is a must have for any ones beauty regime
  90. Love it!!


    I am 36 with oily skin and have always used advanced night repair. I decided to try this as a cheaper option and think it’s a really good serum. It goes on slightly oily but absorbs after a few minutes then in the morning my face isn’t oily at all. It smells like lavender which is nice. I would highly recommend.
  91. beautiful


    Super moisturising serum, perfect to use before bed to allow your skin to repair while you sleep! I received this product as a free sample and I use it sparingly once or twice a week. Whenever I use it my skin feels beautiful the next morning. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for something to help their skin even out and to minimise the appearance of any scarring.
  92. Like Food Skin


    I've used a lot of night serums and this is by far the best! You only need a tiny amount so the bottle lasts for AGES! It sinks into the skin super quickly, leaves your skin feeling incredible soft and subtle and definitely improves the overall look of your skin!
  93. Love!


    I love love love this product. While it’s said to be a night time product, I actually use a tiny amount of a morning as well. Makes my skin radiant. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin.
  94. VEry good


    I just tried it and I already love it !!! Make skin very nice
  95. Brilliant


    I'm on my third bottle and I love this product.
  96. Fantastic & reliable product!


    I originally received a sample of this beauty and fell in love immediately. My skin soaks it up well and it leaves a nice fresh and matt look, that does not dry out my skin but rather hydrates it. Yes it is a tad expensive but it is worth every drop! I would highly recommend this product to everyone as it has done wonders for my skin.
  97. LOVE


    Absolutely in love with this product! Makes me skin so glowy and smooth. Feels like this is really doing wonders for my skin already and I've only been using it a week!
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