This Kiehl's Routine Soothes Sensitive, Reactive Skin

No more red, sensitised skin. Kiehl's helps you rebuild your skin barrier.

Kiehl's have been creating skincare that targets the most impossible skin types since 1851. If you're interested in skincare, chances are good that you're already familiar with Kiehl's best products for sensitive skin - they're loved not just by people with reactive skin types, but by bloggers and skin professionals artists alike.

Whether it’s dryness, redness or irritation, Kiehl’s have a product that will nourish even the most sensitive skin types and protect the skin from irritants.

The Best Kiehl's Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Cleansers are notorious for being too abrasive, or being carelessly formulated to cause irritation to sensitive and reactive skin types.

While there are foaming, or milky cleansers that are gentle enough for sensitive skin, in general skin that is prone to reactivity will benefit most from a cleansing oil. This is because it can replenish the skin's hydration balance, yet still completely cut through build up from the day including stubborn makeup. Cleansing oils strike a great balance between high efficacy (at cleaning) and high skin suitability, especially compared with the way that many cleansers strip the skin.

Jam-packed full of soothing ingredients, this oil cleanser works to reduce blotchiness and irritation from a pre-existing flare-up. Enriched with Squalene and Evening Primrose, the lightweight oil helps to hydrate and nourish skin and the ophthalmologist tested formula is even suitable for the sensitive eye area.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil has a gentle but thorough formula to effectively cleanse skin of impurities without causing a reaction.

Which Toner from Kiehl's is right for Sensitive Skin?

Most toners just aren't right for sensitive skin. Avoiding toners containing alcohol is imperative for reactive skin.

We recommend the alcohol-free Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Toner 250ml which instead uses healing Calendula Petals and Great Burdock Root to remove any stubborn impurities after cleansing.

Helping to reduce inflammation and promote a balanced and even skin tone, this calming toner is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Which moisturiser will work for my sensitive skin from Kiehl's?

Often when your skin is sensitive, it's all too easy to find a moisturiser that causes congestion or redness, or makes your skin flare up.

Sensitive skin craves hydration even more than other skin types, but it's important to consider your skin type when choosing a moisturiser that is right for you. This will mean you end up with a moisturiser texture that feels "right" and leaves your skin in an optimal condition.

The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is a bestseller, known and loved for its deeply nourishing formula. Delivering an instant moisture surge and protecting skin from harsh weather conditions and environmental aggressors, the Ultra Facial Cream leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, comfortable and healthy from day to night.

If your skin is severely dry – we’re talking flaky, dry patches and rough texture - we recommend the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Balm as an intensely hydrating treatment. Suitable for use during or after a sensitivity flare-up, this facial balm melts effortlessly into the skin to lock in hydration and strengthen the skin’s barrier function to prevent moisture loss. Offering 24-hour protection against harsh weather conditions, the Ultra Facial Balm is a beauty cabinet must-have for reactive skin during times of sensitivity.

My eye area is sensitive - which eye cream do I choose?

Eye creams can be a real hassle if your skin is reactive or prone to congestion around the eye area. Many eye creams are too rich, or too light - not to mention the creams that just don't seem to do anything at all.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado is bursting with antioxidants, including Vitamin E, to fight against irritants and free radicals, while boosting hydration levels to diminish dark circles and dehydration-induced fine lines.

Creating a skincare routine doesn’t have to equate to stress over potential flare-ups. Using only the finest high-quality ingredients, the Kiehl’s skincare range will give you is the best way to enjoy a healthy, soothed, and calm complexion.

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